How to Create a Cover Page on Google Docs: A Step-by-Step Guide

December 7, 2023 1.3K views

Embark on a journey to enhance your document presentation in just a few simple steps. As we delve into creating a cover page on Google Docs, we strive to understand and address your needs from your perspective.

Part 1. How to Make a Cover Page on Google Docs

Creating a professional and visually appealing cover page on Google Docs is a simple yet crucial step in presenting your documents. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you craft an impressive cover page:

Method 1:

Step 1: Open Your Document: Start by opening your Google Docs document. If you don't have one yet, create a new document by going to Google Drive and selecting "New" > "Google Docs."

Step 2: Insert a Table: Click on "Insert" in the top menu, then choose "Table." Create a table with a single cell or as many cells as you need for your cover page layout. You can customize the table's dimensions later.

Step 3: Adjust Table Properties: Right-click on the table and select "Table properties." Here, you can set the table's dimensions, border thickness, and other formatting options. Ensure the table fits your cover page design.

Step 4: Add Background Color: To make your cover page visually appealing, click on the paint bucket icon in the toolbar and select a background color for your table. Choose a color that complements the overall theme of your document.

Step 5: Insert Text Box for Title: Click on "Insert" again, but this time choose "Drawing" > "+ New." In the drawing dialog, click on the text box icon and create a text box. Type your document title, format the text as needed, and position it on the cover page.

Step 6: Insert Images or Graphics: Enhance your cover page by inserting relevant images or graphics. Click on "Insert" > "Image" to add visuals that resonate with your document's content. Adjust the size and placement for optimal aesthetics.

Step 7: Customize Fonts and Colors: Highlight the text on your cover page and use the formatting options in the toolbar to customize fonts, sizes, and colors. Ensure consistency with your document's overall style.

Step 8: Include Additional Information: Depending on the nature of your document, consider adding details like the author's name, date, or a brief description on the cover page. This provides context and professionalism.

Step 9: Review and Adjust: Take a moment to review your cover page. Check for any formatting issues or elements that might need adjustment. Ensure that your cover page aligns with the tone and purpose of your document.

Step 10: Save and Finalize: Once you're satisfied with your cover page, save your document. You can also make a copy of it to reuse the cover page template for future documents.

Method 2:

Google Docs provides a collection of pre-designed cover page templates that you can easily customize to suit your needs.

Step 1: Open Google Docs and click on the "New" button.

Step 2: In the "Start a new document" section, select "From a template."

Step 3: In the template gallery, scroll down to the "Education" section.

Step 4: Choose a cover page template that appeals to you.

Step 5: Once you've selected a template, click on it to open it in a new document.

Step 6: Customize the template by adding your document title, author name, course name, and any other relevant information.

Step 7: You can also modify the font style, color, and size to match your preferences.

Step 8: To add an image to your cover page, click on the "Insert" menu and select "Image."

Step 9: Choose the image you want to add and click on "Open."

Step 10: Resize and position the image as desired.

Step 11: Once you're satisfied with your cover page, save the document.

Creating a cover page in Google Docs not only enhances the visual appeal of your documents but also establishes a professional and organized presentation from the very beginning. It's a small detail that can make a significant impact. In the next part, we'll explore additional tips for optimizing your document's overall layout and design.

Part 2. Tips for Using Google Docs

Enhance your Google Docs proficiency with these valuable tips, accompanied by illustrative images for a clearer understanding.

  1. Utilize Templates: Explore the variety of pre-designed templates available in Google Docs for different document types. These templates can save time and provide a professional starting point for your projects.

  2. Inserting and Formatting Images: When adding images to your document, use the "Insert" menu and select "Image." After inserting, right-click on the image to access formatting options, allowing you to customize size, alignment, and text wrapping.

  3. Collaborative Editing: Leverage the collaborative features of Google Docs by clicking the "Share" button in the top-right corner. Invite collaborators by entering their email addresses, granting them editing or viewing permissions.

  4. Version History: Track changes made to your document by accessing "File" and selecting "Version History." Choose "See version history" to review and revert to previous versions if needed.

  5. Explore Add-Ons: Extend Google Docs' functionality by exploring and installing add-ons. From grammar checkers to citation tools, add-ons can enhance your document creation experience.

  6. Offline Editing: Enable offline mode by visiting "Settings" and toggling the "Offline" option. This ensures you can continue editing even without an internet connection.

  7. Document Outline: Organize your document effectively using the "Document Outline" feature. Headings and subheadings in the outline facilitate navigation within lengthy documents.

  8. Voice Typing: Expedite your typing process by utilizing the "Voice Typing" feature. Find it under the "Tools" menu, and start speaking to see your words transcribed into the document.

  9. Explore Explore Tool: Discover the "Explore" tool on the bottom right. It provides quick access to information related to your document, including images, articles, and references.

  10. Keyboard Shortcuts: Boost your efficiency by learning essential keyboard shortcuts. For example, press "Ctrl + C" to copy, "Ctrl + V" to paste, and "Ctrl + B" to bold text.

Part 3. Cover Page Recommendation

Get ready to upgrade your document's look! We've got three cool cover page templates from WPS Office just for you. Whether you're into fashion, cars, or education, there's something stylish waiting. Check out each template's good stuff and things to keep in mind. With WPS Office, making your covers look awesome is super easy. Let's dive in and give your documents a fresh new vibe!

Elevate your business documents with the Fashion Business Cover template from WPS Office. Sleek, modern, and versatile, this template is perfect for adding a touch of style to your presentations or reports in the fashion industry. Let your content shine in a professional and fashionable light.


  • Modern and stylish design.

  • Versatile for business presentations.

  • Easily customizable with WPS Office tools.


  • May be too specific for non-business-related documents.

Best for: Professionals in the fashion industry and business presentations.

Why: The modern and stylish design of this template is tailored to complement content related to fashion and business, ensuring a visually appealing and professional presentation.

Rev up your projects with the Car Book Cover template by WPS Office. Designed for automotive enthusiasts and project reports, this template brings dynamic visuals and a professional edge to your work. Capture attention and convey your automotive passion with this engaging cover page.


  • Engaging design with automotive elements.

  • Suitable for book covers or project reports.

  • Easy customization to suit different purposes.


  • Theme may limit broader document use.

Best for: Automotive writers, book covers, project reports.

Why: With engaging design elements related to automobiles, this template is perfect for individuals passionate about cars, making it ideal for automotive writing, book covers, or project reports.

Dive into academia with the Education Book Cover template from WPS Office. Balancing a scholarly aesthetic with visual appeal, this template is a perfect fit for educational documents. Whether you're a student, teacher, or working on educational presentations, this template adds a touch of formality to your content.


  • Academic and visually appealing.

  • Versatile for various educational materials.

  • Easily adaptable to different subjects.


  • May be too formal for non-educational content.Top of Form

Best for: Students, teachers, educational presentations.

Why: Balancing a scholarly aesthetic, this template is well-suited for educational materials. It adds a touch of formality, making it ideal for students, teachers, or anyone creating educational presentations.

Part 4. Best Free Alternative to Google Docs - WPS Office

WPS Office is a powerful office suite that offers a wide range of features for free. It is compatible with Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, and Google Workspace, making it easy to switch from your current office suite. WPS Office includes Writer, Spreadsheets, and Presentation, which are all compatible with their Microsoft Office counterparts. WPS Office also offers a number of cloud-based features, such as online document storage and collaboration.

How to Download WPS Office

To download WPS Office, visit the WPS Office website and click on the "Download for Free" button. You will be prompted to choose between the free and premium versions of the software. The free version includes all of the essential features that you need to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

How to Make a Cover Page in WPS Office

Adding a professional and visually appealing cover page to your documents in WPS Office is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to create an impactful cover page:

Step 1: Open WPS Office: Launch WPS Office on your computer and open the document where you want to add a cover page.

Step 2: Find "Cover Page": Look for "Insert" or "Page Design" at the top, then click "Cover Page" or similar, depending on your version.

Step 3: Pick a Template: Choose a cover page template from the gallery that fits your document's theme.

Step 4: Personalize it: Add your document title, subtitle, and images. Click on text boxes or image placeholders to make changes.

Step 5: Adjust Style: Modify font, colors, and styles to match your document. Ensure text is clear and easy to read.

Step 6: Review and Save: Double-check everything, then save your document to keep the cover page changes.

Step 7: Optional Tweaks: If needed, explore layout adjustments or additional design tools in the "Design" or "Format" tab.

Step 8: Finalize and Print: Once satisfied, finalize your document. If printing, check the cover page setup in the print preview.

By following these simple steps, you can create a polished and personalized cover page in WPS Office, enhancing your document's presentation.

Find More Templates in WPS Template

WPS Template is a website where you can find a variety of free and premium templates for WPS Office. The website includes templates for resumes, letters, reports, and more. You can also find templates for specific industries, such as business, education, and healthcare.

Here are some of the benefits of using WPS Office:

  • It is free to download and use.

  • It is compatible with Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, and Google Workspace.

  • It offers a wide range of features, including Writer, Spreadsheets, and Presentation.

  • It offers a number of cloud-based features, such as online document storage and collaboration.

Overall, WPS Office is a great alternative to Google Docs. It is a powerful and versatile office suite that is easy to use and affordable.


Q: Can I customize the WPS Office cover page templates to fit my specific needs?

A: Absolutely! WPS Office provides flexible customization options for its cover page templates. You can easily tailor the templates to meet your specific requirements by adjusting text, images, and styles to match your document's theme.

Q: Are the cover page templates from WPS Office free to use?

A: Yes, the cover page templates offered by WPS Office are free to use. You can access a variety of high-quality templates without incurring any costs, making it a convenient and budget-friendly option for enhancing the visual appeal of your documents.

Q: Can I use WPS Office on different operating systems, such as Windows and Mac?

A: Absolutely! WPS Office is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows and Mac. Whether you're using a Windows PC or a Mac, you can enjoy the features and functionality of WPS Office seamlessly on both platforms.

Q: Is WPS Office compatible with other major office suites like Microsoft Office and Google Workspace?

A: Yes, WPS Office boasts compatibility with major office suites, including Microsoft Office and Google Workspace. This ensures smooth interoperability, allowing you to work on documents seamlessly across different office software platforms without any compatibility issues.


This guide walks you through creating an eye-catching cover page in Google Docs, offering step-by-step instructions and practical tips. It showcases three recommended cover page templates from WPS Office, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. Shifting to WPS Office as a free alternative, the article emphasizes its compatibility with major office suites and encourages users to explore its robust features. It's your go-to resource for crafting a standout cover page and making the most of WPS Office's capabilities.

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