Set text artistic effects

Uploaded time: 2021-08-26 Difficulty: Primary

Set text artistic effects

Set text artistic effects

Graphic skills

In order to make the documents more fascinating, we will add effects to the text when we use WPS Writer to edit documents. So, how can we set the text effects? This video can help us to solve the problem and it can be also used in Microsoft Office Word and Openoffice.


Take this document as an example, select the text content, click on the upper taskbar Home - and Text Effects


Here, we can add Wordart, Shadow, Reflection, Grow. 002.gif

When we insert a text box in the document and enter the text, we can set the text of the text box to 3-D rotation, such as parallel, perspective, and oblique.


We can also set the text of the box to transform, so that it can be transformed by path or bend. 004.gif

Click More Text Effects, then the task pane will pop up. Here, we can set text fill & outline and text effects


We can make more advanced settings for text effects here, such as gradient fill, glow, color, size and transparency, etc.