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Top 10 Label Template Word You Need to Know About

March 10, 2023

Labels are an important part of marketing. They help to identify and brand a product, and they can also be used for promotional purposes. If you're looking for some new label template word to use in your next marketing campaign, you've come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss 10 different label template word that you can use to create beautiful and eye-catching labels. So without further ado, let's get started!

1. Vintage Design Element Label

Vintage Design Element Label template allows you to create a unique and stylish label with its elegant typography, subtle colors, and delicate illustrations.

2. Herbal Product Lable

Herbal Product Label template is perfect for promoting natural products or herbal remedies. It features a bright and vibrant design with illustrated herbs, a natural-looking background, and an eye-catching headline.

3. Brown Vintage Bottle Label

Brown Vintage Bottle Label template is perfect for traditional drinks or spirits. It features a rustic vintage design with an old-fashioned bottle and label, detailed typography, and a faded logo.

4. Valentine's Day Panda Label

Valentine’s Day Panda Label template is a fun and festive design featuring an adorable panda wearing a red heart necklace. It has a bright and cheerful color palette and fun typography.

5. Yellow Christmas Label

Yellow Christmas Label template is a great choice for festive holiday products. It features a bright yellow background, a snowflake illustration, and traditional Christmas typography.

6. Fresh Apple Label Card

Fresh Apple Label Card template is perfect for food or beverage products. It features a warm and inviting design with an apple illustration, vibrant colors, and a modern font.

7. Black & White Retro Label

Black & White Retro Label template gives you the opportunity to create a classic label with its vintage black and white design. It has intricate typography, old-fashioned illustrations, and subtle shading.

8. Seven Ladybug Label

Seven Ladybug Label template is a whimsical design featuring seven cute ladybugs. It has a bright and cheerful color palette, fun illustrations, and an eye-catching headline.

9. Summer Holiday Label

Summer Holiday Label template allows you to create a one-of-a-kind label for your summer products. It features a beachy background with palm trees, colorful typography, and a fun headline.

10. Spring Bumper Sale Label

Spring Bumper Sale Label template is perfect for promoting seasonal sales and discounts. It features an attractive green background, cheerful illustrations, and bold typography.  It's sure to draw attention to your products!  

These 10 label template word are only the beginning – there are so many more creative and unique designs to choose from online. We hope this list has given you some inspiration for creating your own labels!

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Good Ways To Get Word Label Templates

WPS Office

To enhance productivity in today's digital world, you need access to the right tools. One such tool that stands out among the rest is WPS Office, which provides high-quality word label templates for users. Let's explore why WPS Office is the best choice for word label templates.


  • Easy to navigate, reducing the learning curve.

  • Wide range of templates for various uses.

  • Allows personalization of templates to suit unique needs.

  • Enhances productivity and workflow.

  • Compatible with multiple platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.


  • Ads in Free Version


Avery label template for words is a unique software tool that provides a wide variety of label templates, integrated directly into Microsoft Word. This tool enables users to easily produce labels for a myriad of purposes, from business needs to personal organization. Leveraging Avery's industry expertise, these templates are designed for use with Avery's specific line of label products, ensuring an ideal fit and finish. Let's discuss some features of this template:


  • Template Accuracy

  • Easy Integration with Microsoft Word

  • Variety of Templates

  • Time Saving

  • Consistency


  • Limited Customization


Canva Word Label Templates are a part of Canva's vast range of design resources. As a versatile online design tool, Canva empowers users to create professional-looking labels in Word format with ease. These templates serve as a quick-start point for numerous projects, including product packaging, shipping labels, name tags, and more. They provide a customizable solution for businesses and individuals alike, giving a professional touch to any document or product. Let's discuss some features of this template:


  •  Wide range of template styles.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

  • Real-time teamwork capabilities.

  • Design from any device online.

  • Easy to modify text and design elements.


  • Premium features require payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Use A Word Label Template?

In order to utilize a word label template, you should first load it in an appropriate word processing software, such as Microsoft Word. Substitute the dummy text with the information you wish to display, adjust the formatting and design features as required, and then you can proceed to print the labels on adhesive or label sheets. 

2. Can I Customize A Word Label Template?

Absolutely, you can tailor your Word Label Template to meet your unique requirements. Adjustments can be made to the text, typefaces, hues, structure, and other graphic components in the template to resonate with your brand identity or personal taste.

3. Can I Create My Own Word Label Templates?

Sure, if you regularly use a particular label design, you have the option to generate a custom label template in your chosen word processing software. You can establish the design of the label within the software, save it as a template for future use, and apply it when needed for subsequent label production.


This article introduces six platforms providing free label templates. They offer varying levels of design customization, template diversity, Word integration, and usability. WPS Office is recommended for its user-friendly interface, extensive template library, customization flexibility, seamless integration with other WPS apps, and multi-platform availability.

Among these options, WPS Office is particularly noteworthy and worth giving a try. It offers a user-friendly interface, a wide range of templates, and high customization. It integrates seamlessly with other WPS applications for improved productivity and is widely available on numerous platforms. The broad range of benefits WPS Office offers makes it worth considering despite the presence of ads in the free version.

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