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Does Excel Have a Timesheet Template?

September 26, 2022

With the help of simple timesheet templates, you can keep track of regular and overtime hours worked. Does Excel have a timesheet template? Yes, Excel has so many timesheet templates that we can discuss here. Timesheets in Excel automatically calculate total hours, regular hours, and overtime hours. So, let’s find the answer to this question “Does Excel have a timesheet template?”.

Where to find timesheet templates?

1. WPS

WPS template store

WPS Office is a platform where you can find a wide variety of templates, including timesheet templates. To access the templates, you need to download WPS Office and use its free online templates feature. Here are the pros and cons of using WPS Office for timesheet templates:

WPS template


  1. Simple and attractive page: The interface of WPS Office is user-friendly and visually appealing, making it easy to navigate and find the templates you need.

  2. Massive templates to choose from: WPS Office offers a vast selection of templates, including numerous options for timesheets. You'll have plenty of choices to find the one that best suits your requirements.


  1. Sometimes the system warns of risks: While using WPS Office, you may encounter occasional risk warnings from the system. It's important to exercise caution and ensure the safety of your device.

  2. Sometimes takes too long to load: Loading times can vary, and occasionally, you may experience delays when accessing the templates. Patience may be required while waiting for the templates to load.

If you're looking for specific timesheet templates, WPS Office provides a range of options to suit your needs. You can find templates in both the WPS web version and the PC version, and there are more templates available in the PC version Here are some notable timesheet templates available for download:

Multiple Employees Weekly Timesheet

Multiple Employees Weekly Timesheet template

Download Link: Multiple Employees Weekly Timesheet This template is designed for tracking the weekly work hours of multiple employees. It allows you to efficiently manage and calculate the total hours worked by each employee.

Weekly Timesheet With Payslip

Weekly Timesheet With Payslip template

Download Link: Weekly Timesheet With Payslip This template combines a weekly timesheet with a payslip, providing a convenient way to record and calculate both work hours and employee wages in a single document.

Creative Weekly Timesheet

Creative Weekly Timesheet template

Download Link: Creative Weekly Timesheet The Creative Weekly Timesheet template offers a visually appealing design while still maintaining functionality. It allows you to track weekly work hours and provides a clear overview of the hours worked.

Weekly Employee Timesheet

Weekly Employee Timesheet template

Download Link: Weekly Employee Timesheet This template is specifically tailored for tracking the work hours of individual employees on a weekly basis. It provides a structured format for recording hours worked, breaks, and overtime.

Weekly Timesheet Calculator

Weekly Timesheet Calculator template

Download Link: Weekly Timesheet Calculator This template not only allows you to track weekly work hours but also includes a built-in calculator to automatically calculate the total hours worked and the corresponding payment

Duty Roster Excel Template

Duty Roster Excel Template

Download Link: Duty Roster Excel Template This template is designed for creating duty rosters and schedules for team members. It allows you to organize and manage shifts efficiently.

Income Statement Vertical Analysis Template

Income Statement Vertical Analysis Template

Download Link: Income Statement Vertical Analysis Template This template is ideal for analyzing income statements and financial data. It provides a structured format for conducting a vertical analysis of income statements.

Template Income Statement

Template Income Statement

Download Link: Template Income Statement This template enables you to create professional income statements for businesses. It includes sections for revenue, expenses, and net income calculation.

Fresh Weekly Schedule Curriculum

Template Fresh Weekly Schedule Curriculum

Download Link: Fresh Weekly Schedule Curriculum This template is designed for creating weekly schedules, ideal for academic or work purposes. It provides a structured layout to plan and organize activities throughout the week.

Product Inspection Checklist

Template Product Inspection Checklist

Download Link: Product Inspection Checklist This template helps you keep track of product inspections and quality control processes. It allows you to document inspection details and ensure compliance with quality standards.

To download any of these timesheet templates, simply click on the respective download link provided above. These templates, along with the previously mentioned ones, offer a variety of options to meet different needs in tracking work hours and managing schedules.

Remember to utilize WPS Office's website  to explore more templates across various categories.

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2. Asana

Asana website

Asana is another platform where you can find time management templates, including timesheet templates. Here are the pros and cons of using Asana for timesheet templates:


  1. Easy to use: Asana offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for individuals and teams to navigate and utilize the platform effectively.

  2. Focus on collaboration: Asana emphasizes collaboration by allowing users to create and manage tasks, set deadlines, assign responsibilities, and communicate within the platform. This collaborative approach can enhance team productivity.


  1. Too many options: With a wide range of features and functionalities, Asana offers numerous options for task management and time tracking. While this can be beneficial, it can also lead to decision fatigue or overwhelm for some users who prefer simpler solutions.

  2. Limited homework: Although Asana is a powerful tool for project and task management, it may have limitations when it comes to personal or individual task tracking or homework assignments. It is primarily designed for team collaboration and may not cater specifically to personal time management needs.

If you're looking to download daily to-do list, checklist, and activity log examples, you can find them on Asana's website.

Daily To-Do List Example

Daily To-Do List Example template

Download Link: Daily To-Do List Example This template is designed to help you organize your daily tasks effectively. It provides a simple and structured layout for listing and tracking your tasks throughout the day.

Checklist Example

Checklist Example template

Download Link: Checklist Example Checklists are useful for breaking down complex tasks into smaller, actionable steps. This template offers a checklist format that allows you to create and manage detailed checklists to ensure nothing is missed.

Activity Log Example

Activity Log Example template

Download Link: Activity Log Example An activity log helps you track and record your activities over a specific period. This template provides a format to log your activities, including the date, time, description, and any additional details you want to track.

To download these examples, visit Asana's website at https://asana.com/resources. Navigate to the respective template pages mentioned above and look for the download option or instructions provided on the page.

3. Time Doctor

Time doctor website

Time Doctor is a time tracking and employee monitoring tool that offers several advantages. Here is a list of the benefits and drawbacks:


  1. Time tracking feature for accurate tracking of work hours.

  2. Employee monitoring capabilities to monitor productivity and activity.


  1. Requires a subscription in order to view everything.

  2. Some users have reported occasional app crashes.

Consider these factors when deciding whether Time Doctor is suitable for your needs and budget.

To download free weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly timesheet templates, you can explore Time Doctor's website. Here's an introduction to each template:

Weekly Timesheet Template (Free)

Weekly Timesheet Template (Free)

Download Link: Weekly Timesheet Template (Free) This template is designed for tracking weekly work hours. It provides a straightforward format for recording time worked each day and calculating the total hours for the week.

Bi-weekly Timesheet Template (Free)

Bi-weekly Timesheet Template (Free)

Download Link: Bi-weekly Timesheet Template (Free) This template is suitable for tracking work hours over a two-week period. It allows you to record hours worked each day and calculates the total hours for the bi-weekly period.

Monthly Timesheet Template (Free)

Monthly Timesheet Template (Free)

Download Link: Monthly Timesheet Template (Free) This template is ideal for tracking work hours on a monthly basis. It provides sections to record hours worked each day and calculates the total hours for the entire month.

To download these free timesheet templates, visit Time Doctor's website at https://www.timedoctor.com/. Navigate to the respective template pages mentioned above and look for the download option


1.How can I make a timesheet in Excel?

To make a timesheet in Excel:

1. Start a new workbook in Excel.

2. Structure your timesheet with columns for dates, tasks/projects, hours worked, and additional relevant information.

3. Enter the data for each day or employee.

4. Format the timesheet for readability.

5. Consider using formulas to calculate totals or perform calculations based on the data.

6. Save the timesheet in Excel format.

2.Can Excel calculate timesheet hours?

Yes, Excel can calculate timesheet hours. To determine the time in hours, use the formula “=end time - start time.” Publish the outcome as a time value.

3.How can I prevent timesheet manipulation or fraud?

To prevent timesheet manipulation or fraud:

  • Implement strong internal controls and policies.

  • Consider using time tracking software or specialized applications.

  • Conduct regular audits and reviews of timesheets.

  • Provide training to employees on timesheet policies and the importance of accuracy.

  • Establish supervision and oversight mechanisms.

  • Encourage reporting of suspicious activities.


The article introduces WPS Office as a platform for finding timesheet templates. It mentions the pros of WPS Office, along with other platforms like Asana and Time Doctor. The article provides download links for specific timesheet templates and answers common questions about creating, calculating, and preventing manipulation or fraud in timesheets. Overall, the article emphasizes the availability and benefits of using WPS Office for timesheet templates.

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