Best 7 Free Ways to Search for Downloadable PDF [2024]

August 3, 2023 2.6K views

This article unlocks different pdf searcher tools along with their features and suggests the best tool to search PDFs for free. In this fast-paced digital world, people must search for information from the ocean of documents. Whether you're a student looking for research material, professional searching for industry reports, or an avid reader seeking your next favorite ebook, you must be able to search for PDF files effectively. From leveraging online libraries to advanced search engines, there is a wealth of resources, and you may need help finding the required PDF file. 

Why Need a PDF Search Engine?

PDF Search Engine is a PDF Searcher, which help you download PDF files and books into your computer. They save you time by efficiently locating the required PDF without making you manually browse the search engines. Hence, these serve as a central location for a vast collection of PDFs from different sources. Moreover, these search engines also help you search for a piece of particular information within a PDF document.

Top 7 PDF Searchers

Given below is the seven best PDF searcher list:

1. Pdf Search Engine

PDF search engines offer more than 500 million free books and files. It features a simple interface and a search bar to help users search PDF files. It saves you time and effort as it is a powerful free pdf searcher and helps you search for phrases and keywords.

Moreover, you can get further specified information by mentioning the PDF file to search from. In addition, you can do an advanced search for complex searches. It features a built-in PDF viewer, which allows you to view files before downloading. PDF search engine is compatible with mobile devices, and you can search PDFs for free.

PDF Search Engine


  • Provide accurate and targeted results

  • Refine your search based on language, file size, and type

  • Help you organize your PDF files if you own an extensive collection of PDFs

  • Save you time by providing PDFs in seconds instead of browsing multiple websites

Suitable for the type of users

Academic researchers, business professionals, Students and educators, beginner professionals, legal practitioners, information seekers, archivists, and librarians since this free pdf searcher is easy to use and the interface design is intuitive.

2. Freefullpdf

Freefullpdf is known for helping users download any book for free in PDF form and providing 80 million scientific publications for free. Its simple interface lets you find PDFs on humanities, physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, humanities, mathematics, and health sciences.

You must enter the title of the needed PDF file in the search bar. You can get full-text access without having to pay to access documents. Moreover, you can refine your search by using specific keywords, titles, author names, and subjects with this free pdf searcher.



  • Provide free access to a large number of research papers

  • Save your time accessing PDFs without visiting multiple sites

  • Cover various disciplines and is a go-to option for academicians to do PDF searches online

Suitable for the type of user

This PDF search engine is an accessible free pdf searcher platform, especially for students, educators, and professionals who don't have access to expensive databases and allows them to download scientific PDFs for free.

3. FileSearchBox

With this free pdf searcher, you can browse the entire internet for PDF files available for public use. You don't need to sign up or log in to download books or documents. It’s because search results are displayed using Google's index but only filter PDF files.

So if a PDF is available for public use by any website, you can find it using filesearchbox. It lets you access uploaded books once Google indexes them if the book type is not excluded. You can instantly download a PDF file by clicking on it.

The PDF file may be opened in a new tab in some browsers. In such a case, you must right-click the PDF file and save it as a new one.



  • Provide swift access to desired files

  • Help you customize your search by specifying the attributes

  • Allow users to quickly locate files according to the file name, metadata, content, etc.

  • Compatible with various operating systems, makes it a suitable choice for professionals

Suitable for the type of users

Students, researchers, professionals, office workers, IT administrators, content creators, and casual users can access PDF files.

4. Ebook3000

Ebook3000 is an exceptional online free PDF searcher that provides free ebooks to users. It features an extensive library of PDF books online in more than 17 different categories. You can access the required PDF by putting the keyword in the search box.

In addition to providing access to pdf links for downloading, this free pdf searcher also displays the book cover and description to help users make an informed decision before reading the document. In addition to providing free PDFs and ebooks, it functions as an open directory for various documents.



  • Allow access to documents in more than 17 different categories

  • Help users to locate material of interest by simply inputting keywords

  • Provide detail about the book, like the book cover and description

  • Ensure a hassle-free user experience by providing the download link

Suitable for the type of user

This free pdf searcher appeals to researchers, students, budget-conscious readers, and knowledge seekers looking for a vast collection of ebooks in different genres.

5. provides access to an extensive range of authors and resources for free ebook downloads. Its genre includes academic work, fiction, classics, textbooks, and audiobooks. This free PDF searcher focuses on displaying fresh and innovative voices, including authors and provocateurs who push the limits of their art.

Before adding any book to a personal library, users can preview 18 pages. This allows users to make an informed decision by having a glimpse of the content in the ebook. If you want to use it for free, you can read any pdf in HTML format online; however, if you are a pro-user, you can download up to 5 PDFs in one month.


  • Offer a dedicated collection of podcasts and audiobooks

  • Conduct interviews with authors for deep insight into the book

  • Promote independent authors to help them showcase their work

  • Allow previewing 18 pages to make an informed decision

Suitable for the type of users

Independent authors, book lovers, exploratory readers, budget-conscious readers, and digital reading enthusiasts can use to download books in extensive genres.

6. PDF Drive

It is the ultimate free PDF searcher online, which provides a staggering collection of more than 84 million books for free downloading. PDF Drive is a go-to platform for accessing many periodicals, comics, eBooks, and articles.

Users can easily find and explore various ebook genres in one convenient location using this comprehensive, constantly updated library. A wide variety of high-quality ebook themes and literary content is available from PDF Drive and Library Genesis.

PDF Drive


  • Ideal for downloading reading material across various genres without any cost

  • User-friendly interface to help you in the PDF searcher

  • The library is continuously being expanded and updated with the latest books

  • Offer diverse reading preferences like comics, periodicals, and articles

Suitable for the type of user

Suitable for avid readers, researchers, academics, digital bookworms, literature enthusiasts, and budget-conscious individuals.

7. Google Scholar

It’s for researchers looking to find some tool that can help them find specific research papers. Thanks to its cross-disciplinary and cross-source search capabilities, this free PDF researcher allows you to explore various resources from across disciplines and sources.

More than 40 types of content are available on Google Scholar, including theses, academic publications, eBooks, online repositories, and abstracts. To discover relevant and valuable information, consider Google Scholar your go-to resource for all research topics.

Google Scholar


  • Allow researchers to track citations, research impact, and influential papers

  • Enable cross-disciplinary searches to discover interdisciplinary connections

  • Indexes published and unpublished works, including institutional repositories, preprints, and scholarly websites

  • Offer advanced search options by applying filters of author name, publication date, and journal

Suitable for the type of users

It suits students, researchers and scholars, educators and academics, librarians and information specialists, and professionals to support their research endeavors.

More Than a Free PDF Searcher - WPS PDF

After knowing about the free PDF researcher and PDF text finder online, you might need to change the PDF file or convert it into another format. WPS PDF can serve the purpose.

WPS PDF is a user-friendly free PDF researcher that enhances your PDF experience and provides a comprehensive solution to edit and convert PDF files. It simplifies working with PDF documents with its powerful functions and intuitive interface.

WPS PDF provides all the features you'll need to edit text, images, merge multiple PDF files, and secure your files. WPS PDF lets you efficiently handle PDF files and optimize your productivity while guaranteeing accuracy and preserving the original formatting.

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1. How to search PDFs on Google?

For searching PDFs on Google, enter "filetype: PDF + keyword" like "filetype: PDF searcher." You can filter and refine your search by excluding or including specific phrases using quotation marks or "-."

2. How to search in a PDF document?

Open the PDF in Acrobat Reader or your browser, and Ctrl+F will summarize the PDF's search/find window pane; if it does not appear, use Acrobat Reader or your browser.

3. How do I search for a PDF on my computer?

To search for a PDF on my computer, follow any of these methods:

  1. Search in the Windows search bar and type "*.pdf," and browse through the results to open the desired file.

  2. Enter "type: .pdf" in the search engine of file explorer and open the PDF you need.

  3. Use Cortana to search for PDF files by either typing or voice command.


This article provides valuable insight to effectively explore PDF files online through the seven best free PDF searchers. To locate PDF documents and streamline your research process, these PDF text finders and search engines provide an extensive library of books, journals, articles, podcasts, and various genres.

In addition, if you want to edit your downloaded PDF file or convert it into some other format, you can use WPS PDF for its versatility and convenience. You can manage your PDF documents and customize them by using the editing function of the WPS office.

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