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WPS and its Heat map Excel Templates

September 28, 2022

Heat map templates are used for the representation of the data through maps or diagrams with different colours. A heat map shows how the colour of the diagrams changes due to the intensity or temperature over the course of time.

WPS has enabled us to use heat map excel templates in our projects to give the reader visual signals. Data is represented through graphs in the templates where values are understood through colour change. You can turn any data set to the heat map templates just with some steps. WPS have many excel heat map templates, some of them are listed below……

1.Excel simple warm colour analysis chart template

It is simple cylindrical line chart which shows the products contents correctly placed on a specific website.it also determines the quality of the product.

2.Excel colourful general analysis chart template

This template is used by the business which runs business and websites, it controls the websites activity that how the customers use their website, it locates you the elements of your website that needs more attention. It is detail form of excel heat map chart which includes column chart, bar chart, pie chart, doughnut, line chart and area chart. You put the values and the chart automatically changes its colour.

3.Excel simple general analysis chart template

This template is used generally. In this template the low and high values are noticeable because the colour changes in the higher value.

4.Excel cute analysis chart template

It is a cute excel heat map analysis chart which contains beautiful colours from low value to high values. This chart also includes column chart, template bar chart, line chart, area chart, doughnut and lastly the radar chart.

5.Excel simple business analysis chart

This type of chart template is used in business to analyse the data of the given tasks to be completed

6.Excel general analysis chart template

This template is used generally for determining the tasks. It is easy to edit, it also has multiple styles and it supports colour change. It also contains sales comparison chart.

7.Excel green report chart template

It is beautiful green excel chart template. The bars are in green related colours. When you put values the chart automatically changes its colour.

8.Excel Multi-functional chart template

As the name indicates this form of template is used for multiple tasks, it contains translucent column chart, cascading chart, pie chart, line chart, area chart and radar chart.

9.Excel fresh blue market analysis chart template

This template is fresh blue in colour, the values are put in from low to high so when its intensity increases the colour of the chart or template also changes.

10.Excel business marketing analysis chart template

This type of template is used for multiple market business, that is how much profit or loss did a specific market did in the given time period.

There were some of the WPS excel heat map templates that you can you in your business and any market or professional setting. For more templates visit the website or download the WPS office to get more exciting templates.

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