How to Rotate All Pages in PDF Using WPS Office for Free

July 31, 2023 2.3K views

Rotating all of your PDF pages may be due to arranging the pages how you want, changing the orientation of a certain page or you have inserted a page with the wrong layout and wanted to change it to the right one. Irrespective of what you did, it is necessary to know the effective and quick guide on how to rotate all pages in PDF using an app that is light in size and can be used for free. To ensure error-free rotation of your pages choosing the best tool is very crucial.

WPS Office is undoubtedly a better and all-in-one option for rotating all pages in a PDF document or just a single page. Apart from this many PDF editing options are available for free on WPS Office built in PDF Editor tool and converters that are available online and offline too. You can use WPS Office on any operating system and can download the app from any app store. This blog will discuss the following topics to rotate all pages in PDF;

  • How to rotate all pages in PDF using WPS Office
  • How to rotate all pages in PDF using Preview app

How to rotate all pages in PDF using WPS Office

WPS Office is always a best option for editing PDF files because you can use it on any device e.g, iPhone and Android, Mac and Windows laptop. Apart from this you can convert a PDF file to other formats like Excel and Word etc for free.

Steps to rotate all pages in PDF using WPS Office

1-Launch WPS Office app and open your PDF file.


2-When it is opened, click on the “Rotate” option from the Home tab.


3-Here from the rotation box you can rotate the PDF page from any angle you want.


How to rotate all pages in PDF using Preview app

If you are using the Mac you can easily rotate the pages of the PDF file by default Preview App. Follow the steps to rotate it securely.

  1. In the menu bar, click on “Tools”>Rotate Left or Rotate Right. You can also use “Rotate Left” from the top toolbar.
  2. Save your file by clicking File>Save via the menu bar.


In this blog I tried my best to uncover the quick ways to rotate all pages to PDF using different softwares available easily. You can use WPS Office PDF Editor for rotating the pages in your PDF file. There is another method to rotate pages using Adobe Acrobat but it has very limited editing features for free. For Mac users, the Preview app is best for light PDF editing and for advance editing WPS Offcie - PDF editor is best for bothe windows and Mac laptops. Download the WPS Office to enjoy unlimited PDF editing features.

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