How to Compress Excel Files Online: A Guide for Free and Large Files

June 26, 2023 1.9K views

Excel files are essential for businesses and individuals to store and analyze data. However, with the data they contain, these files can quickly become large and difficult to manage. Compressing these files is an effective way to save disk space and make data management more efficient. 

How to Compress Excel File with WPS Office

Compressing Excel files online is easy, and several free tools are available. One such tool is WPS Office, a popular office suite that offers a wide range of features, including file compression. WPS Office can compress Excel files for free, and it is an excellent choice for people looking for a simple and effective way to manage their Excel files.

Simply upload your Excel file to the WPS Online Spreadsheet to use WPS Office. You can then click on the menu and select “File Slimming.” After that, the file will be compressed and reduced in size.

The compressed file can then be downloaded to your computer. WPS Office uses advanced algorithms to compress files without compromising data quality, making it an excellent choice for people who want to save disk space without sacrificing file quality.

How to Compress Excel File Online with ClipCompress

In addition to WPS Office, other free online tools are available for compressing Excel files. One such tool is Compressify, which can compress files up to 500MB in size. Compressify uses various compression algorithms to reduce file size, including ZIP and RAR. Another tool worth considering is ClipCompress. It is used for compressing Excel XLS, XLSX, XLSM, and ODS files. ClipCompress uses a compression algorithm that can reduce the file size by up to 90%. But a downside is, it can only handle files up to 50MB.

What to Consider When Compressing Excel File Online

When compressing Excel files online, it is essential to consider the file's size and complexity. Some tools may not be able to handle large or complex files effectively, which could result in data loss or corruption. It is also important to note that compressing Excel files can sometimes make them more challenging to open and edit, so it is crucial to consider the file's intended use before compressing it.

Moreover, when compressing large Excel files, dividing them into smaller chunks and compressing each file separately is recommended. It can help reduce the chances of data loss or corruption and make it easier to manage the files. Another essential thing to consider is the data type in the Excel file. Binary data, such as images or audio files, can be difficult to compress, and some tools may not be able to handle them effectively.



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Why Choose WPS Office to Compress Excel File

Compressing Excel files online is an effective way to save disk space and make data management more efficient. With so many free online tools, it has never been easier. However, we highly recommend using WPS Spreadsheet for efficient and effective management of Excel files. WPS Spreadsheet is easy to use, and it can handle large files and binary data, making it the perfect tool for individuals and businesses looking to optimize their data management.

In conclusion, whether you choose to use WPS Office, Compressify, or I Love PDF, it is essential to consider the file's size, complexity, and intended use before compressing it. With the right tools and approach, compressing Excel files can be a simple and effective way to optimize your data management and save disk space.

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