Does Excel Have a Timesheet Template?

September 26, 2022

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With the help of simple timesheet templates, you can keep track of regular and overtime hours worked. Does Excel have a timesheet template? Yes, Excel has so many timesheet templates that we can discuss here. Timesheets in Excel automatically calculate total hours, regular hours, and overtime hours. So, let’s find the answer to this question “Does Excel have a timesheet template?”.

1.Multiple Employees Weekly Timesheet Template

For your business, a simple timesheet template can provide a budget-friendly time-tracking solution. This timesheet, provided by WPS, calculates the hours based on time in and time out of weekly, with breaks entered in minutes. How much help is this template?

2.Weekly Timesheet with Payslip Template

For weekly timesheets with payslips, we have created a ready-to-use excel template. By using our Weekly Timesheet With Payslip Excel Template, you can manage your employees' in and out times and prepare their payslips at the end of the month without a hassle.

3.Creative Weekly Timesheet Template

For a particular week, the Creative Weekly Timesheet records your employees' working hours each day. Timesheets are documents that record how many hours an employee has worked.

4.Weekly Employee Timesheet Template

Use this employee timesheet template to record regular and overtime hours worked on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Employee time cards can be made with this sleek, professional Excel timesheet template. Totals are calculated automatically.

5.Weekly Timesheet Calculator Template

Employees often ask me how to calculate their regular hours and overtime hours based on their 'In time' and 'Out time'. In addition, I was unable to find a good Excel timesheet template online, so I created it on WPS Office.

6.Duty Roster Excel Template

Every corporate office, small business, company, or team head must manage multiple team members and assign tasks to them. With the Excel Roster Templates, you can efficiently create a simple plan for any shift and assignment for a 7-day schedule, weekly, daily, and monthly duty schedule in this spreadsheet.

7.Income Statement Vertical Analysis Template

Vertical analysis of an Income Statement is an assessment of the relative percentage change in line items within the Income Statement and other financial statements. By using this chart, you can record the employees' income statements.

8.Template Income Statement 

With predefined formulas and categories of Incomes, Expenses, and Taxes, we have created a Profit & Loss Account/Income Statement Vertical Analysis Template. Let’s try this WPS’s free Template Income Statement!

9.Fresh Weekly Schedule Curriculum Template

Take a look at WPS Office templates to get inspired, then customize your favorite for students either on paper or digitally. Have a closer look at this Fresh Weekly Schedule Curriculum Template!

10.Product Inspection Checklist Template

You can use this product inspection checklist template to conduct comprehensive quality assessments of products before they go on sale. Using this digital checklist, you can take photos of product conformances and non-conformances and generate comprehensive audit reports.

Sum Up

So, in this guide, we explained the answer to the question “Does Excel have a timesheet template?”. Excel timesheet template, you can record time in, time out, and lunch breaks each day of the workweek for small businesses, contractors, or the self-employed. Go and Download the WPS Office and use its free online templates.