Top 10 best free editing software for PC

December 9, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

Free Download

Editing content has become vital in various professions. It is a daily norm, from big corporations to small businesses and personal projects. There is a need to edit text, images, videos, audio, and other forms of media. To receive the best results, you need to choose a good editor. However, hundreds are available on the internet, making it difficult for users to find the ideal editor. Furthermore, some are expensive for daily personal and office use. The good news is that many free alternatives are available yet with high-quality features.

Good software is easily identifiable regardless of whether it's premium or free. You can tell by looking at its features, positive online reviews, simple UI, and works as expected. In addition, it should feature several editing tools and can export different file formats. More advanced tools also allow real-time collaboration on the cloud. This article will highlight the best ten free editing software for PCs to edit text, video, images, spreadsheets, audio, presentations, PDF, and more.

1. WPS Office

WPS Office is a professional Office suite software that allows users to edit presentations, PDFs, spreadsheets, and word documents. It was initially released in 1988 by Kingsoft, a Chinese-based tech giant. The name WPS Office represents its three major components: Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets.

WPS Office is available on all major operating systems, including macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and the Cloud. To use it, you can download the software on your device, launch it and start editing your preferred file. Alternatively, you can sign up for WPS Docs for free and start editing or collaborating with other members on the cloud.

WPS features include:

WPS Writer: This is a word editing tool that you can easily create and edit documents. It is compatible with other word editing software such as Google Docs, LibreOffice, and Microsoft Word.

WPS Presentation: A free slideshow editing tool that you can use to organize and present images, text, video, and audio. It allows users to export in various formats such as PPT, PPTX, and PPSX

WPS PDF: This PDF tool allows users to create, edit, and view PDF files.

WPS Spreadsheet: This is a data visualization and analysis tool. You can use it to analyze finances, edit charts, and track budgets,

Free templates: Each document editing comes with thousands of free templates

Collaboration:  WPS docs allow users to collaborate on documents online in real-time.

Converters: You can convert documents to different file formats for free.

WPS features three membership plans. These are WPS Standard, WPS premium, and WPS Business. The WPS standard is free and ideal for daily office use, study, and personal projects.

WPS premium provides additional features such as PDF editing and 20 GB of cloud storage. Furthermore, it's ad free and can be used by up to 9 PCs. Lastly, the WPS business comes with enterprise-level features such as 100GB of cloud storage and security management solutions.

2. Inkscape

Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editing software. It was initially released on 2nd November 2003. This software uses tools that allow users to manipulate simple and complex vector shapes. For instance, polygons, cubes, circles, triangles, 3D boxes, ellipses, stars, spirals, text, and arcs. Inkscape is available on three major platforms: Mac, Windows, and Linux.

To use Inkscape, you need to install it first on your PC. Next, Launch the software and start editing any vector graphics. You can create from scratch or import existing files in SVG format. Inkscape features include:

Object creation: You can create objects such as freehand drawings, texts, shapes, and bitmaps from scratch on Inkscape.

Object Manipulation: This software features tools that allow users to move, rotate, scale, skew, group, raise, lower and align objects.

Fill and stroke: Inkscape has various color editing tools that help to pick, apply, copy and paste colors.

Operations on paths: With Inkscape, you can convert text objects or shapes to paths. Furthermore, you can edit nodes, and perform boolean operations, Bitmap tracing, path insetting, and out setting.

Multiple File formats: Inkscape can edit or generate SVG file formats. It also allows users to use the XML editor to edit and watch the document tree live. Lastly, you can export in various formats such as PNG, PostScript, EPS, sk1, DXF, OpenDocumentDrawing, and PDF.

As an open-source project, Inkscape is 100% free to use or distribute. 

3. Prezi

Available in Windows, Mac, and Chrome.

Prezi is a visual communication and video software that allows people to meet, educate and present online. It was launched in 2009 in Hungary and has since crossed over 100 million users. The platform started as visual storytelling software. The name Prezi in Hungarian is the short form of the word presentation.

Prezi comprises 3 main tools: Prezi Video, Prezi Design, and Prezi Present. It's an ideal package for education and business. In addition, it can be integrated with the most popular video chat platforms such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, Webex, Slack, Microsoft Teams, GoToWebinar, and Facebook.

Prezi Video helps users to make better, engaging live streams by adding presentation capabilities. Besides, it keeps the audience focused as they can interact using on-screen graphics such as emoji, text, and GIFs. Prezi video also makes sharing video gifs and photos easy from the drives by drag and drop.

Prezi Present allows users to create better-moving presentations. For instance, you can use this tool to add presentations on video. It also features additional tools such as analytics to see the most engaging pages and presenter tools.

Prezi design is a drag-and-drop editor that lets users easily make maps, infographics, charts, and reports. After creating the graphics, you can share them anywhere, regardless of their size. The editor has features such as image masking, filters, and effects. Additionally, it lets you upload your videos or search on their library, which is connected to platforms such as Giphy and Unsplash.

It has four major membership plans for individuals, students and educators, business, and basic. Each membership is further divided into two or more packages with different features and specifications. All the packages offer a free trial except for the basics, which are free to use. 

4. Adobe Export PDF

Adobe Export PDF is a PDF conversion software by Adobe Inc. It lets users convert PDFs to Microsoft Word, Excel, and  PowerPoint. In addition, Adobe Export PDF also lets users export PDFs to other forms such as TIFF, PNG, and JPG.

Rather than retyping a PDF, you can save time by exploring it in your preferred format. Adobe Export PDF automatically converts text, images, and formatting. This software is available on the Web, PC applications, and mobile applications, making it easy for users to work from anywhere.

This software also allows users to combine several files into a single PDF. Furthermore, you can edit the images or text on PDF files. Lastly, you can request an e-signature in real-time.

Adobe export comes in 3 major membership plans: Acrobat Export PDF, Acrobat PDF Pack, and Acrobat Pro. They cost $2.31, $11.59, and $23.19 per month, respectively. Each membership is made up of different features. The pro membership contains all the features and comes with a free trial.  

5. PerfectIt

PerfectIt is a proofreading software for professional editors and proofreaders. It lets users enforce style rules, check consistency and locate undefined abbreviations. PerfectIt works with all types of documents. Furthermore, it allows users to edit in US, UK, AU, and CA English.

To use this software, you need to be a Windows user or use the Cloud version. First, you need to purchase a membership, download the software and install it on your PC. Once you Launch Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, PerfectIt will begin suggesting edits.

Consistency is key when writing a professional document. With PerfectIt editor, you can maintain consistency of commas, capitalization, and dashes. For example, if you write an abbreviation as ABC it will correct others that may be written as A.B.C or abc. Furthermore, it automatically creates an abbreviations table with all the definitions.

PerfectIt allows users to set house styles. You can set phrases you want to avoid in your work, such as dated terminology, inappropriate and insensitive language. Besides, you can also set a unified voice style to ensure that everyone in the company speaks as one.

Another important feature is the ability to check for spelling mistakes or inconsistent spelling. Lastly, PerfectIt lets users number tables and figures in the document easily. It provides a faster way to edit and make work professional.

PerfectIt consists of four membership plans. These include professional, Elite Team, and Enterprises. They go for $90, $119, $129, and $149, respectively. PerfectIt comes with a 14-day free trial.

6. Vim

Vim is a free, open-source text editor initially released in 1991 by Bram Moolenaar. The word vim stands for Vi, improved an updated version of the original Vi editor by Bill Joy. This software is available for major operating systems such as macOS, Unix, Windows NT, Android, Morph OS, Amiga OS, and iOS.

Vim comes with 12 editing modes. It has become popular because it's highly customizable. Furthermore, you can add macros, plugins, or scripts for more advanced features. Let's take a look at the most important vim modes.

● Visual mode

● Normal mode

● Insert mode

● Command line mode

Vim is popular because of the following features:

● Intensive search and replace

● Multi-level undo tree

● Supports most file formats and programming languages

● Compatible with many tools

● Extensive plugin system

7. LibreOffice Impress

LibreOffice Impress is a free presentation editor. It comes as a tool in the LibreOffice suite which comprises other tools such as Calc-Spreadsheet, Writer-word processor, Charts, math-formula editor, Draw diagrams and Base database.

LibreOffice, in general, is free and open-source software for Windows, Linux, Android, and Chromebooks. The Impress tool features different view and editing modes. These modes include:

Notes: This mode lets users edit and view notes attached to a slide.

Normal mode: For general editing and viewing.

Slide Sorter: A mode that allows users to locate and arrange slides by utilizing a sheet view

8. Camtasia

Camtasia is a PC screen recorder and video editor by TechSmith. It was initially launched in 2002 and has since crossed over $32 Million users worldwide. Camtasia software is available for Mac and Windows.

To use Camtasia, you need to sign up, buy a package, download then install it on the PC. After that, launch it and start recording Video or Audio. Camtasia has a wide variety of tools and features.

● PowerPoint Integration

● Medi Import

● Camera Capture

● Computer Screen Recording

● Royalty-free music library

● Audio recording of either system, mic or both

● Recording options for

● Pre-built Assets

● Path editing and CursorFX

● Export and upload options

● Closed Captions

● Annotations

● iOS Capture

Camtasia has three membership pricing options. The first is a free trial that you can try without entering your credit card information. The second option is lifetime access, which costs $299.99. The third membership plan is also lifetime access, but it comes along with Snagit software. This bundle costs $329.99.

9. Screenflow

Screenflow is a free video editing and screencasting software from Telestream for Mac. It captures both audio and video on the computer screen and allows editing. Screenflow has been operating since 2008 and has won two Macworld awards.

To use Screenflow, download the software from the official page. Next, install it and choose a feature of your choice. Some of its features include:

● High-resolution recording:It allows you to record the highest resolution of the screen

● Free media: Screenflow comes with over 500,000 stock video clips, audio, and images. An intuitive user interface that makes navigating and creating content easy.

● Video editing tools: Screen flow features a wide variety of tools to allow freehand annotations, add transitions, multi-channel audio, video animations, text animations, and much more.

● Many export options: Screen flow gives the users the freedom to choose export options such as MP4, MP3, JPG, AVI, GIF, APNG, and more.

Direct publishing: This software makes publishing videos to hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Imgur  seamlessly easy

Screenflow allows users to edit and share content for free but with a watermark. However, you can purchase a license and export watermark-free content, among other premium perks. There are three premium membership plans: ScreenFlow, ScreenFlow Super Pak, and ScreenFlow Super Pak+. They cost $169, $195, and $225, respectively. All plans have a free trial and can be discounted on various occasions. 


ONLYOFFICE is a free and open-source office software for editing word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It is developed and maintained by Ascensio System Sia, a New Communications Technologies subsidiary. ONLYOFFICE was launched in 2009 and boasts 10 million users across Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android operating systems.

To use it, you need to download and install it on your system. Then launch and create or edit existing documents. Alternatively, you can use the web version to create, edit, and collaborate on the cloud.

Main ONLYOFFICE features include:

● Spreadsheet editor

● Presentation editor

● Document editor

● Form creator

● PDF converter and reader

● Docs cloud

● Docs on-premise enterprise solutions

ONLYOFFICE is free for personal use. However, it offers paid business and enterprise solutions. The cloud business package costs $5 per month. On the other hand, the enterprise has three membership plans. These are enterprise, enterprise plus, and enterprise premium. They cost lifetime access of $2200, $3300, and $4450, respectively, per 50 users.

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