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10 Stunning Daily Timesheet Template Excel with Tasks

August 26, 2022

To monitor work hours efficiently, it is imperative to track timesheets on a daily basis. Nonetheless, it must be done consistently and accurately in order to produce the desired results. WPS offers many daily timesheet template excel with task

In comparison to manual timesheets, timesheet software, such as WPS Office, can make the time tracking process more effortless and error-free, while also providing managers with a deeper insight into team productivity. Explore the Daily Timesheet Template Excel with tasks!

1.Commodity Daily Report Template

If you’re looking for a template that can help you to create a commodity daily report then WPS offers an amazing template. Download the WSP Office and use this commodity template!

2.Daily Expense Report Template

Businesses and their employees can use an Expense Report to keep track of and report their expenses for business trips and events. For monthly accounting and tax purposes, expense reports are typically printed forms or spreadsheets.  

3.Simple Daily Timeline Template

An impressive visual for important meetings or schedules can be created with this printable daily schedule template. It is easier for readers to check the schedule at a glance when it is presented graphically as a timeline instead of a list or spreadsheet.

4.Cute Daily Schedule Template

With Cute Daily Schedule Template Hourly, you can create a list of all your key tasks. Each task can also be assigned a priority and a deadline. Using printable daily planner templates, students can plan out their study schedules. 

5.Daily Work List Template

Organize your daily work list with this accessible template. You keep track of important events, special occasions, and holidays with daily to-do lists. 

6.Daily Sales Report Template

The sales report template is suitable for retail stores and other small businesses that need to track sales on a daily basis. In order to use this template, simply edit the inventory list with the names and numbers of the items you want to use. 

7.Daily Learning Plan Template

In order to ensure a systematic approach to lessons, teachers must use a daily lesson plan. Your daily plan template will include the name of the lesson/lessons you plan to start in class the following day, how you plan to do it, the resources you will use, and the lesson objective.

8.Daily Financial Statement Template

In the WPS Office collection of financial spreadsheets, there are templates designed specifically for small business owners. Use a daily financial statement template and maintain your finance department easily!

9.Daily Personality List Template

We often discuss a person's personality traits when discussing ourselves or others in English. You can make a list of your employee’s personalities by using WPS’s daily personality list template!

10.Daily Work Record Template

Employees can create a mental picture of their day and how they spend their time through daily work logs. Additionally, it is helpful in determining how productive an employee is during a particular time period. With the help of a daily work record template, you can record your employee’s hours.


The above-mentioned daily timesheet template excel with tasks allow you to record regular and overtime hours worked. For small businesses, contractors, or self-employed individuals, this Excel timesheet template records time in, time out, and lunch breaks every day. Download the WPS Office and try all these templates!

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