How to Extract Pages from PDF in 3 Ways Using WPS Office

July 31, 2023 2.4K views

In our daily life, we often use pdf documents for work or study. But sometimes we may want to simplify the pdf or save some important pages from it for certain reasons. At this time, we need to extract pages from pdf using some tools.

There are lots of different tools to achieve this goal. But the variety of the tools is so dazzling that we don't know which one to choose. Luckily, we have WPS Office to help us to extract pages from PDF files. Since users differ in their using habits, we will provide instructions about how to extract pages from pdf on desktop, mobile or online using WPS Office.

How to Extract Pages from PDF on Desktop

Step-1: Open the pdf document and click the Page Tab. Then click the Extract Page Tab. After clicking the Extract Page Tab, you will see an interface including options for extracting pages.

Step-2: On clicking the extract mode option, you will find three options to extract the pages. You can choose the mode according to your need and set the page range correspondingly. You can also choose whether to have a watermark. Besides, the file name and output direction will depend on you. Finally, click the Extract Page Tab, and you will get a new pdf document including extracted pages.

It's worth noting that this function is only available to members of WPS Premium.

How to Extract Pages from PDF on Mobile

Step-1: Open the pdf document, tap the Tools Button, and then click the Extract the page Button. You will see an interface for extracting the page.

Step-2: Select the pages you want and tap the Extract Button. Then name the file and set the location of the file. Finally, you will save this new pdf document including extracted pages by tapping the Extract Button.

It's worth noting that this function is only available to members of WPS Premium.

How to Extract Pages from PDF Online

Step-1: Open the WPS PDF TOOLS online and click the Splitting PDF Button. You will see a page with a box where you can drop or select your pdf document.

Step-2: After putting your pdf document in the box, you can select the pages you want by just clicking the pages. Then choose to extract them to separate pdfs or one pdf by clicking the button below. Finally, download the pdf, and you will get the pdf file you need!

It's worth noting that this online tool will only support files whose size is limited even though you are member of WPS Premium.

Using Tips:

The function will only be available for members of WPS Premium; While the online tool is free, the size of the file is limited even though you are a member of WPS Premium. Luckily, you can solve these problems with a free premium trial of 7 days if you download WPS Office now!

Among the three ways, the function on desktop or mobile will be more comprehensive and convenient if you have downloaded the WPS Office software or app. And you will get a free WPS premium of 7 days once you download WPS Office. But you are in emergency, the WPS oline tool can be your first choice.

FAQs about Extract Pages from PDF

How can I use this function for free?

You can use this function using online tools for free if you your file's size is small. Luckily, you can also have a free trial of WPS Premium for 7 days if you download the WPS Office software, where you can extract pdf for free as well.

How can I split a pdf without deleting any page?

On desktop or mobile, there is a split pdf button. You can click it and split a pdf into multiple pdfs. If you are using online tools, you can just achieve this goal using the same steps of extracting pages from pdf since these two functions work in the same page.

Learn More about How to Extracting Pages from PDF

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