PowerPoint fonts download for free and create free Slides

July 31, 2023 1.0K views

MS Office is always convenient for us to create wonderful slids and we can easily change fonts by Ms Powerpoint. When changing fonts, we can make our slides more charming so that it can make your powerpoint absorbing. 

WPS Office is a free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office. It has a set of features that can meet all of your needs and the best thing is WPS Office is free to download and free to use.

Use WPS Office instead of expensive MS Office. You control your documents and don't have to worry about anyone else. Enjoy!



Importing/Exporting allows you to import the data from an external file or database into your spreadsheet. You can also export the data from your spreadsheet to an external file or database.

Charting charts

Allow users to create charts that graphically display data points over time. Charts can be used in a variety of ways, including as a timeline, bar chart or pie chart.


The customizations feature allows users to customize how their worksheets look by changing the color scheme and font type. This feature also allows users to add shortcuts for commonly used functions on their worksheets.


AutoSum is a simple tool that automatically adds totals across rows or columns based on formulas in each cell. This function allows users to enter data into cells and have those totals added automatically when they are clicked on by the user.

Easy to learn

WPS Excel is easy to learn and use. You can get started with just a few mouse clicks, but once you've mastered basic functions, you'll be able to do anything you want with your spreadsheets.

Powerful tools

The great thing about Excel is that it has all sorts of built-in tools that help you get what you're trying to accomplish done faster and more efficiently than with other tools like this one on your own.

These features include conditional formatting (whereby different cells change color or font depending on what they contain), chart building (whereby you can create graphs from scratch using nothing but the spreadsheet itself), pivot tables (which let you analyze data by rearranging columns), and so much more!

Create spreadsheets

This feature allows you to create multiple worksheets within the same workbook. You can add text boxes, number boxes, headers and footers to each worksheet. You can also add graphics from external sources such as pictures or chart images from other programs into your document.


You can create charts by using the built-in chart feature in Excel or by importing them from other programs like Word or PowerPoint files. You can customize any chart with different colors and line styles to match your needs better than if you were using only one type of font throughout your entire document!


There are many ways to perform calculations using basic math operations like addition.

You can also use formulas in Excel spreadsheets to calculate values for each cell.

These formulas are written using mathematical operators such as addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division (/), exponentiation (^), percentage (%) and so on.

You can also write functions that return specific values upon request from other cells in the spreadsheet by using the VLOOKUP function with two criteria (for example: first name = John, last name = Smith).


In conclusion, we recommend you install WPS app with innovative features for free to promote your business and any other field you work in. WPS Office also needs less space and resources than the other programs in its category. If you're satisfied with the basic tools and functions, you should download this software to drive your work like a professional writer.

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