Use IF function to judge data

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Use IF function to judge data

Use IF function to judge data

The IF function can judge the specified condition and give two results when the condition is established and when it is not.

Here is a staff interview form. Now we need to count the people who passed the interview quickly. If the interview score is greater than or equal to 6, the interviewee is passed, but the interviewee is unqualified if the interview score is less than 6. Here, we can use the IF function to judge the result of the interview quickly.

The IF function syntax is as followed:


We select cell J3 and click the Formulas tab. Click Insert Function and enter IF.

Now a dialog box will pop up. We need to enter the judgment criterion in the Logical-test.

The criteria for passing the interview are: the interview score needs to be greater than or equal to 6.

So we need to select the data in the Interview Score column. First, select I3, and then continue to enter the criterion: >=6.

Enter Pass in Value_if_true and enter Fail in Value_if_false.

This formula means that if the interview score meets >=6, then a Pass will be prompted.If the interview score does not satisfy >=6, it will prompt Fail.

Finally click OK to get the result.We can double-click the lower right corner of the cell to get all interview results quickly. 

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