Google Docs Recipe Template: A Culinary Companion

December 7, 2023 1.7K views

Recipe cards aren't just adorable; they're also incredibly practical for keeping your favorite dishes organized. Whether you're pinning them to the fridge with freshly scribbled notes or making it a fun activity with the kids, recipe cards serve as delightful quick-reference tools. When it comes to crafting these culinary companions, Google Docs recipe templates are your ideal choice.

The platform offers a diverse array of templates to suit every culinary need. In our top 10 list, we've handpicked templates that not only enhance your organizational skills but also bring a touch of aesthetic charm to your kitchen adventures. Discover the joy of creating and sharing recipes with these delightful cards, transforming each culinary experiment into a memorable experience.

Top 10 Google Docs Recipe Template Recommendations

1. Magnificent Recipe Card

The Magnificent Recipe Card template proves to be a highly efficient tool, providing comprehensive guidance on all essential components for your recipes. Its unique wood-like table design and font contribute to a charming cafe aesthetic, suggesting that it's ideal for capturing not only elaborate and exquisite cuisines but also the charm of cafe-style desserts or beverages like coffee. This card is perfectly suited to showcase the artistry of crafting delightful recipes, adding a touch of sophistication to your culinary creations.


  • Elegant wood-like table design provides a cozy cafe aesthetic, making it perfect for dessert or drink recipes.


  • The detailed layout may seem overwhelming for simpler recipes, limiting its versatility.

Best for

Crafting detailed recipes for special occasions, enhancing the visual appeal with a touch of elegance.

2. Simple Light Recipe

The Simple Light Recipe template lives up to its name, embodying simplicity with minimal cooking-related graphics tastefully placed throughout. This straightforward design allows you to showcase your recipes effortlessly. With designated spaces for your recipe, including directions and cook time, it provides a clean canvas for you to be elaborate and detailed in presenting your culinary instructions.

This template is tailored for those who appreciate a straightforward and uncluttered approach to recipe sharing, allowing the focus to remain on the essence of your culinary creations.


  • Minimalist design allows for easy navigation, focusing on essential recipe details without distractions.


  • Lack of elaborate cooking-related graphics might make it less visually appealing for certain users.

Best for

Creating straightforward recipes with a clean and simple presentation, ideal for those who prefer clarity over embellishments.

3. Stylish Recipe Card

The Stylish Recipe Card is a beautiful template crafted for your exquisite recipes—perfect for grand parties or family dinners. Its elegant black theme sets the tone for sophistication, while the graphics seamlessly encourage you to showcase a variety of dishes, from sumptuous steaks to delectable ice cream sandwiches. This card not only captures the essence of culinary refinement but also provides an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your most impressive and indulgent recipes.


  • Beautiful black-themed design adds an element of sophistication, making it suitable for grand parties or family dinners.


  • The elegant design may not align with the casual feel some recipes demand.

Best for

Showcasing exquisite recipes for special occasions where a touch of class is desired.

4. Simple Recipe Template

The Simple Recipe Template offers a fantastic minimalist approach for crafting your favorite dishes, complete with an elaborate direction segment. The lemony borders adorned with numerous lemon graphics add a refreshing touch, making it ideal for recipes centered around lemon-infused delights. This template not only simplifies the process of presenting your culinary creations but also brings a hint of citrusy cheer to your recipes.


  • Lemon-themed borders provide a refreshing touch, enhancing the overall aesthetics.


  • Best suited for lemon-related dishes, limiting its applicability for a broader range of recipes.

Best for

Creating favorite dishes with detailed instructions while adding a hint of citrusy charm.

5. Cute Patterned Recipe

The Cute Patterned Recipe template is a delightful creation adorned with vibrant colors and charming patterns, making it visually attractive and particularly appealing to children. This template is designed with simplicity in mind, offering easy-to-follow instructions and directions that cater to the basics of cooking. It provides young chefs with everything they need to know about the recipe, ensuring a fun and educational experience in the kitchen.


  • Vibrant colors and cute graphics make it attractive and suitable for engaging young chefs.


  • May not convey a professional or formal vibe, limiting its use for more sophisticated recipes.

Best for

Providing a fun and visually appealing guide for kids learning basic cooking skills.

6. Green Recipe Card

The Green Recipe Card is a fantastic template that covers all the essential details you'd expect from a comprehensive recipe card. It goes beyond the basics by allowing you to specify the type of food and include checkboxes for dietary preferences like gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian, with the option to add more. The detailed layout of the card provides a thorough look at each aspect of the recipe. The choice of green as the dominant color not only adds a refreshing aesthetic but also conveys a sense of health and wellness, making it the perfect canvas for documenting your collection of nutritious and delicious recipes.


  • Vibrant green color and health-themed design make it suitable for wellness-focused recipes.


  • May not be the best choice for recipes unrelated to health or specific dietary preferences.

Best for

Offering detailed information for recipes with a focus on health and well-being.

7. Pumpkin Soup Recipe

The Pumpkin Soup Recipe template offers versatility beyond its name—don't be misled into thinking it's exclusively for pumpkin soup. You have the creative freedom to document any soup or recipe you desire. While the heading suggests a focus on pumpkin soup, the template's adaptable design ensures you can effortlessly tailor it to any culinary creation.

This flexibility simplifies and expedites the process, allowing you to showcase a diverse range of recipes under the thematic umbrella of this inviting and accommodating template.


  • Modern and fun layout, perfect for various soup recipes with a visually appealing presentation.


  • Primarily designed for soup recipes, limiting its versatility for other types of dishes.

Best for

Creating visually engaging and fun soup recipes for a diverse audience.

8. Pumpkin Recipe Card

The Pumpkin Recipe Card is meticulously crafted for those delightful pumpkin-based recipes, featuring a captivating design adorned with pumpkins and a vibrant orange color palette. The card's aesthetic appeal is not only beautiful but also complements the theme of pumpkin recipes, creating an attractive and engaging visual experience.

The layout strikes a perfect balance between modern sophistication and playful elements, making the process of documenting and sharing your pumpkin-inspired culinary creations both enjoyable and visually appealing.


  • Beautiful design with pumpkin visuals and an attractive orange color, making it eye-catching.


  • Best suited for pumpkin-related recipes, limiting its use for other ingredients.

Best for

Showcasing creative and visually appealing recipes that feature pumpkins as a key ingredient.

9. Recipe Brewing Template

The Recipe Brewing Template offers a rich and inviting recipe card with its warm brown color palette, creating an immersive experience for coffee enthusiasts. Utilizing this template on Google Docs provides a convenient platform to delve into the intricacies of brewing this beloved beverage.

The template is especially useful for detailing the nuances of coffee storage, emphasizing the longevity of green coffee beans and the impact of roasting on flavor and aroma. With its visually appealing design and informative layout, this template ensures that the art of brewing is not only captured but also shared seamlessly, making it an ideal choice for coffee aficionados.


  • Rich brown color adds warmth, making it an excellent choice for coffee-related recipes and brewing techniques.


  • Primarily designed for brewing recipes, which may not cater to those seeking templates for other beverages.

Best for

Creating detailed and visually rich brewing recipes, catering to coffee enthusiasts.

10. Recipe 2 Sided Template

Creating a menu may appear daunting, but with the assistance of a 2-sided recipe template designed for Google Docs, the process is simplified into a few manageable steps. This specialized template streamlines the tasks involved in crafting a menu, offering a user-friendly solution even for those lacking extensive knowledge or skills in menu creation.

By utilizing the template on Google Docs, various challenges are addressed, allowing you to concentrate on essential tasks without being hindered by a lack of expertise. This approach ensures a smoother menu creation process, making it accessible and efficient for individuals at any skill level.


  • Two-sided layout provides ample space for comprehensive menu creation, offering a more organized approach.


  • May not be ideal for single-page recipes, as the design is optimized for menu planning.

Best for

Designing detailed menus with a variety of dishes, perfect for chefs and restaurant owners looking for a structured presentation.

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Q1. What is a Google cookbook?

Google Cookbook is a helpful feature that lets you save and organize recipes found through Google Search in one convenient place for future use. The Google Search Cookbook goes beyond just saving recipes, providing seamless access to recent activity, suggestions on what to cook, and related searches. This feature enhances your culinary experience by making it more organized and dynamic.

Q2. How can a Google Docs Recipe Template enhance my cooking experience?

A Google Docs Recipe Template simplifies your recipes, offering a clean and organized layout for easy reference. It enhances your cooking experience by providing clear instructions and an aesthetically pleasing format, ensuring a delightful culinary journey. Hence, you can effortlessly follow recipes with neatly structured templates in Google Docs.

Q3. Can I add my own categories or sections to the Google Docs Recipe Template?

Yes, you can effortlessly add your preferred categories or sections to the Google Docs Recipe Template, providing a personalized touch to suit your unique cooking preferences. This customization feature ensures that the template adjusts seamlessly to different types of cuisines or individual tastes, allowing for an organized and personalized cooking experience.

Google Docs Recipe Templates: Culinary Creations with a Digital Touch

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