5 Free And Easy PDF Resizers (2024 Updated)

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Do you need a PDF resizer. You received a PDF file, and you want to print it. You found that the aspect ratio needs to be corrected for the document to fit on the page while printing. You can use a PDF resizer to resize and compress PDF files. While searching, you find many PDF resizers and PDF compressors, and it is hard to select the best.

What is a PDF resizer, and how to use it? This article will give a detailed description of the five best and most free PDF resizers of 2023.

Part 1: What Is a PDF Resizer and How Does It Work?

A PDF resizer, sometimes called a PDF compressor, helps you to resize your PDF document. You can resize PDFs to shrink large files and save disk space and bandwidth. It also helps to correct the aspect ratio and dimensions of PDF for correct printing. You can resize your document by setting your desired margins, page size, padding, and output quality in the PDF resizer settings.

Part 2:  5 Best Free PDF Resizers for PC, Mac, and Online

There are plenty of PDF resizers available on the internet. It may be challenging to select the best one. Here is a list of the five best free PDF resizers for PC. Mac, and online. You can resize your PDFs by using any of the software discussed below.

1. With WPS Office(Highly Recommended)


Product Description

WPS Office is an Office suite containing WPS PDF and a Writer, Spreadsheet, and Presentation software. WPS PDF has the feature of PDF compress. You can easily resize and compress your PDFs using WPS PDF. It allows adjusting the compression level between Normal, High Definition, and common compression.

Main Features

  • Resize documents conveniently in simple steps.

  • Save disk space by resizing the document as per your requirements - it tells the original size of the PDF and the size after resizing.

  • You can select from a standard page size, such as A4, A5, or legal, or set a customized page size.

Supported Devices

Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android


Free to use


  • Resize PDFs in simple steps

  • Allows batch PDF compression

  • Includes other tools such as PDF combine, convert, and split

Free Download Steps

Step 1: Visit the official website of the WPS Office and click on the Free Download button.

Step 2: Run the installer file to download and install WPS PDF.

2. With Adobe (On Windows)

Adobe PDF Resizer

Product Description

Adobe Acrobat is a famous PDF resizer. It provides all PDF features, including PDF Combine, Split, Convert, and PDF Protect. You can also use Adobe online PDF resizer tool to resize your documents.

Main Features

  • Easy to use

  • It also provides an online crop facility

  • Resize your PDFs to any quality, i.e., Normal, Medium, and High quality

Supported Devices

PC, Mac, iOS, and Android


The web version is free to use


  • Resize your PDFs instantly in simple steps

  • Considerably reduce file size after resizing


  • Not free to use as a desktop app

Free Download Steps

Step 1: Visit the official website of Adobe.

Step 2: Click the Download Adobe Acrobat Reader button.

3. With Apple Preview(On Mac)

Apple Preview PDF compressor

Product Description

Mac users can easily resize PDF free using the Preview app pre-installed on all Mac devices. There is no need for a third-party app on Mac for PDF compression. You can compress and resize your PDFs without losing quality.

Main Features

  • Pre-installed on all Mac devices

  • Free to use

  • Simple user interface

Supported Devices

Available on all Mac devices


Free to use


  • No need for a third-party app for PDF resizing

  • Resize PDFs in simple steps


  • Only available for Mac users

Free Download Steps

Apple Preview is pre-installed on all Mac devices. There is no need to download and install it.

4. With PDF2GO (Online)

PDF2GO PDF resizer online

Product Description

PDF2GO is an online PDF resizer. It is free to use on all devices having internet connectivity. It provides some advanced resizing and compression features also. You can quickly reduce the file size of your PDF in simple steps.

Main Features

  • No need for installation - it can be easily accessed via a web browser

  • Choose from a preset such as A4, A5, or legal

  • Set custom page size as per your choice

Supported Devices

Available on all devices via a web browser


Free to use


  • Different options to adjust the output quality after resizing

  • Free to use


  • Cannot be accessed without internet

  • No standalone desktop app

Free Download Steps

There is no need to download PDF2GO. You can easily access it via a web browser.

5. Resize PDFs by Deleting Objects (Offline)

You can also resize your PDF by deleting different objects. High-quality images in the document increase its size. You can remove these images to compress the size of your PDF. You can also remove unwanted objects using any PDF editor, e.g., WPS Office PDF.

Remove unwanted Text

Deleting or changing font size; other formatting and styling options help reduce the PDF file size.

Resize or Remove Images

Resizing the images also reduces the document size.Embedded fonts

Removing embedded fonts will reduce the file size of the PDF.


Remove annotations to reduce the PDF size.

Form fields and Layers

A PDF document containing form fields and layers can also increase the file size. You can remove them to compress your document.

Part 3: Differences Between PDF Resizer and PDF Compressor

PDF resizer and PDF compressor are sometimes used interchangeably. Some users think that these are both the same. However, there are specific differences between a PDF compressor and a PDF resizer, which are:


PDF resizer is a tool used to change the physical size of a PDF document, while a PDF compressor is used to reduce the file size of a PDF document.


The purpose of a PDF resizer is to make a PDF document smaller or larger helpful for printing or viewing purposes. On the other hand, the purpose of a PDF compressor is to reduce the file size of a PDF document, which can help share or store the document online.

Output quality

When using a PDF resizer, the quality of the output document remains the same as the original document, but the physical size changes. However, when using a PDF compressor, the quality of the output document may be affected.Level of compression

PDF compressor allows users to adjust the level of compression applied to the document. Higher compression levels result in smaller file sizes but lower image and text quality. PDF resizer does not have a compression feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I change the page size of a PDF document?

Open your PDF file with a PDF editor such as WPS PDF. Click the Page tab from the toolbar menu. Then click Resize pages and adjust the page size as per your requirements.

WPS PDF resizer

Q2: How can I Reduce PDF File Size Below 100 KB?

Open your document with your preferred PDF editor, such as WPS PDF. Click the Compress tab and select your desired output quality. The file size will be considerably reduced to 100 KB. Using any PDF compressor tool, you can also reduce the file size to 200 KB, 300 KB, and 500 KB online.

Q3: How to resize pdf without losing quality?

You can use any PDF editor or PDF compressor tool to compress your PDF. However, you should set a low compression level to get a high-quality PDF. You can use WPS PDF to get high-quality PDFs even after compression.

WPS Office: Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

Key Takeaways for the Best PDF Resizer Free

We have described in detail about what is the function of a PDF resizer and what are the benefits of resizing your PDFs. We have also listed the five best free PDF resizers. You can select any PDF resizer of your choice.

However, we recommend using the WPS Office PDF solution to resize your PDF files conveniently and quickly. WPS Office is a complete office suite with a PDF editor and a Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet software. It is available for all devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. WPS PDF editor is free to use and resize your PDFs without losing quality. It also provides additional features such as PDF convert, combine, edit, split, and protect.

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