How to Install CryptPad with Docker (The Ultimate Guide)

November 10, 2023 551 views

Are you ready to embark on a journey that merges privacy-focused document management with the power of Docker deployment? This ultimate guide walks you through the installation of CryptPad using Docker, offering a secure space for your digital documents. We'll also introduce you to the realm of Docker's advantages. Let's begin the adventure.

What Is CryptPad and Docker?



CryptPad is an open-source online suite that encompasses a wide array of document editing and collaborative tools. A remarkable feature of CryptPad is its robust encryption, which ensures that all data is encrypted within the user's browser. This exceptional security measure prevents both the server and its administrators from accessing the content being edited and stored. In essence, CryptPad serves as a privacy-focused alternative to widely-used platforms like Google Docs, making it an attractive option for users who prioritize data security.

Key Features of CryptPad:

  1. Diverse Editors: CryptPad offers an extensive set of editors, including rich text, spreadsheets, code, markdown slides, kanban boards, a whiteboard, and even a poll creator.

  2. Document Security: Users have the option to password protect documents, set them to self-destruct after a specified time, or share them via secure links.

  3. Real-Time Collaboration: CryptPad supports collaborative work with real-time editing features and an integrated chat function.

  4. Storage Options: Registered users can enjoy 1 GB of free storage, which is provided through CryptDrive. Additionally, premium users have access to more storage space to meet their specific needs.

  5. Integration with Other Tools: CryptPad can seamlessly integrate with other open-source tools like OnlyOffice and EtherCalc.


CryptPad's pricing structure is based on storage space and the number of documents (referred to as "pads") that users can create. The free plan grants 1 GB of storage and allows for the creation of 50 pads. Premium plans, available at monthly rates ranging from €5 to €15, provide increased storage space (ranging from 5 GB to 50 GB) and the ability to create an unlimited number of pads.

Pros of CryptPad:

  1. Privacy and Security: CryptPad's standout feature is its unwavering commitment to user privacy. All data is encrypted within the browser, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential.

  2. Open Source: It's fully open-source, providing the option for self-hosting or use on the official instance (

  3. User-Friendly Interface: CryptPad boasts an intuitive and straightforward interface that supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a global user base.

  4. Versatile File Format Support: The platform accommodates a wide range of file formats, including HTML, PDF, ODT, CSV, and more.

Cons of CryptPad:

  1. Feature Gap: While CryptPad offers a plethora of capabilities, it may not match the extensive feature set of giants like Google Docs or Microsoft 365.

  2. Internet and Browser Dependence: CryptPad's performance can be affected by poor internet connectivity or outdated browsers, making it less reliable in certain conditions.

  3. Development Stage: As an evolving platform, CryptPad may encounter occasional bugs and compatibility issues, given its continuous development and refinement.



Docker is a remarkable software platform that changes how applications are managed. It uses containers, which are self-contained software units that package everything an application needs to run. This has several advantages:

  • Efficiency: Docker containers are speedy and efficient. They don't require a full operating system like traditional virtual machines, saving resources and allowing quick start and stop times.

  • Portability: Docker containers can run on any system with Docker, regardless of the underlying OS. This makes it easy to move applications between different environments without compatibility issues.

  • Scalability: Docker enables easy scaling of applications based on demand, with tools like Kubernetes automating container management.

  • Security: Containers offer isolation and security, with each having its network and file system. Docker supports encryption and signing for added security.

Differences between Docker and VMs:

  • Operating System: Docker containers share the host OS kernel, meaning they work best with apps that match the host OS. VMs, on the other hand, run their own guest OS, giving them flexibility to run various apps and OS versions.

  • Performance: Docker containers are faster and more efficient than VMs because they don't need to load a full OS or hypervisor. They use fewer resources and boot up quickly. VMs are slower and resource-heavy since they load a complete OS and hypervisor.

  • Portability: Docker containers are super portable, running smoothly on any system with Docker. VMs are less flexible because they depend on specific hypervisors and hardware compatibility.

Most Recommended Deployment Method for CryptPad

  • Note: The development team strongly advises creating a dedicated user for the installation and production operation of CryptPad, rather than relying on the root user.

Step 1: Clone CryptPad Repository

Clone the CryptPad repository using Git:

git clone cryptpad

git clone

Step 2: Switch to the Latest Published Tag

Switch to the latest published tag to ensure you have the most stable version:

git checkout $(git tag -l | grep -v 'v1.*$' | sort -V | tail -n 1)

Git checkout

Step 3: Install Dependencies

Navigate to the CryptPad directory and install the necessary dependencies:

Cd cryptpad npm ci npm run install:components

install dependencie

Step 4: Configuration

Copy the example configuration file:

cd config cp config.example.js config.js


Open the config.js file and modify the variables as needed. Pay close attention to the domain settings; they are particularly important for your instance.

Step 5: Customize Your Instance

To customize your instance, read the "Instance customization" section and modify customize/application_config.js as required. Some settings cannot be changed once user accounts have been created, so take care with this step.

Step 6: Start the Server

Navigate back to the main CryptPad directory and start the server:

cd cryptpad node server

start the server

Your CryptPad instance is now ready to run, but it cannot yet be accessed from the internet. Additional steps may be needed, such as setting up a reverse proxy or configuring your server's firewall to allow external access.

How to Set Up CryptPad with Docker


Step 1: Save the example

file as cryptpad.service in

Step 2: Make necessary adjustments in the file, such as specifying the user name, path, and Nodejs version.

Step 3: Enable the service to start at boot with


Step 1: Save the example

file as cryptpad in

Step 2: Make required adjustments in the file, like specifying the user name and path.

Step 3: Enable the service to start at boot with

This will ensure that CryptPad runs as a service using Systemd or as an rc.d unit in FreeBSD.

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In comparison to other tools like Google Docs and CryptPad, WPS Docs shines with its extended range of features, an abundance of templates, superior compatibility and performance, and enhanced security and privacy features.

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What is the relationship between CryptPad and OnlyOffice?

CryptPad integrates client-side code from OnlyOffice Spreadsheets for its Spreadsheet application, maintaining a distinct encryption system for collaboration.

Some file format conversion tools are based on OnlyOffice code but are adapted to run in the browser to protect user document contents.

How do I recover my CryptPad account password?

If you've forgotten your password but remain logged in, follow these steps to transfer your documents to a new account:

Go to User Menu > Settings > CryptDrive while logged in to the account with the lost password. Click the Backup button to download a file with your document keys. In another browser, register a new account with a known password, and when logged in to the new account, visit User Menu > Settings > CryptDrive and click the Restore button.


In conclusion, CryptPad's robust encryption guarantees privacy, even though it may have fewer features compared to platforms like Google Docs. Docker, a powerful application management tool, offers efficiency, portability, and enhanced security.

Furthermore, WPS Office is introduced as a highly versatile suite for document creation and collaboration. It seamlessly supports major Microsoft Office formats, making it an excellent choice for hassle-free sharing and collaboration.

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