Resize width of columns and rows in a table

December 17, 2021
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Graphic skills

This tutorial will show you hot to resize width of columns and rows in a table in the following three methods.

  • ption 1: AutoFit function

  • ption 2: Adjust columns / rows manually

  • ption 3: Adjust row / column widths accurately

· Option 1: Adjust rows / columns manually


Tips: drag the cell border to adjust columns


· Option 2: Adjust row/column widths accurately

Select the cell range for operation. Then, enter an accurate value in ‘Width’ or ‘Height’ input box.

image (2).gif 

· Option 3: AutoFit function

1. Select the table for operation go to the Table Tools tab click AutoFit.

2. Choose one of the default options from the drop-down list regarding your situation.

In WPS Writer, there are five default methods to resize the table. Here are the illustrations.

image (2).gif

AutoFit to Window


image (3).gif

AutoFit to Content


image (4).gif Switch Row / Column


image (5).gif Distribute Rows Evenly


image (6).gif Distribute Columns Evenly

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