Hancom Office 2014 Review: Features, Download and Alternative [2024]

September 7, 2023 1.5K views

In the realm of office suites, Hancom Office 2014 stands out as a comprehensive solution, encompassing word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Yet, its relative obscurity prompts the question: What is Hancom Office 2014? This article introduces its features and offers an alternative recommendation for your consideration.

Part 1. What is Hancom Office 2014

Hancom Office 2014 is an older version of an office suite software developed by Hancom Inc., a South Korean software company. It is designed to provide productivity tools similar to other office suite applications like Microsoft Office or LibreOffice. The suite typically includes applications for word processing, spreadsheet management, and presentation creation. Here are some of the common components you might find in Hancom Office:

Hancom Office Icon


  • Hanword (Hancom Word): This is the word processing application in the suite, akin to Microsoft Word. It allows users to create and edit documents with features like formatting, styles, and various layout options.

  • Hancell (Hancom Cell): This is the spreadsheet application, similar to Microsoft Excel. It provides tools for creating and managing spreadsheets, performing calculations, and creating graphs and charts.

  • Hanshow (Hancom Show): This is the presentation software, comparable to Microsoft PowerPoint. Users can create slideshows with different templates, add animations, transitions, and multimedia elements.

  • Hancom Office Viewer: A component that allows users to view documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without the need to have the full suite installed.

  • Other Tools: Depending on the version and edition of Hancom Office, there might be additional tools included, such as email clients, PDF editors, and more.

Hancom Office 2014 is an older version of an office suite developed by Hancom Inc. Newer versions might have improved features and compatibility. For details, check the official Hancom website or documentation. Feel free to ask specific questions—I'll assist with information up to September 2021.

Hancom Office 2014 Logo

Hancom Office 2014 is a versatile office suite featuring applications for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Its word processor aids in document creation and formatting, while the spreadsheet software facilitates data analysis and calculations. The presentation tool allows for visually captivating slideshows. With compatibility for Microsoft Office formats, Hancom Office 2014 is designed to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Part 2. Hancom Office 2014 Update Guide

Stay ahead with the Hancom Office 2014 Update Guide – your pathway to enhancing software performance. Follow these simple steps to ensure a seamless update process:

Hancom Office Website

Step 1: Check: Look for updates in the "Help" or "Settings" section.

Step 2: Download: If available, download the update.

Step 3: Install: Run the installer and follow prompts.

Step 4: Restart: Reboot your device if prompted.

Step 5: Verify: Open Hancom Office and confirm the update.

Stay efficient and effective with the latest enhancements.

Part 3. How to download Hancom office 2014

Download Hancom Office 2014 effortlessly by following these step-by-step instructions:

1. Visit Official Website: Navigate to the official Hancom website ( using your web browser.

Hancom Office 2014 Website


2. Product Section: Locate the "Products" or "Office Suites" section on the website's main page.

Download Hancom Office

3. Select Hancom Office 2014: Find Hancom Office 2014 from the list of available office suites and click on it.

4. Choose Operating System: Select your operating system (Windows or macOS) from the options provided.

5. Click Download: Click the "Download" button to initiate the download process.

Downloading Hancom Office


6. Save File: Choose a location on your computer to save the downloaded installation file.

7. Wait for Download: Allow the download to complete. The duration may vary based on your internet speed.

8. Run Installer: Once the download is finished, locate the downloaded file and double-click to run the installer.

9. Follow Prompts: Follow the on-screen prompts to install Hancom Office 2014. You might need to agree to terms and specify installation preferences.

10. Installation Complete: After installation, an icon for Hancom Office 2014 will appear on your desktop or in your applications folder.

You've successfully downloaded and installed Hancom Office 2014. Enjoy its features for enhanced productivity.

Ensure a secure download of Hancom Office 2014 by following these points:

  1. Download only from the official website.

  2. Use a stable internet connection.

  3. Choose the right version for your OS.

  4. Remember the download location.

  5. Adjust antivirus settings if needed.

  6. Review terms during installation.

By keeping these points in mind, you can confidently and safely download Hancom Office 2014.

Part 4. Best Free Alternative– WPS Office

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Here's how to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files in WPS Office:

Step 1: Open WPS Office.

Step 2: Select file type (Word/Excel/PowerPoint).

Step 3: Open your file.

Import File In WPS Office

Step 4: Edit content and formatting.

Step 5: Save changes.

Save changes

Step 6: Optionally, use "Save As" for a copy.

Step 7: Close the document.


1. How much does Hancom Office cost?

Hancom Office offers two pricing plans:

  1. Pro Plan: $3.99 per month.

  2. Biz Plan: $7.00 per month.

These plans cater to different user needs, providing flexibility and options based on your requirements.

2. Can I delete the Hancom Office?

You can uninstall Hancom Office from your device. To do so, follow these general steps:

For Windows:

Step 1: Go to "Control Panel."

Step 2: Select "Programs" or "Programs and Features."

Step 3: Locate "Hancom Office" in the list of installed programs.

Step 4: Right-click on it and choose "Uninstall" or "Remove."

For macOS:

Step 1: Open "Finder."

Step 2: Navigate to the "Applications" folder.

Step 3: Find "Hancom Office."

Step 4: Drag the application to the "Trash" or right-click and choose "Move to Trash."

After performing these steps, empty the "Trash" (Recycle Bin) on Windows or the "Bin" on macOS to complete the uninstallation process. Keep in mind that specific steps might vary based on your operating system version and settings.


Delve into our comprehensive Hancom Office 2014 review, covering features, downloads, and alternatives. Explore its versatility across word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, alongside an alternative suggestion. Elevate software performance with our update guide. Download Hancom Office 2014 securely from the official website, and consider precautions for safe downloads. Discover the free alternative, WPS Office, for handling Microsoft Office files. Edit seamlessly within WPS Office, and find pricing details for Hancom Office plans. Uninstalling Hancom Office is straightforward, with steps provided. For further details, refer to official sources.

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