How to Get Word For Free as a Student Using WPS Office: Step-by-Step Guide [2024]

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In the contemporary age, where accessibility and efficiency are integral parts of learning, MS Word has proved to be one of the most versatile tools for students. Having a wide array of functions, MS Word aids students in attaining their academic goals efficiently. However, a significant number of students are yet to get aware of one of the easiest ways to acquire features of MS Word for free – through WPS Office. Want to know how students can download Word using WPS Office? This step-by-step guide has the answer. Let’s read through it.

What is the Microsoft Office Word for Students?

Microsoft Office Word for Students

Microsoft Office Word for students is part of a cloud-based suite called Microsoft 365 Education. As the name suggests, Microsoft 365 is designed especially for educators and students to help enhance their productivity. It comes with all of the tools a student may need, including Team, Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and PowerPoint. Students can use these office suits for communication, collaboration, and organization.

Microsoft Office Tools for Students

Of all of these office suites, MS Word is known to hold the most significance when it comes to aiding the learning process and teaching. MS Word offers a plethora of advantages for both students and teachers alike. Some of its benefits in the realm of education are:

  • Easy to Use

MS Word has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. This makes it a great tool even for students who are not very tech-savvy. Its intuitive interface helps students grasp the technicalities very easily and instantly.

  • Grammar and Spell Check

MS Word works as a great writing assistant as it comes with automatic grammar and spelling checks. This feature is very useful when writing assignments and essays. Students can ensure their write-ups are free of errors without having to spend extra time on proofreading.

  • Options for Formatting

Formatting is an essential part of academic writing. MS Word comes with a number of options for formatting to help students make certain their documents are as per the academic standards.

Notably, students can use formatting options for font styles, sizes, headings, margins, line spacing, and many more. Using these options, students can make their documents look composed and well-structured.

  • Sharing and Collaboration

Collaboration with peers is another essential part of academia, and MS Word knows that. Hence, it offers multiple tools students and researchers can use for writing and editing collaboratively.

Significantly, students can use options to comment, track changes, and share documents while working together with each other or with their teachers. Consequently, it can help them save time and get better academic outcomes.

  • Referencing and Citation

Academic writing cannot be completed without referencing and citations. MS Word makes this process easier for students with its built-in reference and citation manager. With the help of this feature, students can add references and citations with correct formatting using various styles, including APA, Chicago, MLA, and many others.

  • Template

MS Word also features various templates that can be used for several academic purposes. These templates are pre-formatted and offer a framework for academic write-ups, which helps students save time and be more focused on content quality.

Office Software Suitable for Students - WPS Office

Apart from MS Word, WPS Office is another tool that is loved by academic experts and students for carrying out different tasks. WPS Office stands out, particularly for its combination of robust features with an appealing price tag — free.

This suite is more than just a budget-friendly option; it is a bundle of features created to boost creativity, efficiency, and collaboration without significantly reducing costs. With a vast toolbox that enables users to bring their ideas to life easily, WPS Office is an all-in-one suite for students’ Word, PDF, excel sheets, and presentations needs.

WPS Office for students

The WPS Office has several noteworthy features that cater to the various needs of students, including:

  • Word processing: Produce, edit, and format documents smoothly as WPS Office is compatible with MS Word.

  • Spreadsheets: Crucial for academic research and analysis as they offer Excel-like capabilities for data organization.

  • Tools for presentations: Create visually appealing slideshows with visual components to help with effective idea sharing in presentations and projects.

  • Converting PDFs to editable forms, and vice versa, makes it easier to extract information and collaborate.

  • Cloud Integration: Integrate cloud services to save, access, and collaborate on documents easily. This enables effective teamwork and convenient access from any device.

  • Templates: A comprehensive range of templates for different document formats that speed up creation and guarantee work that looks professional.

  • Work seamlessly across the Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android platforms, allowing uninterrupted work on various devices.

  • Group projects and peer reviews are facilitated by collaboration tools allowing real-time document sharing, comments, and change tracking.

  • Integrated PDF Editing: By eliminating the need for additional software and increasing workflow effectiveness, editing PDFs right within the application.

  • File compatibility: Easily open and save files in diverse formats, guaranteeing they work with numerous programs and systems.

  • Encryption and Security: Protect sensitive information with password encryption to protect crucial documents, personal information, and research

  • Mobile Editing: Students can continue to be productive outside of conventional settings by editing documents while on the go with the help of a mobile app.

Collectively, these capabilities enable students to achieve academic success by assisting in effective document creation, teamwork, and organization within the ever-evolving environment of contemporary education.

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

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How to Download WPS Office?

Downloading WPS Office is as easy as using it. Let’s learn how to download WPS Office for free.

Step 1: Visit the WPS Office’s official website.

Step 2: Click on the "Free Download" button. This will automatically start the down process.

Download WPS Office

Step 3: Set up and install the tool on your computer, and don’t forget to check the privacy and policy box.

install WPS Office

The installation may take a few minutes.

Installation process

Step 4: Sign in using your Google account. You can also use the Guest account option.

Guest Account option

How to Edit Word/Excel/PowerPoint in WPS

Now that you have learned how to download WPS Office for free, let’s move to the next part: how to convert WPS Office to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Here is how you can edit PPT in WPS Office Presentation:

Step 1: Select the "Presentation" option on your WPS Office.

The presentation option

Step 2: Upload the PPT you want to edit.

Upload and Edit Word/Excel/PowerPoint in WPS

Step 3: Remove, add, or modify your slides, insert text or images, and alter transitions with the help of various tools.

How to Edit Word/Excel/PowerPoint in WPS

Step 4: Click on "Save" to save changes or "Save As" to get a new version of the ppt.

Save and Save As option

Here are the steps you need to follow to change WPS Office to MS Word:

Step 1: Open your document on WPS Office and click on the "Edit" option.

Edit option

Step 2: Now, you can edit the text and adjust the setting, including font, size, effect, alignment, and spacing.

Step 3: Click on "Save Changes" to make changes to your file. You can also make a copy of the edited version.

Save changes menu


1. What are the benefits of the WPS Office for students?

It allows the student to deliver work from anywhere, anytime. The Word, Excel, and PowerPoint components of WPS Office are fully compatible with various office suites, including Microsoft Office, Google Docs, LibreOffice, and Adobe PDF.

2. How can I open a WPS file without Microsoft Works?

If you can’t download WPS Office for free, LibreOffice Writer is another open-source software tool that you can install for free. The software allows users to create and edit many types of documents. It can also open a variety of file formats, including WPS files.

3. Is WPS Office compatible with cloud storage services?

WPS Office easily integrates with cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. This enables you to conveniently save, access, and collaborate on your documents from various devices.

4. Is WPS Office available in multiple languages?

Yes, WPS Office is available in multiple languages, making it accessible to a global user base. You can choose your preferred language within the software settings.


This step-by-step guide aims to show how students can download Word using WPS Office. MS Word, as a flexible tool, improves productivity and learning, and WPS Office gives an easy way to tap into its value. WPS Office is an efficient academic companion as it integrates effortlessly with various office suites and offers a variety of functions.

At the same time, during the learning process, it's also crucial to leverage some efficient study applications. We mentioned in another article the "10 Best Study Apps for Students in 2023," providing detailed evaluations and reviews of various applications. If you're interested in improving academic performance and preparing for exams, you can click the article for more information.

Students can enhance professionalism in their work with simple formatting and grammar checks, collaborative tools, and seamless cloud connectivity.

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