How to Flip Shape in PowerPoint (Step-By-Step Guide)

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PowerPoint, the go-to tool for crafting captivating presentations, offers a multitude of innovative possibilities. However, amid its many features, the art of flipping shapes remains an undiscovered treasure for some. Have you ever wondered how to effortlessly transform shapes in PowerPoint? In this article, we are about to crack this riddle. We will guide you through the uncomplicated steps to learn how to flip a shape in PowerPoint, empowering you to produce mirror images, elevate your slide design, and leave your audience utterly captivated.

How to Flip Shape in PowerPoint

Why Flip Shape in PowerPoint?

Flipping shapes in PowerPoint can be a valuable design strategy for several reasons:

  • Enhancing Visual Appeal: By flipping shapes, you can introduce diversity and uniqueness to your presentation. This subtle change can elevate the visual appeal of your slides while maintaining a cohesive and brand-consistent design.

  • Emphasizing Key Points: Flipping a shape can serve as a visual cue to draw attention to specific elements within your slide. This can be a powerful tool for highlighting critical information or key messages.

  • Improving Aesthetics: In certain instances, flipping a shape can contribute to an improved overall aesthetic. It can help achieve a more balanced and visually pleasing composition, enhancing the overall design quality.

  • Creating Symmetry and Order: Flipping shapes is beneficial when seeking to establish symmetrical and orderly layouts. It ensures that elements on one side of the slide mirror those on the other, fostering a sense of equilibrium and professionalism.

  • Adaptation and Customization: Flipping shapes allows you to tailor graphics to better suit the specific needs of your presentation. It's a method for repurposing and customizing visual elements to align with your branding and content requirements.

  • Enhancing Storytelling: Presentations often rely on visual storytelling. Flipping shapes can be employed to depict transformations, transitions, or narrative developments, making it easier for your audience to follow and understand the message you wish to convey.

  • Rectifying Orientation Issues: In cases where shapes or graphics are inadvertently inserted with the wrong orientation, flipping provides a quick and efficient method for correcting this error without the need for external editing software.

How to Flip a Shape in PowerPoint?

Let's dive into a tutorial on how to flip a shape in PowerPoint and explore how this technique can improve your presentation:

Step 1: Begin by selecting the shape you wish to flip, and then navigate to the "Shape Format" tab.

PowerPoint Shape Format

Step 2: In the right-hand side of the ribbon menu, locate the "Rotate" button within the "Arrange" section, and click on it.

Step 3: Now, you'll see two available options for flipping your shape - "Flip Vertical" and "Flip Horizontal".

PowerPoint Flip image

Step 4: You can also manually flip images in PowerPoint. Click on the picture to display its border. If you want to perform a vertical flip, click on either the left or right border of the image, then drag it to the opposite side until it flips to the other side.

PowerPoint flip image manually

Note: Remember to resize your image as needed after manually flipping it.

Step 5: If you also wish to rotate your shape, in the Shape Format tab, click on "More Rotation Options".

PowerPoint rotate options

Step 6: In the "Rotation" field, specify the desired degree of rotation for your shape.

PowerPoint rotate shape

Effectively flip and rotate shapes in PowerPoint, enhancing the visual appeal of your presentation without the need for significant modifications. This technique can help make your presentation more engaging and professional.

How to Create Animations by Flipping Shapes in PowerPoint?

Creating animations by flipping shapes in PowerPoint can indeed enhance your presentation.

Step 1: Start by adding two identical shapes to your slide. Rotate one of the shapes by 90 degrees and change its color to differentiate the two shapes.

PowerPoint insert shapes

Step 2: Select the first shape and navigate to the "Animation" tab. From the animation gallery, choose the "Exit" animation, and opt for the "Swivel" effect. This effect will make the shape appear as if it's flipping out.

PowerPoint Add exit animation

Step 3: Within the "Animation" tab, adjust the duration of the first animation to control how quickly or slowly the flip occurs.

PowerPoint add exit animation

Step 4: Step 4: Now, for the second shape, add the same "Swivel" animation effect, but this time, select it as an "Entrance" animation. Make the following key changes:

PowerPoint Add exit animation

  • Set it to appear "After Previous", so it begins as soon as the first animation finishes.

PowerPoint Appear after Previous

  • Adjust the duration of the second animation to match the first one.

  • Position the second shape on top of the first one, ensuring they align perfectly.

PowerPoint animation settings

Step 5: Preview the presentation, and you'll observe the object flipping along the animation sequence.

This method may seem a bit complex, but the visual impact it brings to your presentation is worth the effort. Keep in mind that there are various animation techniques you can experiment with to create engaging and dynamic presentations, building on these foundational skills.

Tips for a Professional PowerPoint

Here are some tips for flipping shapes in a PowerPoint presentation to make it more aesthetic and engaging:

  • Selective Flipping: Don't flip every shape on your slide. Choose specific shapes that will benefit from the transformation. This selective approach adds visual interest without overwhelming the audience.

  • Consistency: Maintain a consistent design language. Ensure that the flipped shapes align with your overall design theme and don't create visual dissonance.

  • Strategic Emphasis: Use flipped shapes to draw attention to key points or elements on your slide. This can help guide your audience's focus and highlight critical information.

  • Balance and Symmetry: When flipping shapes, consider how they contribute to the overall balance and symmetry of your slide. Aim for a harmonious composition, where flipped elements complement the rest of the content.

  • Visual Transitions: Use flipped shapes to create smooth visual transitions between slides or sections of your presentation. This can help the audience follow the narrative more easily.

  • Animation: Apply animation effects to flipped shapes for added engagement. Techniques like "Appear," "Fade," or "Fly In" can make the flipping process more dynamic and eye-catching.

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Q1. What is the difference between rotate and flip features in a presentation program?

The rotate and flip features in a presentation program like PowerPoint have different functions:

  • Rotate: The Rotate tool allows you to tilt an object about its center and rotate it at different angles. This indicates that an object may be rotated to any degree, clockwise or counterclockwise, while retaining its form and orientation.

  • Flip: The Flip tool, on the other hand, is used to generate a mirror copy of the object, which can be done horizontally or vertically. Importantly, when you flip an object, its form does not change, but its orientation does.

Q2. What is the use of soft edges in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint's soft edge function is used to generate a more organic, feathered border for selected shapes, images, and various objects within a presentation. It softens the appearance of an object, making it blend into the slide. You can use this softening effect on shapes, images, SmartArt, and charts in PowerPoint to give them a professional and polished appearance.

Q3. Can I use WPS Office instead of Microsoft Office for PowerPoint presentations with flipped shapes?

Yes, you can. WPS Office is a strong and free substitute to Microsoft Office. It offers compatibility with various file formats, including PowerPoint. You can open and revise your PowerPoint files in the WPS Office, including ones with flipped shapes. Hence, it's an ideal choice for your presentations.

Transforming Your Presentations: Mastering the Art of Shape Flipping

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