Instructions on How to Add Signature Block to PDF: Upload, Edit & Sign PDF Online!

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Electronic information sharing via PDF documents is growing in popularity. Moreover, PDFs can be digitally signed, which is a safe approach to verify the author's identity and ensure that the document hasn't been changed. You should provide a simple method for users to add signature block to pdf without needing to print them. First since so many files are now stored digitally rather than on paper. You can do that with the aid of signature blocks. One is simple to add signature block to pdf, allowing you to designate a section solely for signature while keeping the remainder of the file secure.

Steps on How to Add Signature Block to PDF with

A PDF signature block is simple to use. Your clients or business partners can easily add their electronic signatures to a PDF once fillable blocks have been made on it. By using signature blocks, you may maintain the signatures on your document in the proper places while also knowing who has signed. Moreover, you can add as many blocks as you want.

To add a signature block to PDF documents, follow these instructions:

  • Download this tool and use Adobe Acrobat to view the Document.

  • Click Tools at the upper left of the screen.

  • Choose Prepare Form from the sections for Forms & Signatures.

  • Choose Start.

  • On the tools ribbon, select the Add a Signature block icon.

  • Place the block where you want it by moving the cursor there and clicking.

  • After clicking outside the new signature area, save the file and then quit Word.

When working with PDFs, the contents of the documents are kept secure, but you and other users can still sign them. A signature block's text is always secure since it is kept apart from the rest of your document. They are also simple for others to sign utilising online tools. It's as easy as dragging, dropping, and signing.

How to Add Signature Block to PDF with PDFelement

In PDF files, the signature block is where users can digitally sign documents. If your PDF document does not already contain a signature field, PDFelement makes it simple to add one. You can add an electronic signature to a PDF using one of three methods with PDFelement: add picture signature, add handwritten signature, or add a signature by typing.

  • Open your PDF file in PDFelement in step one.

  • To add a signature block to a PDF, proceed to Step 2 and click Form, then pick Digital Signature Field.

  • Step 3: Click Enter after dragging the signature field to the appropriate location on the paper.

Today, anyone may quickly add their signature to the PDF.

How to Add Signature Block to PDF with the Help of WPS PDF Editor

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF are all included in WPS Office, an office suite. You can do a lot in WPS Office's PDF editor after installation. How do you then add a signature? For your usage, the following is a quick introduction. This is also a free tool and best pdf converter!

  • Start by opening the File in WPS PDF.

  • The Sign button is located in the top toolbar. Click it. You'll see a pop-up window;

  • In the drop-down menu, and then choose Add Signature.

  • Directly into the box that displays, you can type or draw your signature.

  • Click Apply when your signature is perfect. The end is here! The PDF document now has your signature.

Tips on How to Add Signature Block to PDF

The way PDF signatures function is by adding a digital signature to your PDF file. Anyone who opens the PDF can then validate this signature. With WPS PDF Tools, you can add your signature to your PDF document after you've created it. Save your document after adding the signature to make the changes permanent.


Q. How come I can't add a signature to a PDF?

Signing could be prevented by security mechanisms on the PDF file itself. With your PDF editing programme, you can verify the security settings. You might need to request an unlocked version from the author if the file precludes signing.

Q. How can I unlock the PDF signature panel?

At the top-left corner of the page, click the "Lock" icon. The "Permission Information" link should be clicked. Choose "No Security" under "Security Method." As soon as you've input your unlock password, click OK three times.

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