Print page setup in WPS Spreadsheet

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Print page setup in WPS Spreadsheet

Print page setup in WPS Spreadsheet

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When we need to print a table, if we are not satisfied with the effect of the currently displayed page, how can we quickly set up the page?

Take this table as an example. Click Print Preview in the quick access toolbar to enter the print preview interface. Click the Page Setup button, then the Page Setup dialog box will pop up.

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In the Page tab, we can adjust the Orientation and Scaling of the page and the related settings of the printer.

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In the Margins tab, we can precisely adjust the size of the page margins and the position of the header and footer. We can also choose the Center on page of the table.

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In the Header/Footer tab, we can set the header and footer in the printed page.

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In the Sheet tab, since we have selected to print all table areas, the Print area here cannot be set. In this dialog box, we can choose whether we need to print out Gridlines, Comments, and so on. In addition, we can set Page order.

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