How to Rotate Pages in PDF Using Best Methods?

July 31, 2023 1.1K views

There are various factors to consider when determining whether or not to rotate the pages of a PDF document. If scanning a book or a stack of documents, flip at least one page over and scan it in the other direction. When combining multiple PDFs, one of them may end up with the incorrect orientation. Alter the order of the pages, either all of them or just some. The greatest amount of customization is available through the use of the free PDF rotation tools! If you don’t know how to rotate pages in pdf, then no worries at all. This guide will introduce you to three best and the easiest methods to learn how to rotate pages in pdf.

How to Rotate Pages in PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • Launch Acrobat and open the Document.

  • Select "Tools"> "Organize Pages." Instead, pick "Organize Pages" from the menu that appears on the right.

  • The rotation is done in increments of ninety degrees. You can rotate pages in pdf by selecting either the anticlockwise or clockwise rotation buttons displayed in the page thumbnail view. This will apply the rotation to the selected page or pages.

  • Pick a folder to save the exported file in, or click the "Choose a Different Folder" button and locate the correct location on your computer.

How to Rotate Pages in PDF with PDF2Go

PDF2Go and all of our other online tools for editing PDF documents are entirely free to use. It is one of the best tools to learn how to rotate pages in pdf.

  • Launch the PDF editing tool available on and select the "Rotate Pages" option from the drop-down menu to rotate pages in pdf. Not only is it simple to use, but also there is no cost associated with editing PDF files in this manner.

  • Rotate pages in pdf by uploading. You can drag and drop, browse your computer or device, retrieve a file from Dropbox or Google Drive or link to an uploaded PDF. You can only upload one Document.

  • Thumbnails of your PDF pages will show you whether the page is upside-down or erroneous.

  • Rotate pages in pdf left or right using the top buttons. Use the thumbnail buttons to rotate one or more pages. The thumbnail will vary accordingly.

  • Click "Save" in the save menu. Your Document can be downloaded or uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive. That's everything for PDF page rotation!

How to Rotate Pages in PDF with WPS Office

With WPS PDF, we can rotate pages in pdf, single page in a PDF file, or the entire Document online.

  • If you have a PDF that you want to modify and you want to rotate pages in pdf, then choose the pages that you want to rotate by using the mouse or touchpad on your device.

  • Choose the desired direction by clicking the rotation button either clockwise or anticlockwise. This will convert your Document's page to be rotated in portrait or landscape mode.

  • After opening the PDF in WPS Office, pick rotate on the main page to rotate all pages. You can rotate all PDF pages clockwise or anticlockwise here. That option will rotate pages in pdf.

Using Tips to Rotate Pages

After performing the appropriate operations on your PDF file, such as rotating it, altering it, or merging it, you can go to the "File" tab and click the "Save As" button; these are the only actions you need to take to save a rotated PDF. In short, WPS is the one-stop shop for all your pdf related issues and concerns.

FAQs about WPS Office

Why is WPS Office is the best choice?

When editing a PDF, it is important to understand how a PDF editor can conduct orientation. This speedily involves editing PDF rotation so that effective orientation can be obtained to obtain a document that has a professional appearance, and this is exactly what WPS offers.

Does WPS Office provide free services to it’s users?

WPS free PDF editor lets you rapidly edit PDF files, highlight, and annotate PDF documents professionally, making it distinguishable from the competition. No other PDF editing program offers all these functions for free.

Download WPS Office Now!

Suppose you want to make your documents look more professional by improving how the pages are oriented in your PDF reports and presentations. In that case, you should use the services of the WPS office, which you can get by quickly downloading it today from the WPS website on your PC or Mac and your Android mobile so that you can also access it whenever you like.

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