Top 10 quotation Templates in excel for 2022

August 26, 2022

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Excel is a preferable tool because of its vast variety of creative templates. It has quotation templates that are used to represent text in calculations. It uses the text rather than the quotations when it detects these marks. It is not a problem to enter quotation marks right into a cell because Excel knows that you are entering text and preserves the quotation marks.

There are hundreds of quotation templates you can use free of cost, and all these are beautifully created. The top 10 quotation templates are listed below with the links.

Excel Comprehensive Quotation Sheet Template

Excel comes with quotation default templates, and if you'd like to utilize one, you can get an excel quotation sheet for free from the WPS office.

Excel Basic Business Quotation Template

Utilize free service and sales by using basic business quotation templates to give your company a more polished appearance.

Excel Simple Fresh Quotation Template

Utilize simple fresh quotation templates for free now from the WPS office.

Excel Fresh Blue Quotation Sheet Template

Excel fresh blue quotation sheet comes in a beautiful blue colour where you can create price quotations for your customers.

Excel Enquiry and Quotation Template

The pricing of the goods or services a buyer has requested and enquiries regarding specific products are sent by sellers using an inquiry and quotation template. It is typically given to a prospective client following an initial inquiry and request for a quote.

Excel Quotation and List of Products Template

Professionals use Excel quotation and list of products template to check the price of goods and list of products for their goods. It is a beautiful template that is very easy to use and free to download.

Excel Quotation of Prices for Company Template

This quotation template is used to determine the client's overall cost. Table outlining the costs for each service component. Reference number. Date the quotation was issued, applicable terms and conditions, Trade name or company name. You can easily get this template from the WPS office.

Excel Company Labour Quotation Template

To calculate the total cost of the labour, utilize this excel company labour quotation template. Cost breakdown for each service component in a table. The date when the quotation was issued, the terms and conditions that apply, and the trade name or company name for the labour are all produced. This template is readily available from the WPS office.

Excel Electronics Gadget Quotation Template

You can free download this creative electronic gadget quotation form template from the WPS office.

Excel Graphic Product Quotations Template

Excel electronic graphic product quotation template is used for digital systems. It is the top reviewed template which you can free download now.


A quotation template is an editable document that lists all of the products and services a company sells, along with a breakdown of pricing, discounts, and implementation time.

If you need a lot of relevant templates but can't find any, you can utilize the WPS office, which offers free templates. There are a large number of free templates accessible. Therefore, download WPS Office right away and start using your preferred layouts!