How to Add a Signature to a PDF without Adobe - The Ultimate Guide

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There are several free online tools that allow you to add a signature to a PDF without Adobe, such as DocHub and Smallpdf. Electronic papers have become a vital part of our personal and professional life in today's fast-paced digital environment. Portable Document Formats, or PDFs, are frequently used to share documents, but occasionally you need to include a signature to confirm the document's legitimacy. The most widely used programme for adding signatures to PDFs in Adobe Acrobat, but it is expensive. In this post, we'll present to you some of the best ways to sign a PDF without using Adobe Acrobat, including WPS Office, a dependable and reasonably priced alternative.

Why Add a Signature to a PDF without Adobe

It is required to sign a PDF for business, personal, and legal reasons. It confirms the legitimacy of the signature and the authenticity of the document. Contracts, agreements, and other legal papers can all be signed electronically and are enforceable in court. By eliminating the need to print, sign, scan, and mail physical papers, adding a signature to a PDF also saves time, money, and paper.

Signing a PDF without Adobe is advisable because;

  • It is a cost-effective and efficient choice. Adobe's monthly cost of $29.9 can be steep, while WPS Office offers an affordable alternative at just $2.99 monthly.

  • Adobe and WPS Office support electronic signatures, making them suitable for large enterprises and government departments.

  • Notably, WPS Office stands out with its synchronization feature, allowing mobile and computer signatures to update seamlessly. That is especially useful for handwritten signatures on mobile devices, which can be instantly mirrored on the computer.

Whether for personal use or business collaboration, this cost-effective solution ensures easy, secure, and versatile PDF signing.

  • For a personal daily scene: On everyday experiences, you can easily add a signature through keyboard typing, handwriting, or drawing a signature.

  • For business scenarios, This includes supporting CA certificate imports for authoritative organizations.

How to Add a Signature to a PDF without Adobe on Different Devices

How do you sign a PDF without Adobe? You can add a signature to a PDF without Adobe on PC, Android, or iPhone. Let’s discuss how to go about each of them.

How to Add a Signature to a PDF without Adobe on a PC

To add a signature to a PDF without Adobe on a PC using WPS PDF Editor, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch WPS PDF Editor on your PC

Launch WPS PDF Editor

Step 2: Click Open to open the PDF document to which you want to add a signature.

Click open to open desired file

Step 3: Upload a specific file from the computer.

Upload specific file

Step 4: Click on the "Comment" tab in the top menu bar and then access the "Signature" Option.

Select Comment the Add signature

Step 5: A pop-up box will appear. Here, you can create your signature in one of two ways:

On the POP-UP Box, add name or signature

Step 6: Type your name in the text field provided or Draw your signature using your mouse or touchpad. You can do this by clicking and dragging to create your signature.

Draw a signature or write it down

Step 7: Once your signature is created, place it on the PDF document where you want it to appear. Click or drag to position it accordingly.

Move the box to the desired location

Step 8: Now, save the PDF document to preserve your changes.

How to Add a Signature to a PDF  without Adobe on iPhone

On iPhone, you need to follow these three specific steps;

Step 1: Launch your PDF document and tap the 4-dot symbol to open the tools option.

Click below as shown by the arrow

Step 2: Click on the PDF Signature option to do the signing.

Select PDF Signature

Step 3: You can click on Go VIP for a handwritten signature.

Click Go VIP

How to Add a Signature to a PDF  without Adobe on Android

Step 1: Open the PDF document you wish to sign.

Step 2: Hit the Edit button and select Add signature from the menu it appears.

Step 3: A pop-up box will appear. Fill in your name, or include your signature by drawing it with your finger.

Include your name or signature on the POP-UP Box

Step 4: Then place the signature where you want it to appear on the document and then save.

How to Add a Signature to a PDF without Adobe in Browser

To add a signature to a PDF without Adobe in Browser, follow these 6 simple steps.

Step 1:Go to

On the browser, search on

Step 2: Click "select pdf file" and pick your desired PDF.

Click on Select PDF File

Step 3: Select "new signature" from the top menu after uploading your file.

Click on New Signature

Step 4: Choose "Text" to enter your signature or "Draw" to create one with your mouse or touchpad.

Choose either of the options based on your preference

Step 5: Adjust the Signature's size and position.

Adjust the signature position

Step 6: Click "Download" to save your signed document to your preferred location.

Click Download

Using Tips to Add a Signature to a PDF without Adobe

  • Select a trustworthy PDF editing programme with signature support, like WPS Office.

  • Make sure your signature is legible so you can upload it to the PDF editor with ease.

  • Choose a location in the document where you'll sign, and make sure there's enough room.

  • A handwritten signature, a typed signature, or a premade signature template are all acceptable signature styles to choose from.

  • Use a stylus or your finger to sign using a hand-drawn signature for optimal results.

  • Make sure your signature looks good and is in the right place before submitting it.

  • Save a copy of the PDF that has been signed for your records, and think about adding a timestamp or other details to show when the signature was added.

  • Including electronic signatures may be subject to specific rules or regulations that must be followed depending on the area and sector.

FAQs on How to Add a Signature to a PDF without Adobe

Q: Without Adobe Acrobat, is it possible to add a digital signature to a PDF file?

A: You can add a digital signature to a PDF document without using Adobe Acrobat thanks to a number of other programmes and online resources. The WPS Office PDF Editor is one such utility.

Q: Can I use my mobile device to sign a PDF document?

A: Sure, you can add a signature to a PDF document on your phone using apps like WPS Office PDF Editor, Adobe Fill & Sign, DocuSign, Adobe PDF etc.

Q: What is the difference between an electronic signature and a certificate signature?

A: An electronic signature is a digital representation of a person's agreement or approval, providing a convenient and often legally accepted way to sign documents.

On the other hand, a certificate signature is a more secure and reliable electronic signature backed by digital certificates, highly suitable for government departments and large corporations to sign critical contracts and legal documents.

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In conclusion, many professionals find it crucial to add a signature to a PDF document, and doing so without Adobe Acrobat might be challenging. But it may be a simple process if you have the correct tools and methods. We have looked at several methods, including using free internet tools, mobile apps, and desktop software, to add a signature to a PDF. WPS Office software stands out among the many possibilities as a top pick due to its simplicity, dependability, and sophisticated capabilities. With WPS Office, you can quickly add a signature to a PDF document and take advantage of a variety of other helpful features that will increase the effectiveness and productivity of your work. We strongly advise installing WPS Office software for a free trial and taking use of the advantages.

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