Everything You Want to Know about WordPerfect - Perfect or Not

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In a world dominated by Microsoft Office, WordPerfect quietly stands as a worthy contender, yet shrouded in mystery for many. If you find yourself asking, "Is WordPerfect perfect for me?" fear not. This comprehensive guide unveils its features, reveals the download process, and equips you with the knowledge to decide whether WordPerfect is the missing piece in your productivity puzzle. Embrace the power of choice in 2023!

WordPerfect Office


WordPerfect Office is a suite of software products that includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database applications. It is designed to help you create, edit, and share documents, data, and presentations with ease and efficiency.


  • Word Processor: Powerful application for creating and formatting documents.

  • Spreadsheet Application: Tool for creating and managing spreadsheets with calculations and data analysis capabilities.

  • Presentation Software: Application for creating slide-based presentations with customizable templates and multimedia support.

  • Graphics and Image Editing: Tools for editing vector graphics and images.

  • Collaboration and Sharing: Features that allow multiple users to work on documents together and share them easily.

  • PDF Support: Built-in capabilities for creating, editing, and publishing PDF files.


WordPerfect Office Standard 2021


  • Core applications: WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentations

  • PDF capabilities

  • Collaboration features

  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office formats

Suitable for: WordPerfect Office Standard is suitable for individuals and small businesses who require essential office productivity tools for creating documents, managing spreadsheets, and creating presentations.

WordPerfect Office Professional 2021


  • All features in Standard edition

  • Additional applications: CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT

  • Advanced collaboration and automation features

Suitable for: WordPerfect Office Professional is suitable for professionals, designers, and businesses that require advanced graphics editing capabilities along with the standard office productivity tools.

WordPerfect Office Home & Student 2021


  • Core applications: WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentations

  • PDF capabilities

  • Collaboration tools

  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office formats

Suitable for: WordPerfect Office Home & Student is designed for home users and students who require essential office productivity tools for academic or personal use. It provides the necessary applications for word processing, spreadsheet management, and presentation creation.


  • WordPerfect Office Standard 2021: Approximately $249.99

  • WordPerfect Office Professional 2021: Approximately $399.99

  • WordPerfect Office Home & Student 2021: Approximately $99.99



Word Preface has 4.1 out of 5 star on

Users’ Comments

The reviewer likes the integrated PDF package and the batch processing of photographs, but dislikes the document tools and the difficulty of modifying documents by other users. The review is hosted on, a platform for software reviews. The review also shows some comments from other verified users who have different opinions about WordPerfect’s formatting, reveal codes, and redlining features.

User’s comment

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Reveal Codes:

  • Display and edit font codes easily with drag-and-drop functionality.

  • Works in tables, customizable display position.

Redaction Capability:

  • Black out sensitive information, simple highlighting and automatic redaction.

  • Versatile search for hiding words, supports saving in multiple formats.

Metadata Removal:

  • Automatically remove risky metadata, ensures clean and secure document sharing.

Microsoft Office Compatibility:

  • Compatible with Microsoft Office, supports various file formats.

Excellent Productivity Functionalities:

  • Quick search, mail merge, keystroke menus for easy access to features.

  • Enhanced UI for efficient data pinpointing, centralized macro manager.

Flexible and Supportive:

  • Optimized code for better performance and stability.

  • Customizable keystrokes, flexibility to meet user needs.


  • No Email Program: WordPerfect lacks an integrated email program, requiring users to find another solution, which can be time-consuming and costly.

  • Outdated User Interface: The user interface of WordPerfect is reminiscent of Windows 98, with unintuitive icons and frames, making navigation less efficient.

  • Lackluster Spreadsheets:WordPerfect's spreadsheets are outdated, lacking functionality, with an appearance and features that seem years behind, and experiencing laggy automation and performance issues.

How to Download and Use

Step 1 Go to Word Perfect website

Step 2 Choose the version of WordPerfect you want to download (e.g., WordPerfect Office Standard, Professional, Home & Student).

Select the version

Step 3 Click on the "Download Trial" for free trial or "Buy Now" button.

Step 4 Locate your download file

Locate your file

Step 5 Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download and installation process.

Follow the instruction

Step 6 Once the installation is complete, launch WordPerfect from your computer's applications or programs menu.

Follow the instruction

Step 7 Begin creating, editing, and saving your documents using the various tools and functions provided by WordPerfect.

Launch WordPerfect

While WordPerfect has its advantages like Reveal Codes and metadata removal, it also has drawbacks such as the lack of an integrated email program, an outdated user interface, and lackluster spreadsheets. Consider WPS Office as an alternative with a user-friendly interface, Microsoft Office compatibility, and advanced productivity features. It offers a free version and premium options, making it a reliable choice for individuals, professionals, and businesses.

Amazing Free Office Suite - WPS Office

WPS Office is a comprehensive office suite that provides powerful and user-friendly applications for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. It offers compatibility with Microsoft Office formats, advanced features for productivity and collaboration, and a streamlined interface.


  • Word Processing: Create, edit, and format documents with a powerful word processing application.

  • Spreadsheet Management: Manage and analyze data effectively using a feature-rich spreadsheet application.

  • Presentation Creation: Design visually appealing presentations with customizable templates and multimedia support.

  • PDF Editing: Edit and annotate PDF files directly within the WPS Office suite.

  • PDF Conversion: Easily convert documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to PDF format.

  • Collaboration Tools: Collaborate in real-time with others by co-editing documents and sharing feedback.

  • Cloud Storage Integration: Access and save documents from popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.


Compatible with All Windows Versions, Mac,Android, iOS, Linux


WPS Office offers a free version with basic functions.


  • Free and ad-free: The free version of WPS Office is available without any cost or intrusive advertisements.

  • Online use is free: Users can access and use WPS Office for free on the official website.

  • Easy to use: WPS Office has a user-friendly interface and is similar to Microsoft Office, making it easy for users to learn and use.

WPS Office brings additional advantages over WordPerfect with its specialized features like WPS PDF and WPS AI. With WPS PDF and WPS AI, WPS Office enhances the document management experience, making it a superior choice for those seeking comprehensive and innovative office software.

WPS Office: Use Word, Excel, PPT and WPS AI for FREE, No Ads.


With WPS PDF, users can effortlessly create, edit, and convert PDF documents, providing a comprehensive solution for managing and collaborating on PDF files. Whether it's adding annotations, merging multiple PDFs, or securing documents with passwords, WPS PDF offers powerful functionalities to enhance productivity


WPS AI introduces advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, including intelligent writing assistance, document content analysis, and data extraction. These features empower users to work more efficiently, ensuring accurate and high-quality outputs.

  • Writer - Create: Content Generator: Boosts creativity and aids writing with prompt-based guidance.

  • Writer - Improve: Proofreading Assistant: Helps improve text length, grammar, and overall quality.

  • Voice Interaction: Enables convenient mobile usage of WPS Office through voice input.

  • Insight: Auto-Summarize: Simplifies summarizing and refining documents content, saving time.

  • Inquiry: Research Assistant: Enhances understanding through question-based assistance.


Which is better Microsoft Word or WordPerfect?

Word's widespread popularity makes it the preferred choice for schools, businesses, and companies, leading many WordPerfect users to either conform or convert their files to a compatible Word format. However, it's worth noting that WordPerfect continues to hold its ground as the top choice in the legal profession.

Can you install WordPerfect on multiple computers?

Absolutely! When you purchase multiple copies of WordPerfect, you have the freedom to install and use the software on multiple machines. This allows you to seamlessly exchange files between different computers, ensuring compatibility and smooth collaboration across devices.


WordPerfect Office is a comprehensive suite of software products that offers word processing, spreadsheet management, presentation creation, and more. However, it faces challenges due to the widespread use and preference of Microsoft Word.

In contrast, WPS Office provides a compelling alternative with its free version, compatibility with Microsoft Office formats, and user-friendly interface. WPS Office also introduces specialized features like WPS PDF for comprehensive PDF management and WPS AI for advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. With these advantages, WPS Office stands out as a reliable and innovative office suite option for individuals and businesses.

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