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More features in Picture to Text

Uploaded time: December 23, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

More features in Picture to Text

More features in Picture to Text

Both WPS Writer and Microsoft Word have the function of Converting pictures to text. What are the differences between them?

Microsoft Word itself does not support the OCR function. If you want to convert Picture to Text, you need to open another application, OneNote.

1. Copy the picture to OneNote, and right-click it to select Copy Text from Picture.

2. Finally, paste the text into PowerPoint or Word as needed.

1 (1).gif

In WPS Writer, it is much more convenient to do the conversion in the document.

1. Click the picture to enter theTools tab, and click Picture to Text. With OCR technology,  the text and layout of pictures can be identified intelligently.

1 (2).gif

2. In the pop-up dialog box, WPS Office provides three conversion methods, namely, Extract text only, Convert to Word, and Convert to Excel.

1 (3).gif

3. If you only want to extract the text from the picture, click Extract text only.

1 (4).gif

Now a picture is inserted into the document.

4. If we want to modify the text, we can select the picture, click Picture to Text, and click Convert to Word.Then all the text is extracted and the layout remains the same.

Now we are free to edit the text.

1 (5).gif

In conclusion, the OCR function contributes to quick extraction of information and high efficiency.

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