Unique features in Student Tools

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Unique features in Student Tools

Unique features in Student Tools

No matter you are a student, teacher, or business professionals, you can create and edit documents efficiently by WPS Writer as text editors. Student Tools is a collection of functions launched by WPS for students users. Some frequently-used functions are selected. This built-in function cannot be found in other office software at present.

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In the interface of this function, WPS Office selects Reading View modefrom the View tab, frequently used features such as Highlight and Text Color  are included for editing files.

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WPS cares for the eyesight status of students and thus adds the Eye Protection Mode here.

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In addition, according to students' usage habits, Word Count, Thesaurus, Spell Check in the Review tab

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and Text Box, Picture, Shapes and Screenshot in the Insert tab are sorted into the Student Tools tab, which meets the basic editing needs of most students.

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Student Tools also includes the functions of Insert Formula and Insert Symbol.

Even facing mathematical formulas or special symbols, Student Tools allows you to do all the operations in a single tab.

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In addition, New Comment, Annotate in PDF format, and Review are included in the Student Tools tab.

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Considering the real user scenarios for students, WPS collects the most commonly-used tools in the Student Tools tab, which makes it more convenient and easier for them to learn and use.