How to Fix Escape Button Not Working in Excel [Step-by-Step]

November 7, 2023 865 views

Amid Excel formula woes, the unresponsive escape button poses a challenge: How to conquer it? This concise guide holds the key. Explore solutions to reclaim control, navigate errors, and triumph over Excel's complexities.

Why Esc Button is Not Working

The Esc (Escape) key might not be working due to various reasons:

  • Software Glitch: Sometimes, temporary software glitches can affect key functions. Restarting your computer or the software you're using could help.

  • Physical Issue: If the key is physically damaged or stuck, it might not respond. Try pressing the key gently to ensure it's not physically obstructed.

  • Keyboard Settings: Incorrect keyboard settings or language preferences might lead to certain keys not working as expected. Check your keyboard settings in your operating system's control panel.

  • Other Software Conflicts: Certain software or background processes might interfere with key inputs. Try using the Esc key in different software to see if the issue persists.

  • Accessibility Features: Some accessibility features or third-party applications might remap or disable certain keys. Check your accessibility settings or installed software for any key-related configurations.

  • Driver Issues: Outdated or corrupted keyboard drivers could lead to key malfunctions. Updating or reinstalling the keyboard drivers might resolve the issue.

  • Hardware Issue: If the keyboard itself is faulty, specific keys might not work as intended. Testing with an external keyboard can help determine if the issue is hardware-related.

  • Operating System Updates: Sometimes, operating system updates can introduce compatibility issues. Checking for system updates might provide a solution.

If the problem persists after trying these steps, it might be necessary to consult technical support or a professional for further assistance in diagnosing and resolving the issue.

Here are concise solutions for the Esc key not working:

  1. Restart: Restart your computer to fix glitches.

  2. Check Key: Ensure Esc key isn't physically stuck.

  3. Keyboard Settings: Verify settings in OS control panel.

  4. Test in Different Software: Check if the key works elsewhere.

  5. Disable Accessibility: Turn off remapping software.

  6. Update Drivers: Update or reinstall keyboard drivers.

  7. On-Screen Keyboard: Use on-screen keyboard as a workaround.

  8. OS Updates: Update your operating system.

  9. External Keyboard: Test with an external keyboard.

  10. Technical Support: Seek professional assistance if needed.

Conclusion: Understanding these common issues and implementing the provided solutions can help you swiftly resolve the unresponsive Esc key problem, ensuring uninterrupted keyboard functionality.

How to Fix Esc Button Not Working in Excel 

Experiencing an unresponsive Esc key in Excel on Windows? Learn quick fixes in this guide with step-by-step instructions and visuals.

1: Press Shift and Escape: Simultaneously hold Shift and Esc keys to clear potential conflicts.

2: Disable Filter Keys: Navigate to "Ease of Access" > "Keyboard" in Settings and turn off Filter Keys.

3: Run Keyboard Troubleshooter: Run the built-in "Keyboard" troubleshooter in Windows Settings.

4: Check for Viruses: Perform a comprehensive system scan for viruses using reliable antivirus software.

5: Update Keyboard Driver: Update your keyboard driver via Device Manager's "Keyboards" section.

6: Perform Keyboard Test: Test Esc key using the on-screen keyboard (OSK) to diagnose hardware issues.

Tutorial #2: How to Fix Esc Button Not Working on Mac

Introduction: Facing an unresponsive Esc key on your Mac? Discover a swift solution in this guide with easy steps and visuals.

Method: Adjust Accessibility Settings: Access "System Preferences" > "Accessibility" > "Keyboard." Toggle off "Sticky Keys" if enabled.

Solve the Esc button issue efficiently on your Mac and regain smooth functionality.

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1. Can I customize the function of my Esc key?

Yes, you can often customize the function of the Escape (Esc) key on your keyboard based on the software and operating system you're using. This allows you to assign specific actions or commands to the Esc key to match your preferences or tasks. However, customization options may vary, so refer to software or OS documentation for guidance.

2. How to Bring Back the Escape Key on Pre-2019 Touch Bar Macs?

Missing the physical Escape (Esc) key on your pre-2019 Touch Bar Mac? Learn how to bring it back with this concise guide.


  1. Access System Preferences: Open the Apple menu and select "System Preferences."

  2. Navigate to Keyboard: Click on "Keyboard" within System Preferences.

  3. Select Shortcuts: Choose the "Shortcuts" tab.

  4. Add New Shortcut: Click "+" and select "App Shortcuts."

  5. Enter Details: Set "Application" to "All Applications" and type "Escape" in the "Menu Title" field.

  6. Assign Shortcut

  7. Confirm: Click "Add" to finalize the shortcut.

Conclusion: By following these steps, you can swiftly restore the Escape key's functionality on your pre-2019 Touch Bar Mac, improving your user experience.


Uncover solutions for the unresponsive Escape (Esc) key issue in Excel and explore the versatility of WPS Office as a powerful alternative. Discover common causes and effective remedies, along with WPS Office's user-friendly interface, beginner-friendly Excel support, and precision across functions. Learn to restore the Esc key on pre-2019 Touch Bar Macs, customize its function, and enhance overall productivity.

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