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Quick steps to free download WPS Office apk on Mobile

April 6, 2022

Are you searching for a free office suite for mobile to free you from device limitations and greatly improve your work efficiency? We are here to recommend you a top office product that supports mobile: WPS Office for mobile. Read on and know about the quick steps to free download WPS Office apk on Mobile.

· Quick steps to free download WPS Office apk on Mobile.

1. Visit WPS Office official website.

Android users please visit: Official site for Android.

Quick steps to free download WPS Office apk on Mobile1.jpg

iOS users please visit: Official sitefor iOS.

Quick steps to free download WPS Office apk on Mobile2.png

2. Click the Free Download button to download the apk and install it following the instructions.

· Why we recommend you to download WPS Office on Mobile for free?

1. WPS Office for mobile is an all-in-one office suite.

Different from Microsoft Office, WPS Office integrates WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet, WPS Presentation and WPS PDF editor. These four modules have the similar functions as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and Adobe PDF Reader. You dont have to download four application packages to enjoy these four modules. One-time download and installation of a light-weight package give you the access to these four amazing and professional office tools.

2. WPS Office for mobile is free for download.

As the best alternative to Microsoft Office, WPS Office requires no payment for download and basic functions. No matter you are a iOS user or Android user, you can enjoy the free and open source of WPS Office. The steps are so simple to download the apk on mobile as we have mentioned above.

WPS Office also offers premium services that are only available for premium users. Premium functions are advanced office functions that can better assist you in your daily work. For example, you can enjoy all the elegant templates provided by WPS Template, or you can split and merge PDF or export it to other files as needed. The premium services go far beyond them and you are welcome to know about them.

3. WPS Office helps you grow from a beginner to a pro.

You dont have to worry about being a novice in office toolkit. WPS Academy, one of official sites of WPS Office, provides thousands of professional and detailed tutorials for users to learn from.

WPS Office not only supports mobile, but also PC. You are recommended to learn more about us via the following links:

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Free download WPS Office apk on iOS or Android to enjoy the best and feature-rich services in WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet, WPS Presentation and WPS PDF editor. You are sure to achieve a great progress in both your life and work.

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