How to Convert Word to PDF for Teacher Using WPS Office

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Converting Word documents to PDF is a common task that is often required to ensure compatibility and formatting preservation. However, the process can sometimes lead to formatting issues, such as images being misplaced or text being distorted.

But don't worry,the guide shows you how to use WPS Office to convert smoothly. This way, your hard work stays perfect when viewed on school computers. Let's all use this solution to keep our teaching materials consistent and trustworthy.

WPS Office

Part 1. Benefits of Converting a Word to PDF for Teachers

Converting a Word document to PDF offers several benefits for teachers:

  • Consistent Formatting: PDF format maintains document layout and formatting across devices.

  • Preserved Content: Fonts, images, and graphics remain intact for accurate representation.

  • Easy Sharing: PDFs are easily shareable with students, colleagues, and parents.

  • Printable: PDFs can be printed for physical distribution in classrooms.

  • Simplified Handling: PDFs streamline document management and organization.

  • Enhanced Communication: Clear and professional-looking documents improve communication.

  • Compatibility: PDFs can be opened on various devices without software compatibility issues.

Part 2. How to Convert Word to PDF Using WPS for Teaching?

Convert Online

Step 1 Go to the WPS PDF converter website

Step 2 Click on the Select Word Files button and select the Word document that you want to convert.

select file

Step 3 The PDF file will be generated


Step 4 You can download it by clicking on the Download button.


This method is convenient and fast, but it requires an internet connection and may not be very secure if your document contains sensitive information.

On Windows and Mac

On Windows and Mac Another way to convert Word to PDF is to use the WPS Office software on your Windows or Mac computer. You can download it for free from the WPS Office. There are two options to do this:

Using the WPS PDF

Step 1 Open WPS Office.

Step 2 Click on the “PDF” tab and select “ From File”.

PDF tab

Step 3 Open you word document

Open document

Step 4 Your Word document will be converted to PDF


You can also adjust the settings such as page size, quality, and password protection before saving.

Step 5 Go to Menu> Save As. Choose a location to save the PDF file and click “Save”.

Click Save

This method is also relatively easy to use. However, it does not allow you to customize the settings of the PDF file, such as the page size or the compression level

Using the WPS writer

Step 1 Open the Word document that you want to convert.

Open document

Step 2 Click on the File menu and select Save As.

Save as

Step 3 In the Save As dialog box, select PDF as the file type.

Select PDF

Step 4 Click on the Save button.

Click Save

This method is the most flexible way to convert Word to PDF, as it allows you to customize the settings of the PDF file.

On Mobile

Step 1 Open the Word document that you want to convert.

Open on your phone

Step 2 Tap on the Menu icon.

Tap icon

Step 3 Select File > Output as PDF from the list of options.

Output as PDF

Step 4 Choose type of your PDF and click Export Now


Step 5 The PDF file will be generated and saved to your device.


This method is handy and flexible, but it may not preserve the original formatting of your Word document and may consume your mobile data if you upload or download large files.

Overall, the best way to convert Word to PDF using WPS depends on your needs and preferences. If you need a quick and easy way to convert a document, then the online converter is the best option. If you need more control over the settings of the PDF file, then you can use the WPS PDF or WPS Writer on Windows or Mac. And if you are using a mobile device, then the WPS PDF app is the easiest option

Part 3. Best Software for Word to PDF Conversion — WPS PDF Tools.



WPS PDF Tools is a part of the WPS Office suite, specifically designed for handling PDF files. WPS PDF Tools offers a range of practical functions to help users edit, convert, and manage PDF files.


Small PDF

A user-friendly platform offering various PDF tools, including conversion, compression, and editing. To convert a Word file to PDF, simply upload your document, and Smallpdf will quickly transform it into a PDF format.



This online tool allows you to convert Word documents to PDF effortlessly. Just upload your Word file, and PDF2Go will swiftly generate a PDF version while preserving your formatting.



A versatile file conversion platform that supports multiple formats, including Word to PDF. Upload your Word file, select the desired output format (PDF), and let Zamzar handle the conversion process.

Resonating Reminder:

  • Formatting: Double-check the converted PDF to ensure consistent formatting.

  • Images: Confirm accurate preservation of images and graphics.

  • Hyperlinks: Verify active hyperlinks in the PDF after conversion.

  • Review: Carefully review the converted PDF to ensure all elements are displayed correctly.

  • Security: If necessary, explore WPS Office's PDF security options for password protection or editing restrictions.

Part 4.Unlock Teaching Potential with WPS Office

WPS Office

Discover the Power of WPS Office, a free office suite designed to open, create, edit, and save Microsoft Office files. Whether it's Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, WPS offers seamless compatibility on both Windows and Mac platforms. Moreover, harness the benefits of WPS AI writing and AI PDF tools to enhance daily school tasks and activities.

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

5,820,008 User
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Steps to edit Word/Excel/Powerpoint in WPS:

Step 1: Open the WPS Office app

Step 2 Choose the type of document you wish to edit: Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Pick 1 of 3


Step 3 Click the "Open" button and navigate to the document you wish to modify on your device.

open your document

Step 4 Once the document is open, you may freely edit it, make changes, or add new information.


Step 5 After making changes, go to Menu > "Save" or "Save As" to save your changes.

Save your document

Steps to UseWPS AI:

Step 1: Open WPS Office and create a new WPS Docs document.

Launch WPS

Step 2: Select the WPS AI symbol in the upper left corner of the ribbon menu, or type "@AI" into your document.

Open AI

Step 3: In the supplied box, type your writing prompt or inquiry and hit Enter.

Enter Prompt

Step 4: Examine the created material on the document screen. As required, make changes.

On the dashboard below the question box, utilize options like "Continue," "Rewrite," "Accept," or "Discard" to modify your prompt or produce more material. Sliders are used to adjust the tone, style, and length.


Step 5: Click the Save icon in the upper left corner of the ribbon menu to save and export your document.

Save your document


How do I download a PDF from the WPS Office for free?

To download a PDF from WPS Office for free, navigate to the Home interface, select "WPS Cloud Files," hover over the desired file, right-click on it, choose "Export," and then download the file through the provided link.

Why can't I convert a Word document to PDF?

If you encounter difficulty converting a Word document to PDF, it could be due to the document's size. Ensure the document size is not too large. For instance, converting "docx" to PDF might fail if the file size exceeds the maximum limit. The default maximum file size for PDF conversions varies for different formats, such as email messages having a limit of 10 MB.


In summary, becoming proficient in converting Word to PDF with WPS Office equips teachers with a versatile tool to improve teaching materials, communication, and document compatibility.

Embrace the advantages of WPS Office to unlock teaching potential and streamline your tasks, so you can concentrate on what truly counts: educating and engaging students.

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