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Set formulas as the validation condition

Uploaded time: March 28, 2022 Difficulty Beginner

Set formulas as the validation condition

Set formulas as the validation condition

Sometimes we need some preconditions to improve  the validity when inputting data. Today we will learn how to set formulas as the validation condition.

For example, we only need to enter the spouse's name if the marital status in column D is married.

First, select the cell area E3: E11, click Validation in the Data tab to enter the Data Validation dialog, where we can select Custom at the Allow drop-down box.

Then, enter the formula =D3=married. It means that people can edit cells only when Married is entered in cell D3.

Let's go back to filling in the blanks in column E. An error alert will appear when the entered information is not Married.


This is all about setting formulas as the validation condition. Did you get it?WPS Spreadsheet is a powerful chart and form processor. In WPS Academy, you can learn not only how to use Spreadsheet to sort out data but also how to corporate numeric information into graphs. By watching the step-by-step tutorials on WPS Academy, you will become a spreadsheet expert soon.

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