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Comparison: WPS Office vs. GNOME Office: which is the best for you?

March 25, 2022

A handy office suite can serve as your right hand in the workplace, which boosts not only your productivity but creastivity. But faced with so many options in the software market, how can we select the one that can meet all demands? In today's tutorial, WPS Academy will make a brief comparison between WPS Office and GNOME Office to help you have a general knowledge of them. WPS Office vs. GNOME Office, which is the best for you?

WPS Office vs. GNOME Office: Overview

Ø What is WPS Office?

WPS Office is a professional and effective office software launched by the Kingsoft team of China. Since 1988, WPS Office has won the trust of over 100,000,000 individuals and organizations all over the world. Under the guide of the principle of Users First, aiming at offering the best office experience, WPS Office never stops investigating user needs and refreshing its functions.


Additionally, its supporting study platform WPS Academy provides 300+ helpful tutorials for the users to get familiar with the functions in WPS Office.

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Ø What is GNOME Office?

Ahead of the introduction to GNOME Office, let's first get to know GNOME. According to Wikipedia, GNOME is an acronym for GNU Network Object Model Environment, which is a free and open-sourcedesktop environment especially for Linux systems developed by GNOME Project. (Like Windows, iOS and MAC OS systems, Linux is also an operating system. ) GNOME Office is GNOME's desktop application suite.

 image (2).png

WPS Office vs. GNOME Office: Basic Modules

Ø WPS Office

WPS Office is a lightweight and high-performing comprehensive office suite, which is composed of 4 modules.

WPS Writer, comparable to Microsoft Word, helps you create impressive files.

image (3).png 

WPS Spreadsheet, comparable to Microsoft Excel, assists in data analysis and more professional data processing.

image (4).png 

WPS Presentation, comparable to Microsoft PowerPoint, allows you to organize and present attractive slides.

image (5).png 

WPS PDF, a powerful PDF tools presented by Kingsoft, enables converting, reading and editing with ease.

image (6).png 

Ø GNOME Office

GNOME Office contains over a dozen of apps, which don't form a cohesive office suite yet. They are:

AbiWord, a word processor.

image (7).png 

Gnumeric, a spreadsheet application.

image (8).png 

Achtung, a presentaion application.

Evince, a PDF reader.

image (9).png 

Evolution, a default email client of GNOME, is an alternative to Microsoft Outlook.

image (10).png 

WPS Office vs. GNOME Office: Available Devices

Ø WPS Office

With high compatiblity with Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and Linux, WPS Office is available to be used on multiple devices as PC, tablets and mobile phones.

image (11).png 

Ø GNOME Office

GNOME Office is especially designed for the Linux operating system. However, some of its components are supported in other platforms. For example, AbiWord is supported in commercial platforms as Windows and MacOS; and Evince's commeicial platform supported is Windows.

All right! It's all the content of today's guide from WPS Academy.

We have had a basic understanding of WPS Office and GNOME Office, which is the office suite better meeting your needs?

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