How to download slides without microsoft powerpoint - step by step guide

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Google Slides is an impressive online tool that lets you create presentation slides stored on the cloud. With an internet connection and a browser app, you can access your presentation files anywhere and with any device.

But how do you go with Google Slides download for PC if you need to access these files offline, preserve copies in different formats, or share them with others? This article will share a detailed step-by-step description of different ways to download Google Slides without Microsoft PowerPoint.

Can I Download Google Slides without Microsoft PowerPoint?

You can download Google Slides on your device even if you don't have Microsoft PowerPoint. The process of downloading Google Slides does not mandate you to have Microsoft PowerPoint on your device. However, you will need Microsoft PowerPoint on your device when you download Google Slides to open and make adjustments to your slides.

If you are not planning to make any changes or open the presentation file, you can skip worrying about having Microsoft PowerPoint. But it's a good practice to open your presentation file when you download it to be sure everything is up to par. There are other impeccable software you can rely on to open your presentation file when you download it from Google Slides.

A software you can use instead of Microsoft PowerPoint to open and edit Google Slides is the WPS Office. WPS Office is a lightweight Office Suite with minimal resource demand. As such, if you don't have Microsoft PowerPoint on your device and don't want to download it, you can open and make any changes you want to Google Slides easily with WPS Office.

How to Download Google Slides Without Microsoft PowerPoint on a PC?

While Google Slides can seamlessly integrate with other Google Workspace applications, such as Google Docs and Google Sheets, users often encounter challenges when downloading Google Slides without Microsoft PowerPoint on a PC.

Fortunately, there are many ways to download these presentation files from Google Slides, even when you don't have Microsoft PowerPoint on your PC. If you want to download Google Slides, you can either make it available offline or download a soft copy.

The quickest way to download a Google Slides presentation file is to make the file available offline. But this option only makes the file available for offline access. This means you won't have a soft copy of the presentation file on your device's local storage. Hence, you can't open the file with another software or share the file.

But if you choose the download option, your Google Slides file will be available on your device's local storage. You can open the file with other software, such as WPS, to read, edit, and share the downloaded copy. So, join us in this section as we share detailed steps on the different ways to download Google Slides.

How to Download a Slide from Google Slide?

Making a presentation file with Google Slides gives you access to several elements you can include in the Slide. You can add elements to your slides, such as the slide effects, inputting audio, animating objects in the Slide, and more. So, when you want to download a presentation file from Google Slides, it's important to take note of the different elements in the Slide.

The format in which you choose to download your Google Slides file will determine the elements you download with it. For example, when you download a Google Slide in PPT format, it is editable and gives you access to the audio, effects, and several elements in the Slide. But if you choose to download it as a PDF file, it preserves the format of the slides, but it is not editable. The steps below elaborate on how to download a Slide from Google Slides.

Step 1: Download WPS Office

Before we get into the nitty gritty steps, you should first download the WPS Office. Launch the browser app on your PC and go to the WPS official website. Find the right WPS version for your machine and click on the download link to start the download.

When the download is complete, launch the software and follow through with the installation process. Downloading WPS Office is an important step to covering the format of the Google Slides you download. So, when you don't have Microsoft PowerPoint on your PC, you can easily use the WPS Office to open and edit this document.

Downloading WPS setup file

Step 2: Go to the Google Slides website

After installing the WPS Office successfully on your PC, go back to the web browser on your device. Type in the address in the website bar of the browser to open the Google Slides website. When the webpage loads, log in to your Gmail account if you’re not already logged in.

Google Slides homepage

Step 3: Open the presentation file you want to download

Find the presentation file you want to download from the Google Slides homepage. You can find the file by scrolling down through the slides you've created on the homepage. Or you can use the search bar at the top of the homepage by typing the file name you want to download to quickly find it. When you find the file you want to download, click on it to open it.

Presentation file in Google Slides

Step 4: Use the toolbar to download the presentation file

At the top left side of your screen, on the toolbar, you will find the option File. Move your cursor over the option and click on it to display a dropdown option. From the list of options now available, hover your cursor over the download option to display a side option of the different formats in which you can download the presentation file. Choose a file format that works for the reason you want to download the file, and after a few seconds, the download will begin. You will find the presentation file in your PC's download folder when the download is complete.

Download format options in Google Slides

How to Open Google Slide on Desktop Shortcut App Without Microsoft PowerPoint?

Now that you know how to download a presentation file from Google Slides, what's next? The steps above look a bit too long, but we can optimize a few steps to make it a lot more direct whenever you want to access Google Slides or download a slide.

Creating a desktop shortcut app for Google Slides would eliminate the need to launch a browser app to enter a web address every time we need to use Google Slides. How do you create a Google Slides desktop shortcut? The steps below break down the steps into easy-to-understand processes.

Step 1: Launch the Chrome browser app

Start by launching the Chrome app on your PC. Chrome is a versatile web browser app that works on Windows and MacBook PCs. If you don’t already have the Chrome browser, you can quickly download it from the Chrome website and complete the installation process in a few minutes.

Step 2: Go to the Chrome Google Apps folder

When the Chrome app launches, click on the website address bar, enter the address chrome://apps, and hit the enter key. This web address will take you to the Google Apps library, where you can access Google apps like YouTube, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Drive, etc.

Chrome app website

Step 3: Create a Google Slides shortcut

When the Chrome Google apps library loads, find the Google Slides app and right-click on it. From the dropdown option, you will see the option Create Shortcuts; click on it, and ensure you check the boxes for the Desktop and Start Menu. Click on the Create button to complete the process.

Creating a Chrome app shortcut with Google Slides

Step 4: Pin the Slides to the taskbar

When you create the shortcut, it will appear on your PC's desktop page. But to make the Slides app even more accessible, you can pin it to the taskbar of your PC. To do this, click the start button and type Slides. From the displayed options, right-click on the Slides app and click on the pin to taskbar option.

Pinning Slides to taskbar

Step 5: Open the Google Slides shortcut app

Now that you have the Google Slides app on your desktop, double-click it to launch it. With this, you won't have to worry about going through the long process of opening the browser app first. When you click on the Slides app, it opens up a web page on your browser, which takes you straight to the Slides homepage.

How to Download a Google Slide on Google Drive?

Another way to download Google Slides is to do so from Google Drive. Google Drive is a cloud storage platform that connects with Google Slides. So, you can save presentation files to Google Drive and download them directly from Drive.

Downloading slides from Google Drive is quite straightforward. Note that unlike when you download presentation files from Google Slides, with Google Drive, the presentation files are available in the format in which they are saved. So, you can't seamlessly switch or select the file type from Google Drive, but you can convert between different file formats when you use WPS Office. The steps below explain how to download a single or multiple Google Slide file from Google Drive.

Step 1: Navigate to the Google Drive website

First, launch your device's web browser and go to the Google Drive website. Ensure your PC is connected to the internet and enter the website in the web address bar on the browser. When the page loads up, sign into your account if you are not already signed in.

Google Drive homepage

Step 2: Search for the Slide you want to download

Find the file you want to download from the Google Drive's website homepage. There are going to be a lot of file types in Google Drive if you use Google Drive often. The best option is to use the search button. When you click the search bar at the top of the Drive, you can filter your files by file type, such as presentation, or search for the file name you want to download.

Using the search bar in Google Drive

Step 3: Select one or multiple files

When you find the app you want to download, click on it to select it. Alternatively, you can hold the control button to select multiple files to download more than one presentation file. Note that when downloading multiple presentation files, Google Drive compresses them into a zip folder.

Selecting multiple files on Google Slides

Step 4: Click on the download icon

After selecting the files you want to download, you will see a download icon at the top of the page. The process will start in a few seconds when you click on the download icon.

How to Connect Google Drive to WPS Office?

If you have a file in Google Drive, you can easily access it with the WPS Office. To do this, simply connect the Drive to WPS Office rather than download the file from your Drive and open it in WPS. The steps below explain how to connect Google Drive to the WPS Office.

Step 1: Launch the WPS Office

Start by launching the WPS Office on your device. If you still don't have the WPS Office on your device, take a few minutes to download it from their official website. WPS Office is lightweight software, so it won't consume much of your storage space or require many resources from your device.

Step 2: Click on open new file

After launching the WPS Office, click on the open new file option from the homepage. Ideally, this option allows you to read a file type such as a Word document, spreadsheet, presentation, or PDF. But in this case, we aren't creating a document but using the Open from Cloud option.

Files option in WPS Office

Alt tag: Files option in WPS Office

Step 3: Sign into your Google Drive account

On the next page, you will be asked to choose which cloud you want to get the file from. You can easily integrate different clouds into the WPS Office. So, in this case, click on the Google icon to sign into your Google Drive account. You will be asked to provide your Gmail address and password to sign into the account.

Sign in to Google Drive on WPS Office

Step 4: Choose a document you want to open

After authorizing the login process, your Google Drive account will be integrated completely into the WPS Office on your device. You can find a presentation file you would like to open from your Google Drive account at this stage. When you click on any file from Google Drive, it will load up in WPS Office, and you can make any changes to the file and save it to local storage.

Choosing a file type from Google Drive in WPS Office

Why Use WPS Office?

Features of the WPS Office

Features of the WPS Office

You might wonder why the hype about the WPS Office makes it so recommendable. Apart from its modern and sleek designs, the software is quite powerful.

When it comes to day-to-day office tasks such as writing a memo, analyzing data, or creating a presentation file, the WPS Office has you covered. It has several other functions that ensure you can complete tasks in the easiest possible way. Below, we highlight some features that make having the WPS Office appealing.

  • Affordable

WPS Office is one of the most affordable compared to several other office suites. Downloading the WPS Office is free, and you won't be charged to install the software on your device. Also, you get access to several of its functions free of charge. But to access some advanced features on the app, you'll need to subscribe to its pro or enterprise subscription package.

  • All-in-one office suite

Another reason to use the WPS Office suite is because it is an all-in-one software. The software gives you access to several productivity tools you'll need to complete day-to-day activities. For example, it comes with a writer, spreadsheet, presentation, PDF, and other daily activities tools.

  • Lightweight

Despite how massive the functionality access the WPS Office gives, it's a very lightweight office suite. Working on our device only required a few hundred megabytes of your total storage. Also, its design makes it possible to open different file types simultaneously.

  • Template rich library

Also, the WPS Office makes creating different file types easy. Its rich template library fast-tracks whatever type of file you're trying to create. Whether it's an invoice you want to send to a client, a proposal, or a letter, there are several templates you can choose from to simply make a few changes to achieve a desirable result.

  • AI integrated assistance

Furthermore, with WPS AI integrated assistance, you would never find yourself stuck when working on a project. The AI assistance helps you with inspiration and ideas to help you complete your project in the best and shortest time.

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FAQs about Google Slides Download

Is Google Slides still free?

Google Slides is a 100% free online presentation editor available to everyone. You can access Google Slides to create a presentation file if you have a Google account.

Why can’t I download Google Slides?

Several reasons could be responsible for you not being able to download from Google Slides. But the most common reason you may not be able to download from Google Slides could be because your browser app's privacy and security settings changed. Not having enough storage space on your Drive or poor internet connections can also prevent your download.


Downloading a presentation file from Google Slides is straightforward. Note that there are different ways you can download slides from Google Slides. As you can see from this guide, you can even download slides from Google Drive.

Alternatively, you can access the Slides app with your smartphone and download a slide in any file format you deem fit. Remember, when you download any slide, ensure you have the WPS Office suite on your device to open and edit the Slide easily if required.

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