10 Best Powerpoint Templates For School Events for Teachers in WPS Template

January 16, 2024 1.2K views

In the realm of education, crafting impactful presentations is essential for school events. From assemblies to workshops, teachers seek captivating PowerPoint templates that resonate with students. However, the quest for templates tailored to educational content and event themes can prove arduous. Here is the solution, the best PowerPoint templates for elementary teachers in the WPS Office.

In this article, we present the best PowerPoint templates for teacher ppt a curated selection that seamlessly combines creativity with education themes, ensuring that teachers can effortlessly captivate and inform their audience.

Part 1: 10 Best Powerpoint Templates For School Events for Teachers in WPS Template

1.  Colorful Sports Meet Presentation

Colourful Sports Meet Template Download Page

Elevate your school's sports meet presentations with our captivating Colorful Sports Meet template, specially designed for teachers using the WPS Office. Infuse every slide with energy and enthusiasm, perfectly capturing the spirit of teamwork and healthy competition.  

Whether you're highlighting achievements, sharing event details, or celebrating victories, this dynamic template is your go-to tool for creating engagement.  

2.  Graduation Thesis Defense

Graduation Thesis Defense Template Download Page

Present your Graduation Thesis Defense with confidence using our professional and polished PowerPoint template. Tailored for teachers, this template in the WPS Office provides a structured and visually appealing framework to showcase your research journey, methodologies, findings, and conclusions.  

With this template, you'll demonstrate not only your expertise but also your presentation finesse, making your Graduation Thesis Defense a resounding success.

3.  College Students Career

College Students Career Plan Template Download Page

Guide your college students toward a promising career trajectory using our specialized PowerPoint template, tailored for educators within the WPS Office. Equipped with insightful content and visual aids, this template facilitates meaningful discussions about career choices, skill development, and future prospects.  

4. Festival introduction

Festival Introduction Template Download Page

Introduce upcoming festivals to your students in an engaging way using our Festival Introduction PowerPoint template, designed specifically for teachers in school. This template offers a visually appealing platform to provide insights into the significance, traditions, and celebrations of various festivals.  

With customizable sections for historical backgrounds, cultural elements, and interactive activities, you can spark curiosity and enrich students' cultural understanding.

5. Teacher Lecture Micro Class

Teacher Lecture Template Download Page

Elevate your teaching with our Teachers Lecture Micro Class PowerPoint template, tailored to meet the needs of educators within the school setting. Crafted to facilitate concise and impactful lectures, this template offers bite-sized slide layouts for focused content delivery.  

Whether it's explaining complex concepts, conducting quick reviews, or sharing important announcements, this template empowers teachers to create engaging micro-lessons that maximize student comprehension.

6. Academic Research

Academic Research Template Download Page

Empower your fellow educators with the Academic Research PowerPoint template, a valuable tool for enhancing classroom instruction. Crafted for teachers in school, this template offers a structured framework to showcase research methodologies, data analysis, and findings, allowing educators to effectively communicate the essence of their studies.  

With customizable charts, graphs, and sections for literature review and conclusions, this template simplifies the presentation of complex research concepts.

7. Opening Ceremony Report

Opening Ceremony Report Download Page

Effortlessly compile and present impactful Opening Ceremony Reports with our tailored PowerPoint template, created for school teachers. This template streamlines the process of highlighting key event details, special moments, and notable attendees, allowing you to share the event's success story seamlessly.

Elevate your reporting with this template, transforming routine updates into engaging narratives that capture the essence of your school's memorable moments.

8. Speech Competition

Speech Competition Template Download Page

The Speech competition template provides a structured framework to showcase participants, topics, and judging criteria, enhancing the event's organization. With customizable sections for introductions, timekeeping guidelines, and scoring rubrics, you can effortlessly host a seamless and engaging competition.

Empower students to express themselves confidently while offering a fair and standardized judging process using this user-friendly template, making your school's speech competition a resounding success.

9. Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection Template Download Page

Enable your students to become environmental stewards with the purposeful Environmental Protection PowerPoint template, crafted for dedicated teachers in school. This template serves as a dynamic educational tool to delve into pressing environmental issues, conservation methods, and sustainable practices.  

With this template, you'll foster a generation of eco-conscious individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world around them.

10. Language Learning

Language Learning Template Download Page

Amplify language learning in your classroom using our dedicated Language Learning PowerPoint template, designed exclusively for school teachers. Within WPS Office, this template fosters interactive lessons with engaging visuals, vocabulary drills, and conversational cues.  

Seamlessly guide students toward linguistic proficiency while maintaining their interest and active participation. Transform your language classes with this versatile template, making language acquisition an engaging and enriching journey for all.

Part2: What School Events that Teachers may need to prepare PowerPoint  

WPS Template Selection

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: Faculties can utilize these templates to craft comprehensive presentations for parent-teacher conferences. In WPS Office, teachers get the best PowerPoint templates free download.

  • Science Fair: Empower your students with these meticulously designed templates that provide a structured framework for presenting their science projects. From hypothesis to results, guide them through showcasing their research journey, encouraging in-depth discussions and learning.

  • Career Day: Shape impactful presentations using these templates to showcase an array of career options and professionals. Introduce students to diverse fields, igniting their curiosity and helping them make informed decisions about their future paths.

  • Cultural Celebrations: Infuse cultural events with vibrancy using these templates that allow you to highlight the rich tapestry of traditions and holidays. Engage your students in learning about different cultures and fostering a sense of inclusivity.

  • Student Assemblies: Craft dynamic presentations for school-wide assemblies with these templates. Address crucial topics, achievements, and upcoming events, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among students.

  • Sports Day: Create excitement around sports events with visually appealing templates. Showcase event details, team lineups, and schedules, encouraging active participation and school spirit.

  • Art Exhibitions: Display students' artistic talents through these templates designed to showcase their artwork elegantly. Provide context for each piece and celebrate creativity within your school community.

  • Graduation Ceremony: Honor graduates and capture the essence of their journey with these templates for graduation ceremonies. From memorable moments to future aspirations, create presentations that commemorate their achievements in a heartfelt manner.

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Part 3: Make attractive PowerPoint with beautiful templates – WPS Office

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Choosing a Document Type in WPS

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Open A File in WPS

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Editing Options in WPS

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Share Option WPS

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Steps to Use WPS AI:


1. Launch WPS Office: Begin by opening the WPS Office application on your computer. Ensure you have the latest version installed to access the AI features.

2. Access WPS AI: Once you're in WPS Office, locate and access the WPS AI feature. Depending on your version of WPS Office, you may find this feature labeled as "WPS AI" or something similar in the toolbar or menu options.

3. Input Content: To get started with WPS AI, provide the key points and content you want to include in your PowerPoint presentation. You can type or paste this information directly into the AI interface.

4. Generate Framework: After you've input your content, let WPS AI work its magic. Click on the "Generate Framework" or a similar button. WPS AI will analyze your input and create a structured PowerPoint framework based on the information you've provided. This framework typically includes slide titles, content placeholders, and suggested organization.

5. Customize and Expand: With the generated framework in place, you can now customize and expand upon it as needed. Add more details, images, charts, and visuals to enhance your presentation. You have the freedom to adjust the layout, design, and content to match your preferences and style.

6. Fine-Tune and Review: Take the time to fine-tune your presentation. Review each slide and make any necessary adjustments. You can modify text, formatting, and the overall flow of your presentation to ensure it meets your specific requirements and objectives.

7. Save Your Work: Don't forget to save your work periodically. Use the "Save" option in WPS Office to store your presentation on your computer or preferred storage location.

8. Finalize and Present: Once you're satisfied with your PowerPoint presentation, it's ready for use. You can present it in meetings, lectures, or any other relevant context. WPS AI's framework serves as a helpful starting point, saving you time and effort in structuring your presentation.

9. Additional AI Features: Explore other AI features within WPS Office that may assist with content analysis, grammar checking, or design recommendations. These additional AI tools can further enhance the quality and effectiveness of your presentations.

With these steps, you can effectively utilize WPS AI to simplify the process of creating a well-structured PowerPoint presentation, allowing you to focus on delivering impactful content.


1. How do you make a PowerPoint look good at school?

To ensure your school PowerPoint presentation looks polished, consider these tips: thoughtfully plan your slide layout, use easily readable colors and fonts, avoid overwhelming animations, maintain consistent slide design with a theme, apply transitions that suit your content, and always tailor your content to your audience's interests and needs.

2. Where to find PowerPoint design templates?

To begin using a template in Microsoft PowerPoint, follow these steps: Open PowerPoint and click on "File," then select "New." Within the "Available Templates and Themes" section, you have options. When you find the template that suits your needs, click on it to view its details. Finally, click "Create" to initiate your presentation using the selected template.


In this article, we discovered how WPS Office transforms school events into extraordinary experiences for teachers ppt with its dynamic PowerPoint templates. These templates, tailor-made for various occasions, enable educators to captivate their audience effortlessly.

From sports meets to graduation ceremonies, WPS templates enhance engagement and learning outcomes. The article also introduces the power of WPS AI in creating structured presentation frameworks, and streamlining the content creation process.

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