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Top 10 Training Tracker Excel Templates free download

August 29, 2022

An Employee Training Log is an Excel template that you can use to keep track of your employees' training and skill upgrading. Large companies, especially corporations, give their employees a chance to upgrade their skills. It is sometimes necessary for organizations to train their employees in order to increase productivity or to learn how to use new equipment.

Using a training tracker excel template free download has many benefits for both the organization and the employees. As a result, productivity is increased, errors are reduced, employee potentials are discovered, job satisfaction is achieved, turnover and absenteeism are reduced, and team spirit is developed. Let’s explore training tracker excel templates free download!

1.Training Attendance Form Template

Use this WPS’s Attendance report to record attendees at individual training sessions. Each trainee can sign the form to confirm that they attended the session after entering their names.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

2.Training Effectiveness Report Template

In every training program, L&D teams are given the opportunity to collect valuable feedback from participants. It takes more effort to extract value from post-training evaluation forms than the reports built into your LMS. To make a training effectiveness report, you need a template. Why not use WPS’s effectiveness template?

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

3.Weight Training Plan Template

On a daily basis, this worksheet allows you to track your weight and measurements. If you want to track different measurements, you can change the labels. So use WPS’s weight training plan template formula!

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

4.Corporate Training Implementation Template

Your new hires and employees need a corporate training plan and a seamless training and development program. WPS Office provides a corporate training implementation template that will help to corporate your new staff!

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

5.Staff Training Record Template

Looking for a training record that you can track your staff records? Keep track of staff training with WPS’s template. Generate PDF training records automatically. Collect information and e-signatures. 

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

6.Training Test Transcription Template

Here you can practice your transcription skills with the WPS training test transcript? If you want to successfully pass this test, you need to read this transcription template.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

7.Training Evaluation Form Template

Survey training questions are a crucial part of your team's post-training strategy, but the training evaluation form is also crucial. Create a list of questions with a training evaluation form template!

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

8.Employee Training Feedback Template

Training feedback forms are evaluation forms that allow students to give feedback on a specific course or class and submit it to the instructor. Get feedback from your students with this free Training Feedback Form!

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

9.Timeline Training Schedule Template

Training can take place at multiple, but very different points in a learner's journey, which can be illustrated by a training timeline. So create a timeline training schedule to train your employees!

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

10.Green Simple Presentation Training Template

To give a presentation on a Computer-related topic, such as Information Technology, download these presentation slides themes or our green simple presentation template files.

Try this template in WPS and save in Word doc:

Wind Up

Using a new employee training schedule template will save you time and money. WPS Office gives the opportunity to its users to use and download all training tracker excel templates free. So, what are you looking for? Go and download WPS. 

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