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The teacher creates a lesson plan for every school or university so they will have a set of guidelines and lessons to teach to the students for the rest of the year. A tool that organizes all the topics of a subject every semester that students need to know to pass the examination.

A sample template word document is available for download so you can see the layout and teaching strategies that can adapt for each level of education.

What is a Daily Lesson Plan Template?

Lesson plans are detailed outlines of instruction that educators create daily. Daily lesson plans are typically used as a step-by-step guide to assist teachers in teaching whatever they are teaching in their classrooms.

Teachers can use a daily lesson plan template for writing down their lesson plans as a ready-to-use document.

To ensure that nothing is missed in a lesson, they provide structure and detail. Daily lesson plan templates can help teachers stay on top of what's next. 

Although some seasoned educators prefer less detail, educators can make them as detailed as they like. The daily lesson plan template is nevertheless a helpful document that helps keep the lesson's goals and objectives in focus.

Lesson plans describe what will happen during a lesson in detail, including:

  • Aims or objectives for learning

  • Your teaching strategies

  • Lesson materials needed

  • Lesson or unit goals or assessment methods

You need a lesson plan to ensure your class runs smoothly and students learn effectively. You can use it to guide your teaching and keep classroom activities organized from introducing the topic to assessing it at the end of the unit.

With the help of a lesson planning template, you can:

  • Organize yourself and stay on track

  • Boost your teaching effectiveness

  • Differentiate learning levels in your classroom

Organizing your classroom and saving time can be achieved with a daily, weekly, or monthly lesson plan. The plan also helps substitute teachers jump in at the last minute by knowing what you'll be covering in class.

Why Do You Need Lesson Plan Templates?

Lesson plan templates are essential for college or school teachers. To plan lessons daily, lesson plan templates are available in simple designs with customizable fonts and sizes. 

You can also use these templates to plan your lessons by subject each month. With lesson plan templates, teachers can increase the success rate of their teaching. 

By using these templates, teachers can ensure that their students are well-versed in a particular subject. Using a standard color and font, you can fill out the lesson plan templates online in predesigned formats. 

To initiate a class, simply print out the template and use it. The templates available include those for daily planning, monthly planning, weekly planning, and planning by subject.

How to Make a Lesson Plan?

Lesson plans require several important elements to be filled out. 

Get to know your students first

A lesson plan must be tailored to meet the needs of your students because it is designed to teach them. As a next step, determine the lesson's objective. 

Consider teaching students how to count to twenty in Spanish, for example. To begin, jot down ideas to start an outline without worrying about fancy language. 

The objective could also be to teach students how to list the planets in order. Your lesson will be more successful if you have a goal or objective in mind.

The overview

At the end of the lesson, the overview is what you want students to learn. If you teach language arts about adjectives, you may want students to know what an adjective is and how to use it in a sentence. Next, you need to plan a timeline.

Daily Lesson Plan Template

For ideas on how to create your daily lesson plan, check out the Daily Lesson Plan Templates. Your teaching will be more effective and easier with a Daily Lesson Plan. Think about the following questions as you prepare your lesson plan:

  • In what subject do you teach?

  • Whom do you teach?

  • What is your teaching method?

  • Is your teaching clear to your students?

Your lesson plan will be outlined by these questions. Hence, it can be prepared according to the target audience. Focusing on the points above can help you reach the objectives of your teaching.

Daily Lesson Plans and Their Benefits

You can use these templates to keep track of what you need to teach every day to your class or students. As you can see from the daily plans, you can keep track of what has been taught. 

In addition, it lets the substitute teacher know where you are if you are suddenly ill and cannot attend class. You can also check out Unit Lesson Plan Templates.

The use of well-designed, well-formatted lesson plans can assist in delivering well-structured, well-planned lessons. 

In general, good teachers, conscientious and trainers plan and research their classes and lessons before presenting them to students. 

As a result, their students will gain a better understanding of the subject matter. It is possible to organize thoughts and transform them into structured content by using the pre-formatted and pre-structured lesson plan templates. In preparation for their classes, teachers can use these lesson plan templates.

You can download lesson plan templates online in a variety of formats. Instructors and teachers find them to be a great help.

Daily Lesson Plans - When Should They Be Used?

If you are teaching students, you can use these plans at any time. Keeping track of the lessons you've taught and the ones you need to teach within a certain time frame can be useful. 

Additionally, it is great for letting any substitute teacher know what the students have already learned and what needs to be covered when you are away.

Creating a Daily Lesson Plan Template

Finding the lesson plan template that best suits your needs is the first step in creating these lesson plans. You can then download it and print it once you've found it. 

As soon as that is done, you can fill out the form with the necessary information for each class, especially if you will be away for a day or more to let the substitute know what needs to be covered.

By using these daily lesson plan templates, you will be able to plan what you will be teaching to your class each day. Your needs can dictate how complicated or easy they are, and you can switch them up to ensure that everything is learned. 

How to use a Daily Lesson Plan Template

You can edit the resource just by downloading it and opening it. The document can easily be customized to include your lesson plan and ideas. This editable lesson plan template allows you to do anything you want!

Differentiation is emphasized in this free lesson plan template, which was created by experienced teachers who understand the complexities of planning for a range of abilities. Your learners will be more engaged if you make notes on how to cater to all learning styles and skill levels.

Teachers will greatly benefit from this resource when planning their classes in the future! Here is a quick and easy lesson plan template that you can use to settle ideas, prepare activities, and much more. 

Easy-to-customize daily lesson plan templates are now at your fingertips! Even more, sections can be added, boxes can be made bigger, or sections can be merged. You can customize this lesson plan however you like!

There's nothing better than a free lesson plan template! Don't hesitate to download WPS Office and use it!

Uses of a Lesson Plan Template

If you are looking to organize your class structure and create a memorable learning experience for your students, then this lesson plan template is the perfect fit for you.

Preparing your class lesson plans is made easier with this editable lesson plan template! With this editable resource, you can do everything from personal research to putting your knowledge to the test in a real classroom.

You can ensure your lesson is prepared by using our daily lesson plan template. Your school could use it to clarify the ideas of less experienced teachers. The planner could also be used to show visitors just how well-planned your lessons are if you are conducting observations throughout your school. 

Plan an introduction, activities, and supported individual practice along with the learning objectives, materials, and activities needed. A possible differentiation can also be arranged if needed.

Standard Format of a Daily Lesson Plan Template

Activities or assignments reflective of your students should be included in the daily lesson plan template. Group discussion activities or class presentations may help shy students find their voice if you have a class full of them.

There may be a standard format for daily lesson plans that are different for every individual. No matter how a daily lesson plan template is laid out, there are certain essential components. 

  • It includes targeted curriculum areas, grades, overviews, big ideas, content, materials needed, timeline, and notes/reflections. 

  • It also includes flexible learning content, flexible learning methods, and motivation for students.

  • Where you write is determined by the targeted curriculum area, such as language arts, science, etc.You write the grade where you teach.

  • What you intend for the students to learn is the overview.

Physical literacy and personal fitness goals are influenced by daily participation in different types of physical activity.

What you want your students to take away from the lesson plan should be clarified in terms of what they will learn, how they will learn, and why they are learning.

You will be able to adjust your lesson based on your needs with flexible learning content. A hard-of-hearing student or one who struggles with a certain subject can benefit from this.

  • For a lesson, you should list what materials you need.

  • Timelines show how each minute/hour will be spent.

The notes and reflections section is where you write any additional side notes or what you hope students will learn.

Plan Different Types of Lessons with these Tips

Lesson plans for preschool teachers look different from those for high school science teachers. Depending on the unit or the students in your class, your lesson plans might even look differently!

Finding what works best for you can be achieved by making daily, weekly, and monthly lesson plans. 

1. Daily lesson plan 

You can get specific in your daily lesson plans about the minute-to-minute steps involved. Include the following steps in the steps outlined above:

Instructions for specific classroom activitiesEngaging students during the lessonHow and where you plan to obtain the materials

Keeping an extra copy of these lesson plans in your classroom will make it easy to share them with substitute teachers.

2. Middle school lesson plan

As students’ progress through middle school, they have more chances to learn independently and take on projects on their own, with the guidance of the course. 

Establish clear guidelines for individual work and group work. Communicate academic and behavioral expectations to students to help them succeed. 

Provide students with an opportunity to actively participate in their learning by helping them develop a growth mindset

3. High school lesson plan

As a high school student, you can drill deeper into materials and instructional strategies when you focus on one subject at a time. 

To keep students engaged and expand their learning experience, you should also include self-directed learning opportunities in your lesson plans. 

Boost student learning by trying new teaching strategies and diving into teaching theory! For keeping up with the curriculum and covering a broad range of topics, daily lesson plans are especially helpful.


You will also need to include the important questions from the lesson in the daily lesson plan template for word document. These ready-made Lesson Plan Templates can be customized easily with your lesson data for any subject for any grade.

In light of all these factors, a daily lesson plan template may include more elements if necessary. The purpose of this document is to outline what will be taught, how it will be taught, and what learning goals will be achieved. 

You should design a lesson plan for every lesson you teach because a lesson without one is a lesson that fails. Download WPS Office to get started!

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