OpenOffice Calc Review: Features, Pros and Cons [2024 Updated]

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Spreadsheets have become vital tools for individuals and businesses today, but choosing the right software can be a dilemma. In this article, we will explore the features, download process, user experience, compatibility, and support system of OpenOffice Calc. By the end, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of OpenOffice Calc to help you make an informed decision and boost your spreadsheet efficiency.

Part 1. What is OpenOffice Calc?

OpenOffice Calc is a free and open-source spreadsheet program that serves as a powerful tool for managing data and performing calculations. With its user-friendly interface and extensive functionality, it has gained popularity among individuals and businesses alike.

Part 2. How to Download OpenOffice Calc?

Step 1 Visit the official OpenOffice website at [link:].

Step 2 Navigate to the Downloads section.

Step 3 Select your operating system (Windows, macOS, or Linux) and click on the download link.

Step 4 Once the download is complete, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 5 After the installation process is finished, you can launch OpenOffice Calc and start using it for your spreadsheet needs.

Part 3. Features

OpenOffice Calc is equipped with a range of features that enhance its functionality and make it a powerful spreadsheet program. Here are some key highlights:

  • Connecting with Excel: OpenOffice Calc seamlessly opens, edits, and saves Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for compatibility and collaboration with Excel users.

  • AutoSum: Simplifies adding adjacent cell contents with a single click, generating the sum of a range of cells and saving time.

  • List AutoFill: Automatically extends cell formatting when adding new items to the end of a list, ensuring consistent formatting throughout and facilitating data management.

  • AutoFill: Quickly fills cells with repetitive or sequential data, such as dates, numbers, or text, and can be used to copy functions for efficient data manipulation.

Part 4. How to Use OpenOffice Calc?

To bring up the Styles dialog box in OpenOffice Calc and learn how to use it effectively, follow these steps:

Step 1 Launch OpenOffice Calc on your computer.

Step 2 Go to the "Format" menu and select "Styles and Formatting”

Step 3 Using cell styles

Calc has numerous methods for applying cell styles:

  • Making Use of the Styles and Formatting Window

  • Fill Format mode is used.

  • Using the Apply Style drop-down menu

  • Styles can be assigned to shortcut keys.

Step 4 Using Page Styles

Choose the sheet to be styled (by clicking on its sheet tab at the bottom of the screen).

By selecting the PageStylesIcon.png icon in the Styles and Formatting box, choose the Page Styles list. Double-click on the desired page style.

Look at the status bar to see which page style is currently in use for a chosen sheet.

Part 5. Pros and Cons of OpenOffice Calc


  • Well user experience, with a familiar interface and intuitive functionality.

  • Constant evolution through community contributions, ensuring regular updates and improvements.

  • Autofill feature saves time by automatically populating data patterns.

  • Robust support for mathematical formulas and calculations.

  • Free and open-source, providing access to all users and promoting affordability.


  • Limited functions compared to some commercial spreadsheet applications.

  • Integration with external sources may be limited in some cases.

  • Formatting issues can arise when importing or exporting files from other formats.

  • Interface and features may not be as modern or advanced as some alternatives.

  • Steeper learning curve for users without prior experience working with similar software.

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Part 6: Free Alternative to OpenOffice Calc - WPS Office

WPS Office is a comprehensive office suite consisting of Writer (word processing), Presentation (slideshow creator), and Spreadsheets (spreadsheet program), among other tools. WPS Spreadsheets, the counterpart to OpenOffice Calc, offers a modern and intuitive interface, catering to users who prefer a sleek and visually appealing design.

WPS Office is a modernized and powerful office suite that offers a compelling alternative to OpenOffice Calc. With a range of features and advantages, it stands out in the following ways:


  • WPS Cloud Integration: Seamlessly store, access, and share files across devices.

  • Processing Complicated and Lengthy Data: Efficiently handle complex data entries.

  • Online Templates: Access professionally designed templates for polished documents.

  • Record Your Presentation: Capture and refine your presentation delivery.

  • Text Tools: Easily format and organize your document content.


1. Can I Use OpenOffice Calc on Multiple Operating Systems?

Yes, OpenOffice Calc is a cross-platform application that is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. You can use it seamlessly across different platforms.

2. Is OpenOffice Calc Suitable for Noth Personal and Professional Use?

Absolutely! OpenOffice Calc is designed to meet the needs of both personal and professional users. Whether you're managing your personal finances or analyzing data for business purposes, OpenOffice Calc offers a comprehensive set of features for various use cases.

3. Does OpenOffice Calc have a Spell-checking Feature?

Yes, OpenOffice Calc includes a built-in spell-checking feature. It helps you detect and correct spelling errors in your spreadsheet, ensuring that your data is accurate and professional.

4. Can I use OpenOffice Calc offline?

Yes, OpenOffice Calc is a desktop application that can be used offline. Once you have installed it on your computer, you can access and work on your spreadsheets without an internet connection.

5. Can I Password-protect My Spreadsheets in OpenOffice Calc?

Absolutely! OpenOffice Calc allows you to password-protect your spreadsheets, adding an extra layer of security to your sensitive data. You can set a password to restrict access and ensure confidentiality.


In conclusion, OpenOffice Calc provides a free and feature-rich spreadsheet program with a familiar interface and various functionalities. However, for a more modern and powerful office suite experience, WPS Office, including WPS Spreadsheets, is highly recommended.

With WPS Office, you can benefit from features like WPS Cloud integration, efficient data processing, online templates, presentation recording, and text tools. Consider choosing WPS Office for an enhanced and user-friendly office software solution.

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