Best 10 Free and Editable Word Invoice Templates in 2024

January 15, 2024 1.9K views

Streamline your invoicing process and elevate your business in 2023. Discover the power of using free Word invoice templates from the WPS Template Store. Say goodbye to overwhelming choices and hello to effortless invoice creation. With WPS Office's template editor, professional invoices are just a click away. Maximize your time and organization, and soar to new heights of success.

Part 1: Best 10 Word Invoice Templates You Can Download for Free

WPS Template Store offers a wide range of free templates for various purposes, including invoices. You can download and edit these free templates using WPS Office, a comprehensive office suite.

Here are ten recommended free invoice templates in Word format that you can download and customize:

1. Instragram Creator Invoice

Instagram creator invoice

Format: The template is a WORD document with a .docx extension.

Design features:

  • Simple and elegant design

  • White background with black text

  • Blue and pink elements for color and contrast


  • Free and customizable solution

  • Ideal for Instagram creators or influencers

  • Impresses clients and enhances brand image in a professional manner.

This template is suitable for any business that provides services or products to clients, especially for Instagram creators who want to invoice their sponsors or collaborators.

2. Company Bill Invoice

Company invoice

Format: The template is a WORD document with a .docx extension.

Design features:

  • Modern and clean design

  • Blue and white color scheme

  • Icons and shapes for visual appeal


  • Free and customizable solution for creating stylish and professional invoices

  • Impresses clients and enhances brand image.

This template is suitable for any business that provides services or products to clients, especially for companies that want to invoice their customers or partners.

3. Electronic Service Invoice

Bill invoice template

Format: Docx format

Design features:

  • Colorful and dynamic design

  • Yellow and black color scheme

  • Icons and shapes for visual appeal


  • Professional and eye-catching design that impresses clients and enhances brand image.

The template is likely designed to accommodate the specific needs of such businesses when invoicing their clients for the services rendered electronically.

4. Orange Modern Invoice

Orange invoice template

Design features:

  1. Sleek and modern design

  2. Orange and white color scheme

  3. Icons and shapes for visual appeal


  • Free, customizable, and easy-to-edit template

  • Enables the creation of professional-looking invoices in minutes

  • Helps in tracking sales and payments

The template is suitable for any business that needs to issue invoices to customers or clients. It can be used for various industries, such as retail, service, consulting, freelancing, etc

5. Receipt of House Rent

Receipt of House rent

Format: It is available in WORD and PDF formats12.

Design features:

  • Simple and professional design

  • Blue header

  • Table for rent details


  • Quick and easy creation of a house rent receipt

It is suitable for landlords, property managers, or tenants who need to document their rent payments

6. Colour Shaps Invoice

Color Sharp invoice

Format: It is available in WORD format.

Design features:

  • Colorful and creative design with geometric shapes and a gradient background


  • Creates invoices that stand out and grab attention

This template is particularly suitable for freelancers, small businesses, or creative professionals who need to bill their clients

7. Video Business Invoice

Video Business invoice

Design features:

  • Stylish and eye-catching design

  • Video camera icon

  • Dark blue background


  • Creates an invoice that showcases your video business

  • Impresses your clients with a visually appealing design.

It is suitable for video producers, videographers, or video editors who need to invoice their customers for their services

8. Animation Creator Invoice

Animation Creator invoice

Format: The template has a .docx file extension

Design features:

  • Creative and colorful design

  • Purple and yellow color scheme

  • Logo of an animated character


  • Free, customizable, and easy-to-use

  • Eye-catching design that captures attention.

The template is suitable for businesses that deal with animation creation, such as animation studios, freelancers, or online platforms

9. Dog Adopt Invoice

Dog adopt invoice

Format: The template is a Word document

Design features:

  • Simple and elegant design

  • Blue and white color scheme

  • Logo of a dog paw

  • Table to list dog adoption details


  • Free, customizable, and easy-to-use

  • Creates a professional-looking invoice for dog adoption purposes.

The template is suitable for businesses that deal with dog adoption, such as animal shelters, pet shops, or rescue organizations

10. Invoice Garis Biru

Invoice template

Format: It is available in WORD format

Design features:

  • Sleek and modern design

  • Blue line on a white background


  • Creates a clear and professional invoice.

It is suitable for any business or industry that needs to invoice their customers or clients

Part 2: How to Choose the Most Suitable Invoice Template?

Ensure a seamless invoicing experience with these essential tips:

  • Select the right platform: Choose a platform that offers a diverse range of invoice templates and features tailored to your business needs and preferences.

  • Match your brand: Look for templates that align with your brand identity by considering design, layout, and content that resonate with your industry, products or services, and target audience.

  • Customize to your needs: Opt for templates that are easily customizable, allowing you to personalize elements such as colors, fonts, logos, contact information, payment terms and methods, and additional notes.

  • Consider costs and fees: Take into account any associated costs and fees, such as subscription charges, transaction fees, or hidden costs, to ensure the chosen templates are cost-effective for your business.

  • Support multilingual and multi-currency needs: If you serve international clients or customers who speak different languages, select templates that support multilingual labels and currencies for effective communication.

  • Assess platform reputation: Research the reputation of the platform or software offering the templates by exploring user reviews, testimonials, ratings, or expert feedback to ensure reliability and quality.

  • Pay attention to details: Don't overlook crucial invoice details like numbering system, date format, tax calculations, invoice tracking, and payment reminders. These small details contribute to a polished and efficient invoicing process.

Part 3: How to Create a Professional Invoice?

Tips for Writing an Invoice

To maximize your efficiency in creating and managing invoices, follow these essential tips:

  • Maintain consistency: Use a consistent numbering system, format, and descriptions to ensure clarity and smooth communication with clients and other departments.

  • Keep meticulous records: Invoices serve as crucial payment requests and vital financial documentation. Establish a systematic approach to track, store, and secure these records, ensuring timely payments and accurate accounts.

  • Embrace digital solutions: Explore invoice software or utilize existing financial programs that offer invoice creation and tracking functionalities. Going digital enhances security, efficiency, and accuracy in your invoicing process.

By implementing these strategies, you can streamline your invoicing procedures, maintain financial organization, and facilitate smooth transactions with clients.

How to Use Free Invoice Templates in WPS Office

Step 1: Open WPS Office on your device.

Step 2: Go to the homepage, click More and then click Templates to enter the template library in WPS Office.

Invoice template

Step 3: Click Document on the left to view the templates for word.

click document

Step 4: Choose a category on the top to find related word templates quickly.

Step 5: You can also input keywords such as “invoice” in the search box on the top for quick application.

Choose a category

Step 6: Choose the desired one and click Use Now to apply it.

Click Use now

Then you can edit the content inside as needed.

How to Download an Invoice Template from WPS Template Store

To download an invoice template from the WPS Template Store, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to WPS Template Store

Step 2: Browse or search for invoice templates.

Search for invoice templates

Step 3: Click on a template to view details.

Step 4: Download the template by clicking "Download"

Click download

Step 5: Choose a location to save the template file.

Choose a location

How to Edit and Customize Your Invoice Template

Step 1: Open the Invoice Template

Open invoice template

Step 2: Click on the Section to Edit

Step 3: Replace Placeholder Text

Replace placeholder text

Step 4: Customize the Font, Color and Layout

customize template

Step 5: Save the Edited Invoice

save your template

Part 4: Benefits of Using an Invoice Template

Using templates for your invoices offers several valuable benefits:

  • Time-saving convenience: Templates allow you to create invoices quickly and easily, eliminating the need to start from scratch each time.

  • Professional presentation: Templates enhance your credibility by providing a consistent and professional appearance that aligns with your brand image and includes your logo.

  • Prompt payments: Templates facilitate timely payments by enabling you to send invoices electronically, track payments, and set up automatic reminders.

  • Error reduction: Templates minimize the chances of errors by ensuring important details like dates, amounts, and payment terms are accurately recorded.

  • Organizational efficiency: Templates help you stay organized by centralizing your invoices and payments in one place, making them accessible anytime and anywhere.

  • Tax preparation made easier: Templates provide a comprehensive record of your income and expenses, simplifying tax preparation and ensuring compliance.

  • Customization options: Templates offer flexibility, allowing you to customize invoices based on your specific needs and preferences. This includes adding discounts, fees, notes, or attachments.

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What are the common mistakes while making an invoice?

  • Timely invoicing: Delaying sending invoices can disrupt your cash flow. Make it a priority to send invoices promptly after providing goods or services.

  • Maintain professionalism: Present a professional image by using a standardized format, including your business logo, and ensuring accurate and clear information on the invoice.

  • Accurate and complete details: Double-check that all invoice information is correct, including item descriptions, quantities, prices, and contact details. Missing or incorrect information can lead to disputes and accounting errors.

  • Follow-up on unpaid invoices: Actively track and follow up on overdue invoices to minimize revenue loss and maintain healthy customer relationships.

  • Clear payment terms and methods: Clearly specify payment terms, due dates, and acceptable payment methods to avoid confusion, late payments, and non-payments.

  • Automate invoicing processes: Implement an automated invoicing system to save time, reduce errors, and streamline your billing process.

  • Backup your invoices: Regularly back up your invoice data to protect against data loss or damage, ensuring your financial records remain secure.

By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can improve your invoicing efficiency, maintain professionalism, and optimize your financial management practices

What are the different types of invoices?

1. Proforma invoice

Sent in advance of work, these documents outline the goods and services with their corresponding prices. They serve as a notice of payment due dates rather than an actual payment request.

2. Interim invoice

Used for large projects, these invoices are sent periodically throughout the project's duration instead of waiting until completion to invoice the entire amount.

3. Recurring invoice

Scheduled to be sent regularly, these invoices are typically used for ongoing projects or services, often spanning a specific time frame, such as 12 months.

4. Final invoice

The last invoice issued to the client, it summarizes all the completed work and includes any outstanding balances to be settled.

5. Collective invoice

Ideal for businesses handling multiple small projects for a client, this invoice consolidates several smaller invoices into one, reducing the need to track and process multiple transactions and minimizing transaction fees.

6. Credit invoice

Issued to provide a refund or discount due to a previous invoicing error, credit invoices display a negative amount that needs to be reimbursed.

7. Debit invoice

Similar to a credit invoice, clients may issue debit memos to rectify underbilling situations.

8. Account statement

Although not strictly an invoice, account statements provide a summary of goods or services rendered, including payment history, outstanding balances, and any relevant financial information.


In conclusion, the article has presented the top 10 free and editable Word invoice templates available in 2023. These templates offer a wide range of options to suit different business needs and preferences. With their customizable features, businesses can create professional and tailored invoices that align with their brand identity.

As a comprehensive office suite, WPS Office provides the tools necessary to easily download, edit, and customize these invoice templates. Its user-friendly interface and extensive features make it an ideal platform for managing invoices efficiently. By utilizing these free and editable Word invoice templates in conjunction with WPS Office, businesses can streamline their invoicing process, save time, and present a polished and professional image to their clients.

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