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WPS Top 10 Daily activity log Excel Templates

September 28, 2022

Daily activity log excel template is a spreadsheet used for record of the whole day, which is how you spend your day all the time, what you do all day, what you eat and what are your activities throughout the day.it will help you to invest your time in better things and stops you from spending time on useless things.

Templates are designed in order to keep yourself on track and do not waste your time. It is better to invest your time in better things. WPS Office has many daily activity log excel templates some of them are discussed below

1.Daily activity plan excel template

This daily activity plan template is sued for planning your whole day that how you will spend your day, what will you eat, how much money will you spend etc.

2.Basic daily schedule excel template

This template can be used for planning the events of your entire day. Making daily schedules helps you in managing work on time; it reduces stress and many more.

3.Fresh green daily schedule excel template

This excel is beautiful fresh green in colour, it is the most simple form of daily schedule template; it has columns for timings and days in which you can enter the values.

4.Christmas  activity schedule excel template

This template is used for planning Christmas events. It has options for program, performer, and requirements, start time an end time and lastly remarks about the event.

5.Daily work record excel template

This template is best use for the employees in the company, it tells you of your daily job tasks for employees over a certain period of time.

6.Daily personality list excel template

This personal excel template is used for daily activities. You can log your daily routine in this template.

7.Sales staff daily work report excel template

Sales staff report template is used mainly by managers in the companies, they used to shuffle the tasks, deal with the clients make endless calls and many more , therefore , this template is best for them to utilize for their work schedule.

8.Daily sales report excel template

This template is sued for tracking the record of daily sales in any company or organization. It is simple to use and easy to edit.

9.Daily expenses report excel template

This excel template is used for calculating daily expenses of an individual, a company or any other organization. It keeps you budget on track and don not let your spending on useless things.

10.Daily work sheet excel template

This excel template is a simple worksheet used for collecting data of the clients; it has columns for client name, phone, address, tracking status, type, and tracking time.

It can be customized according to your requirements.

When you collect your data of the whole day, and continuously collect it for one week you can calculate your schedule for productivity.  For more daily activity log excel templates you can use or download WPS office for free and grab your favourite templates according to your needs.

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