How to Fix F2 Not Working in Excel (Step by Step)

September 14, 2023 2.8K views

When it comes to navigating Excel efficiently, the F2 key plays a pivotal role. However, users often encounter frustration when F2 doesn't function as expected. If you've ever wondered why F2 isn't working in Excel and sought a solution, your quest ends here. This article unveils the answers you've been seeking, providing clarity and resolution.

Part 1.Reasons for F2 not Working in Excel

Interference from Other Programs:

The F2 key might lose its Excel functionality if it's concurrently utilized by another open program for distinct functions.

Deactivation of F2 Key:

It's within the realm of possibility that the F2 key has been inadvertently disabled within Excel's settings. Investigate this by navigating to File > Options > Customize Ribbon and examining the status of F2 within the keyboard shortcuts roster.

Keyboard Hardware Quandary:

Should the F2 key demonstrate proper behavior in applications other than Excel, a hardware snag within your keyboard might be hindering its performance.

Excel-related Predicament:

On occasion, the F2 shortcut's refusal to cooperate could emanate from Excel itself. Potential culprits include a corrupted installation or an elusive bug in the program's code.

Part 2.How to Fix F2 Not Working in Excel?

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1.Check F2 Key:

For older keyboards like some Microsoft ones, an F Lock key might disable the Function key functions. If your keyboard has an F Lock key, toggle it to check if it helps.

Check F2 Key

2.Toggling or Pressing and Holding The FN Key

Certain keyboards, including laptops, require using the Fn key along with F2 to activate its function. Similarly, in Excel, you might need to press Fn and F2 simultaneously to make them work. Some keyboards even need holding Fn and Esc to unlock function keys.

Toggling or Pressing and Holding The FN Key

3.Check Default Behavior of F2

Excel might not show you're editing the cell but the formula bar when pressing F2. To ensure direct editing in the cell, go to File > Options > Advanced and select "Allow editing directly in Cells."

Check Default Behavior of F2

4.Replace Your Keyboard/ Switch

If the F2 key remains unresponsive, consider trying another keyboard to see if the issue persists. You can also use the On-Screen Keyboard to test F2 functionality. If it works on the virtual keyboard but not on the physical one, your F2 key might be faulty. Consider replacing the keyboard or switch if needed.

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Part 3.How To Use F2 Keys Without Pressing Fn Key

You can use F2 keys without needing to press the Fn key through these methods:

1.Toggle the Fn Lock key

On certain keyboards, like laptops, there's a Fn Lock key. Combining this with the Fn key changes the top row's functionality instantly, freeing you from holding the Fn key while performing actions.

2. Make modifications in the BIOS

For devices lacking a dedicated Fn Lock key, you can enter the BIOS settings:

Step 1 Power off your device and turn it on, pressing F10 repeatedly to access BIOS.

Step 2 Navigate to System Configuration and select Action Keys Mode.

select Action Keys Mode

Step 3 Enable the option to use F1 through F12 keys as action keys, no Fn key needed.

Step 4 Save changes with F10, restart, and you can now use function keys without the Fn key.

Part 4. Best Alternative to Microsoft Office–  WPS Office

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Here are steps to edit Word/Excel/Powerpoint in WPS:

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Open WPS

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Step 4 Save your document once you've done altering it. Go to Menu > Save or Save As

Save your change


What's up with F2 changing volume in Excel?

If your F2 key is acting strange in Excel, like adjusting volume, here's how to fix it: Search and open "Windows Mobility Center," switch from "Multimedia keys" to "Function keys." Remember, these settings will reset when you restart your PC.

How to use f2 to enter multiple cells in excel?

To input data into several cells using the F2 key, first select all the blank cells in a column. Then, press F2 on the last selected cell, and enter your desired data, such as text, numbers, or formulas. Rather than pressing Enter, use Ctrl+Enter. This action will populate all the selected cells with the data you entered, making the process efficient and effective.

How do I use function keys without pressing Fn in Excel?

If you're tired of pressing the Fn key for function keys, try toggling on "Fn lock." It'll keep the Fn key virtually held down, allowing you to use function keys without the extra press. This makes using the 12 functions easier without pressing Fn each time.


The F2 key is crucial for Excel, but it can stop working. This article has been your guide to deciphering its mysteries. Moreover, if you're seeking an alternative to Microsoft Office, consider WPS Office. It's not just any office suite; it's a free and lightweight package that excels in compatibility, document formatting, collaborative power, seamless cloud integration, and time-saving templates. So, whether you're fixing F2 or exploring new horizons with WPS Office, this article has you covered.

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