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Top 10 Excel time sheet Templates with Tasks

September 28, 2022

Excel timesheets with tasks are the data of the employees which can be used to track the tasks of an employee during a certain period; many businesses use these time sheets for the records of their employees.

WPS excel time sheet templates with tasks play important roles in helping businesses to manage and track the hours of their work and then pay their employees. You can track employees' time hours worked and also work on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. To make it easy for yourself use WPS employee timesheets to save time and energy. Some of the templates are ….

1.Excel employee attendance check in form template

It is simple form of attendance excel sheet for the regularity of the employees. This template only needs tick mark.

2.Excel employee attendance sheet template

This attendance sheet template is used for the employees on job; it contains employee name, id, department, and designation.

3.Excel simple attendance sheet template

It is a very simple template; it contains job number, name, department, and 30 days attendance sheet for the employees.

4.Excel simple business attendance sheet template

It is a very simple excel business attendance sheet used for the employees. It is used everywhere i.e. in schools for the staff, in companies etc. the employee have his name and he or she has to mark an attendance.

5.Excel blue and white attendance sheet template

It is the simplest form of the attendance sheet, it does not need great knowledge it contains a simple name of the employee and tick or cross to his working days.

6.Excel employee attendance check in form template

It is a simple excel attendance check form for the employees. It is used to check whether all the employees are present or some of them are missing.it has check in and check out time.

7.Excel simple attendance form template

It is also a very simple template for the attendance of your employees; it is beautiful pink in colour and is attractive.

8.Excel simple fresh attendance form template

This template is used for the tracking of the working days of the employee. It helps in counting the employees absentees, overtime and his working hours.

9.Excel weekly employee timesheet template

This excel weekly timesheet is used to track the record of the employee on weekly basis. It has days of the week, regular hours, overtime hours, sick, vacation, holiday and unpaid leave.

10.Excel multi employees weekly timesheet template

This timesheet is used for tracking the working hours of your multiple employees at a time; it is a weekly timesheet template.

Employee excels timesheet templates with tasks you can get a complete summary of the employee work schedules, you can also track employees' work hours total.

WPS has made the process easier through different excel timesheets templates, you can easily edit it or you can also download the app WPS Office free of cost to get hundreds of excel employee time sheets templates

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