How to Add a Digital Signature Block to PDF without Signing: A Comprehensive Guide

July 31, 2023 1.3K views

To add a digital signature block to a PDF without actually signing it, you can use a PDF editing software that allows you to insert a placeholder signature block for others to sign later. Electronic documents are becoming more and more common in the modern digital world. And without a question, the most popular file format for transferring documents is PDF. Using a digital signature block in your PDF file will help you safeguard the legitimacy and authenticity of your documents, whether they are legal agreements, business contracts, or academic papers. Let’s have a look about how to add a digital signature block to PDF without signing.

How to Add a Digital Signature Block to PDF without Signing

We'll show you how to add a digital signature block to your PDF document without actually signing it in this article. In this article, we'll discuss a variety of topics, including device and operating system, browser, etc.

On Different Devices and Systems

Whether using a desktop or a mobile device, adding a digital signature block to a PDF file is the same process everywhere. However, we will be concentrating on desktop operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux for the purposes of this book.

In Different Browsers

Any browser that supports PDF viewing can be used to add a digital signature block to a PDF file. Popular browsers including Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Opera all support this capability.

Using Typical PDF Tools

Adobe Acrobat is the industry standard in terms of PDF tools. It does, however, have a premium price. The WPS Office PDF editor is a great substitute that provides Acrobat's features at a fraction of the price. Foxit PhantomPDF and Nitro PDF are two further prominent PDF applications you can utilise to include a digital signature block.


Both online and offline, you can include a block with a digital signature in your PDF document. You can utilize free online PDF editors like Smallpdf, PDFescape, or DocHub if you prefer an online alternative. But be aware that online editors might only have a limited set of features, and your private data might not be completely secure. You can use WPS Office PDF editor or other desktop PDF utilities if you prefer an offline solution.

Pros & Cons

The legitimacy and authenticity of your document can be greatly increased by using a digital signature block in your PDF file. In comparison to traditional paper-based signatures, it also saves time and money. But, remember that a digital signature does not take the place of a genuine handwritten signature. It serves merely to strengthen your document's legitimacy and security.

Using Tips to Add a Signature Block to PDF without Signing

  • Make sure your PDF document is editable and has adequate room for the block containing the digital signature.

  • Choose a trustworthy and safe PDF editor that has this function.

  • Before you sign the document or share it, be sure the digital signature is genuine.

  • Be sure to place the signature block on the document correctly to avoid interfering with any of the existing information.

  • Make the signature block's appearance unique so it blends in with the document's overall design.

  • Consider including extra form fields to a PDF that you are adding a signature block to so that people can submit their information right into the document.

  • To make it simple to go back and make adjustments if necessary, save a duplicate of the PDF with the signature block added as a separate file.

  • Verify the signature block's characteristics to make sure it is configured properly and will work as intended.

  • If you're adding the signature block using a programme other than WPS Office, be sure the tool is reliable and has positive evaluations before using it.

  • Before including the signature block in a final document, always test it on a test document to make sure it functions properly.

FAQs on How to Add a Digital Signature Block to PDF without Signing

Q: Can you add a digital signature block to a PDF file that is password-protected?

A: A password-protected PDF file can, in fact, have a digital signature block added to it. Nevertheless, in order to open and edit the document, you must have the password.

Q: Can I add a digital signature block to my PDF file using the free trial version of WPS Office PDF editor?

A: Yes

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Adding a digital signature block to a PDF without actually signing it can be a helpful technique to authenticate documents and guarantee their integrity without committing to a signature, in conclusion. You may quickly add a signature block to your PDF by following the instructions provided in this article utilizing a number of tools and techniques. WPS Office software, however, is highly recommended for this activity since it offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface, cutting-edge capabilities, and a variety of customization choices to fit your needs. You can quickly add digital signature blocks to your PDFs with WPS Office to make sure your papers are reliable and safe. Why then wait? Now that WPS Office is available, you can start producing true, professional PDFs with ease.

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