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Set Text Effects: WordArt, Shadow, Reflection, Glow and 3-D Effects

Uploaded time: August 26, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

Set Text Effects: WordArt, Shadow, Reflection, Glow and 3-D Effects

Set Text Effects: WordArt, Shadow, Reflection, Glow and 3-D Effects

When editing documents in WPS Document, we sometimes add text effects to beautify the documents. Then, how can we set Text Effects?

Take this document as an example. Select the text, go to the Home tab and click the Text Effects drop-down button.

WPS Office provides several options, such as ShadowReflectionGlow, etc. You can click the effect as needed.

To customize text effects, you can also select More Text Effects. In the interface, you can adjust different parameters to present other results.

Now let's add the Shadow effect to the text. You can change the Color, Size, Angle, and other parameters to design the three-dimensional text.

If you find a single effect too monotonous, you can select other effects at the same time, such as adding the Reflection effect.

You can adjust Size and Blur to fade the text reflection in an artistic way.

To make the text effect look cool, add the Glow effect.

By adjusting Color, Size, and Transparency, the text can be bright and more textured.

You can also add the 3-D FORMAT and 3-D ROTATION effects to the text.

Note that the 3-D effect can only be used by inserting a Text Box in the document.

After inserting a text box, click the Text Effects option at the bottom of the text toolbar to continue adding effects to the text.

You can set the Depth of the 3-D FORMAT effect to adjust the depth size and color.

Adjust the parameters of XY, and Z rotation of the 3-D ROTATION effect at the same time to create a nice sense of space.

Besides, you can set the color and transparency of the Text Fill and Text Outline and select a suitable Font to make the text more colorful and visually intriguing.

Also, you can add the Transform effect to the text. At this time, there appears a small yellow icon; drag it to make the text in the text box follow the path or bend. 

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