Top 8 free editing software no watermark for laptop

August 19, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Not everyone can afford to buy the premium software versions to edit their videos, as free versions are available. However, using them mostly means you will see a watermark on your video that is frustrating. While a watermark can ruin your hours of video editing work, you need to use free editing software with no watermark.

Using free editing software, no watermark ensures that you get the best editing experience, and your video is not ruined with a watermark. So, your overall experience can be very professional without facing any problems. So, if you are also not looking to purchase premium software services, you need to try no watermark software.

Top 8 Free editing software no watermark for Windows 10

Today there is a lot of software available online, which may confuse you when it is the time to select. So, here we have discussed the top 8 options you can use to improve your video editing experience.

1. Kdenlive Video Editor

Kdenlive is an open-source and free video editing tool that provides optimal performance on Windows devices. It has an extensive list of features and overall higher control over video editing features.

It works amazingly on most windows devices because there are no specific high-end PC requirements. In fact, it comes with proxy technology that makes rendering even faster by working on smaller copies of the file unless it is time to export.

Key Features of Kdenlive

The following are some of the best features you can use with Kdenlive.

Higher-end color correction features

The color correction features here are amazing as you get the standard adjustment tools for RGB, but there are other things like balance controls, gamma settings, keyframe brightness controls, and many such features.

Higher-end audio editing services

Kdenlive lets you edit your videos with the alpha channel. It also lets you dive deeper into the audio settings for your video, so you do not have to use any dedicated audio editor.

Pros of Kdenlive

· It supports multi-camera editing features.

· Easily create animated titles to make your videos more attractive

· Supports high-quality video editing like 4K

Cons of Kdenlive

· It is not a beginner-friendly editor as some others


VSDC offers a wide range of tools that will give you an amazing experience while editing videos. It is great for beginners and professionals because you can easily find everything you need. Its effects filters, transparency, and picture-in-picture are some of the best editing specifications you can work with. Moreover, there are a variety of formats available, which makes it easier to export videos.

Key Features of VSDC

VSDC is one of the best free editing software no watermark offers many features. Below are the best ones among the features its users can enjoy.

Text animation with motion tracking

Motion tracking with the facility of text animation makes video editing easy. Motion tracking allows you to track every movement of the objects in the video, making it easier to add texts in the animations wherever you need to.

Art filters are AI-powered

VSDC is upgrading with the technology and is offering various amazing AI-compatible filters, which are great to work with. It makes editing videos fun because you can easily add some touches of AI, which viewers will surely love and appreciate.

Pros of VSDC

· It offers PiP, 60 VR, and 4K

· Editing is non-linear

· Amazing features like a color wheel and chrome key are available. 

Cons of VSDC

· The full-screen video preview is unavailable

3. Lightworks

If you are looking for some high-end free editing software with no watermark, then Lightworks is your choice. It is available on Windows for free and does not add any watermark to your videos. Lightworks has been there for 25 years, and is a good option for the professional video editing industry. You can begin with Lightworks by creating an account.

One of the best things about Lightworks is that it makes the video editing process quicker with the help of keyboard shortcuts.

Key Features of Lightworks

Lightworks brings the following set of features for you:

4K format video editing

With Lightworks, you can easily meet all your high-end video editing needs as it supports 4K format video editing.

Multi-camera video editing

You can easily capture a video from different cameras, and Lightworks will help you with a multi-camera editing feature for effortless project creation despite using different cameras.

Pros of Lightworks

· It helps a team of editors to work on the same video in real-time

· It brings some quick editing features

· It supports a direct sharing feature to upload high-quality videos to YouTube.

Cons of Lightworks

· It brings a lot of advanced features making it hard to use for beginners

4. WPS Office

WPS Office is a high-end editing software with a huge variety of features that make editing all types of documents easier. It supports multiple languages, which you can use worldwide. You can record data, edit information, and create the document with easy-to-use formatting tools. It is mobile-friendly, which means you can even use the software on the go.

WPS Features

WPS Office brings a complete package for its users regarding document management. Some good unique features are given below to check it out.

Formula and features that make editing quick

It is often hard to edit your work because there are various formulas you may have to use. WPS Office has resolved this issue by introducing the formulas in the spreadsheets so you can access and manage to edit your work quickly without having to go through the extra hassle.

Simple interface and layout

WPS Office has a very simple and easy-to-use layout. Regardless of the type or format of the document you are trying to edit, you can manage it quickly with the variety of available tools. It allows you to add media like video, images, or graphs to the documents that you are creating.  Its easy to operate as it provides solutions with simple process.


· Quick recovery available for files accidentally deleted

· Allow working with a team which makes it easier to complete the task quickly

· Build-in functions to manage complex editing tasks without hassle 


· Some fonts are not yet available in the software. 

5. Avid Media Composer First

First from Avid Media Composer is the free version of its full software. While it is a free version, it still comes with some hardware requirements to provide optimal performance, which includes 16 to 32 GB of ram and a powerful GPU on your PC. You get good video editing with good results and HD quality.

Key Features of Avid Media Composer First

This tool comes with a ton of features, including the following:

Video stabilization feature

If your video clips are unstable, the automatic video stabilization feature stabilizes them in your final video. Thus, the final video has a pretty smooth result.

Direct uploading to Social media

When you edit a video, you can export and upload it directly on platforms like YouTube in 1080P quality right from the export stage.

Pros of Avid Media Composer First

· It helps you deal with video editing projects of any complexity

· The smart trimming tools here make trimming clips and videos easy

· It has many audio effects to make your videos even more attractive.

Cons of Avid Media Composer First

· It is a powerful tool that comes with a longer learning curve


6. Openshot

Openshot provides a straightforward interface for its video editing tool, helping quick video editing. It has advanced functionalities like chroma key and audio level editing to provide an in-depth video editing experience.

With Openshot, it is pretty easy to create videos with split-screen effects or picture-in-picture videos. Openshot also brings cool editing features like distortion and robotization that will bring a modern and cool look to your video. The result for the output videos is also good without consistency issues.

Key Features of Openshot

Openshot is your free video editing software with no watermark that brings a lot of features. Some of the features of Openshot include:

You do not miss any video editing feature

Openshot comes with every video editing feature, including cutting, resizing, trimming, snapping, transitions, titles, animations, etc. And regular updates keep everything free from bugs and issues.

It supports files of multiple formats.

Openshot supports video editing with several video and audio formats

Pros of Openshot

· Openshot provides a powerful animation tool to make your videos stunning with animation.

· There are video editing templates available to save your editing time

· You can customize video editing templates here to get additional editing benefits

Cons of Openshot

· You may not find a lot of educational material and tutorials on Openshot.

7. Videopad

Videopad brings pro-level video editing experience for everyone, including pros and beginners. Using this software does not require technical skills, advanced experience, or understanding. It is a highly and easily accessible software that supports 60+ formats of videos and provides you with 360 and 3D video effects. There are versatile features with audio editing specifications to make your task easier.

Key Features of Videopad

Videopad offers the following high-tech editing features.

50+ transition and effects

Videopad has amazing effects and transitions that you can easily use in your work. The best thing is that you will not have to use any other software to look for effects or transitions that will save your time and allow you to edit your work more effectively. With more than 50 transitions, you can easily show your creativity in work and make it more appealing.

Export to any device

Exporting your work to other devices once it is editing can be time taking and tough. However, Videopad has made this task easier by allowing you to export all your files to any device you need quickly. Apart from that, you can also burn to disc your data without losing anything.

Pros of Videopad

· The interface is simple and beginner friendly

· Compatible with various formats of videos

· Processing time is fast 

Cons of Videopad

· No special advanced features are available.

8. Davinci Resolve

It is equipped with various advanced and professional editing features, including smart reframing, 3D audio workflow, and much more. The biggest attraction is the advantage of color correction, which makes video editing easy. It allows you to edit your metadata, sync audio files, and color grade your footage after adding visual effects. Using your network, you can manage all your files and data on any local drive.

Key Features of Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve offers some high-tech features.

Customize effects and interface

Davinci Resolve allows you to customize your user interface. Not only that, but you can also have custom effects, transitions, and titles. It means the software allows you to edit and customize your work according to your liking and show your creativity the way you want.

All basic features available

Often high-end editing software does not offer the basic features like trim, cut, or copy, which makes it tough to edit work. Davinci Resolve has solved this issue by offering all types of basic features in addition to the advanced specifications you get with the tool. It is an all-in-one software that anyone can use.

Pros of Davinci Resolve

· High-end compatibility with various video and camera formats.

· Advanced capabilities for color correction are available

· A rich editing interface makes it great for advanced users as well. 

Cons of Davinci Resolve

· Multi-camera editing is not supported in the software 


Using the right software can make things extremely better at your end, especially when you are looking to edit videos. In such a scenario, you do not have to waste hours of video editing time just because there is a watermark on the video. So, you must use free editing software with no watermark for the best experience. While selecting one of the available software options, check which one meets your requirements in the best way possible. Going with that software will offer you the best experience making things easier for you. If you want educational editing software, make sure to download and check out WPS Office for free, as it is the best tool.

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