Best Teacher Resume Format in Word

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Once a person has completed their graduation their next and foremost step is to build a Resume, so that they can apply for a job. The job is of a teacher is known to be the best and respected work among others. Teachers have the power to assist kids learn and are expected to have particular talents. You can rather be a dance teacher, a childcare provider, or a substitute teacher, you will need a resume to get your foot in the entrance of the school where you want to work.

To create a resume, you can use various teacher resume format in word that are easy to use. School principals and hiring committees are difficult to be pleased these days. They look for academicians with the highest talents and qualities to hire for their students. As they can improve the future of their institutions. So, you must mention each and every detail of yourself in your resume. Here, we will review some sample resume for teachers in India word format.

Part 1: What is Resume?

A resume is a one to two-page document that describes a job seeker’s qualifications for the positions in which they are interested. A resume is more than simply a formal job application; it is a marketing tool used by job seekers to demonstrate their value to companies.

When considering a new hire, a resume outlines the most crucial information that an employer must be aware of. The relevant qualifications, training, and work history of the job seeker are given under easy-to-understand resume categories such as certifications, relevant expertise, or education.

Resumes are intended to make a good first impression on a potential employer. A potential employer’s first impression of you is generally formed by your CV. As a result, it is frequently referred to as being one of the most important tasks conducted throughout a job search.

Why is a Resume Important?

Without a good first impression, a potential employer is most likely to disregard you as a fit applicant for the position on offer and proceed on to other applicants who have produced stronger resumes.

Consider a resume to be a marketing tool for yourself. It’s more than simply a document. It covers your experiences, skills, and education so that a future employer can quickly and easily see how your unique experiences might contribute to a company’s success.

Don’t worry if you have never written a resume before. To discover how to style your resume for the profile of a teacher, which includes your various details, and much more, we have listed here Indian teacher resume format in word free download. Having us on your side to create a flawless resume is simply the best option for you.

Templates of teacher resume format in word can be quite helpful. Spend some time reviewing professional resumes and using them as a guide to creating your own excellent resume.

These resume formats avoid making common formatting errors that might cost you your dream job. No matter what kind of job you are looking for, effective resume templates can be modified to meet your requirements.

Now, lets move on to types of resume. These resume types are slightly different from each other. You can pick one which is best for you to utilize as your resume for teacher job fresher in word format. You will find resume writing ideas and critical information for effectively preparing resumes of all varieties in below-given detailed guide of different kinds of resumes. Employers will notice you more if you choose and prepare the proper type of resume.

Part 2: Types of Resume

Hiring managers spend on average less than 30 seconds to a minute reviewing resumes. This is why it’s critical to select the teacher resume format in word that best meets your needs and puts the most crucial components of your application front and center. The four fundamental sorts of resumes to pick from while applying for employment are as follows. Whatever resume template you use is determined on your circumstances and the position for which you are seeking:

1. Chronological Resume

A chronological resume is a fairly frequent style of resume in which each part includes the provided elements in chronological sequence or by date, as the name implies. Generally, this style of resume is best suited to people who have a solid, gap-free employment history relevant to the position for which you are seeking. The “Work History” or “Professional Experience” portions of this sort of resume are the most prominent, spanning between eight and ten years depending upon the number of years spent at your previous organizations. Begin by listing your most recent job and work your way back, mentioning dates and duties. Going back ten years is unnecessary unless the experience is applicable to your job quest.

2. Functional Resume

If you are switching careers or completing your college degree and your employment experience isn’t as extensive as you had like, consider creating a functional resume. Functional resumes emphasize skills and their implementation in relation to the job requirement rather than the place and date you previously worked doing such kind of work for which you are seeking.

For example, if you have done any certification which you think can be helpful in your teaching career, you must mention that in your resume. You may have a lot of volunteer or fingertips experience from training programs like Computer Trainer, but no significant paid employment experience. When creating a functional resume, you should prioritize these abilities and credentials, as well as how you have utilized them in practical circumstances, while emphasizing how you could apply them in a paid career.

3. Combination

This resume kind, as the name implies, combines chronological and functional information. Generally, this means that the resume includes a thorough job history as well as a well-developed abilities section. With extensive work and academic experience, creating a combined resume is easier. In general, you can begin your resume with the job descriptions you are looking for. Include a detailed professional overview and skills section, followed by a chronological career history. You can put your schooling and skills training near the bottom of your resume. 

4. Targeted

A targeted resume might be chronological, functional, or a combination of all three, but it must be “focused” to the position for which you are seeking. The parts for work history, abilities, and training are carefully designed to highlight the job requirements by employing accurate term mapping from the description. You will be expected to research the organization’s mission statement or vision, as well as company culture, and to honestly reflect those values.

There are various companies that use tracking system to filter out the ineffective resumes, which shortens their working time and give them productive results. That is why a targeted resume is incredibly beneficial when enrolling online that can help you surpass or perform better in the tracking system utilized by firms nowadays.

Part 3: What You Should Mention in Your Resume

If you have prior work experience and you are going to start a job hunt, the sections below must be included on your application.

1. Name and Contact Info

Write your full name and a professional email address at the top of your resume. To mention your contact number and the address of your house are optional, but we would recommend including these to all the individuals, as these can be helpful in picking your resume.

If you are looking for jobs outside of your home state, you must have to specify your address in the resume. You must keep everything simple and clean. Even all the teacher resume format in word also contains such option. There wouldn’t be even single hassle that would not make your resume select for the job you are trying. There must not be too many different fonts and colors. These little details can help you highlight your resume among number of other.

2. Job Description

Many organizations utilize a tracking system to analyze and rate your resume prior they see it at all. The tracking system searches for targeted keywords out from job requirements to determine how well you fit the position. When preparing your resume or selecting any teacher resume format in word, make sure to include the keywords that appear the most consistently in the job role. Don’t just copy and paste; instead, mention these terms naturally throughout your resume.

If you need assistance locating popular and relevant terms in a job requirements, try using a free term and phrase density tool.

3. Mention your Whole Experience

All the teacher resume format in word contains this section as it is one of the most important part of your resume. If you have held any previous employment, including internships, include them in your experience section. This experience section should receive special attention as it is one of the first areas a prospective employer will look on your resume.

Arrange the segment in reverse chronological order, with the most recent work at the top. Include job titles, business names, and dates when applicable. You can specify whether you want to include only years or months and even years for each employment; just be consistent across the document. Always start this part in the upper half of your resume’s first page.

4. Skills

You may be inclined to prioritize your skills over your work history, and we will also even advise you to do so. The only instance we believe, it makes sense to mention skills the first one is if you have no professional experience.

However, if you possess any prior work experience, your employer do not want to see a big list of technical details without even being able to demonstrate where you have to use each expertise.

This is why they are much more inclined to review your resume for notable achievements before anything else. That’s why you should position it higher up so they can immediately access the important information they are looking for.

You can add a list of your most important skills that are related to the position you are going for in your skills area, and you can possibly put them over a few headings/categories if you think this is appropriate for your profession and industry.

You should concentrate primarily on hard skills. The finest talents to include will be listed immediately on the job requirements. It’s ideal to showcase skills and experience in your covering letter, where you may tell a story and go into more depth about how you utilized this skill to achieve.

5. Education

Include your school’s name, body of knowledge, and graduation date on your resume unless you believe your graduation date may expose you to age discrimination. When you graduated years ago, you may skip the dates.

Have you earned a certification or higher degree that will help you in your job? If this is the case, we recommend to include it after your name at the start of your resume. By displaying the initials here, you ensure that the recruiter notices this essential selling feature right away.

Part 4: 5 Best Teacher Resume Format in Word

Creating a teacher resume format in word can be difficult since, for one thing, your interactions will involve transferring knowledge, and for another, the teaching profession changes young minds, so you must exhibit these two attributes to your employer. If you want your talents to be considered, there may be a few things you must include in your resume.

 1. Resume for Teachers

As the first and most significant aspect of a teacher resume sample, the academic qualifications and skills as a teacher must clearly indicate your competency. You should also tailor your resume to the school level, such as preschool, kindergarten, primary, middle school, high school, or special education.

Understanding that your profession will be concentrated on transmitting knowledge is the most prudent thing you can ever do for yourself, and so a flaw in your educational achievements will turn you a white elephant.

2. Gold Resume for Teacher

Put your fingers on this simple yet elegant-looking teacher resume that would assist you in effectively showing your qualifications. It includes a format in which you may insert your picture in the top center of the resume, followed by information such as work objectives, work experience, and qualifications along either side of the resume page, as seen in the image.

3. Blue Resume for Teachers

If you want to work as a teacher, try downloading this teacher resume template. By opening them in their appropriate file formats, you can easily insert your expertise, contact information, educational history, and other pertinent information. Instead of wasting time generating a resume from start, simply download this template now.

4. Gray Resume for Teacher

If you are expertise in teaching and want to apply for a job in that field, you should look at our teacher resume template. It is not only professionally created, but it is also certain to make a positive impact on the hirer. Download this resume template and replace the contents with your own information.

4. Basic Blue Resume for Teachers

While using teacher resume template, include all necessary information about your occupation. By accessing this document, you can state your professional objective, applicable abilities, work summary, education history, contact information, and image.

Part 5: Editing Resume Template in WPS Office

To make your Indian teacher resume format in word free download with this template follow the below given steps:

Step 1:Click on the link to go to the concerned template and click on Download button to download it on your computer.

Step 2: Once the file is downloaded in your device, you can now open it in WPS Office. Thus, open the file and start making changes to it accordingly.

Step 3: Click on the columns one by one to make the changes. Remove the given data and put the information you want to highlight on your resume, like, Name, Personal Information, Work Experience, Education, etc.

Step 4:  After making the required changes, save the file. Now, your teacher resume format in word is ready. You can now forward this resume to apply for various jobs.

This is how your resume looks like after updating it.


Resumes are crucial for the only goal of demonstrating your work experience, abilities, as well as other important information in order to be considered for a specific job opportunity. Resumes will however help employers or hiring organizations avoid asking you similar questions by containing all of the necessary information.

Here, in this article we have listed some points that you can consider while creating your resume. The above given teacher resume formats in Word are some of the best formats for resume and we recommend you to use these formats. To edit these resumes, I recommend you to download WPS Office. After downloading, install and then activate it on your device, you can get the free trial of WPS Office. This will help you easily download more quality templates  and make changes to your resume for free.

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