Do You Know How to Lock a PDF from Editing?

July 31, 2023 1.0K views

Pdf is a very important file format. There are many giant companies and organisations worldwide that send pdf files with lock systems. So, anyone cannot open the file instantly and it will offer complete safety and security. If you are planning to use the lock on your pdf file, then before that, you should know how to lock a pdf from editing properly. There are different types of tools available in the market and you may choose any type of tool as per your need for a pdf locking system.

How to Lock a PDF from Editing with Adobe?

Sometimes, we have to work with sensitive information and for this protection is very important. You have to learn how this process easily encrypts with a password and apply permissions to pdf files to prevent changing, copying, or printing important information.

Steps that you need to follow!

  • First you need to open a pdf file in adobe

  • Go to the tools section and then choose to protect option

  • Now, you have to select here, whether you want to restrict editing with a password or encrypt the file with a password.

  • You have to set the password or choose a security method

  • Click on to save the file.

How to Lock a PDF from Editing Using

The best way to protect your important document is, to lock your pdf file. Make a password and protect your document from misuse. There are different types of password formats you can create to secure your document. If you want to protect your pdf in a way so that no one edits the document, then make your pdf read-only or protect your pdf file using the password. This is the best pdf editor online and by using this tool you can easily protect your document properly.

Follow the following steps…

·      First open the Smallpdf online tool or software

·      Now, drag your pdf file or upload your pdf file in their tool

·      Click on the “Convert entire pages” and then choose option

·      Now, you have to click the “jpg to pdf in the right-hand corner

·      Click on the “convert” option and download your pdf file.

How to Lock a PDF from Editing with WPS PDF Tools!

WPS Pdf tools are the best pdf editor currently. They have different types of features for their online and offline users. They provide an easy way to convert any file format into pdf or edit, split and add, remove texts, and phase as well.  This is a user-friendly website and you can download their software on your PC or laptop. The simple way to edit or lock your pdf file is to generate more security.

·      First you have to open your pdf file using WPS PDF Tools.

·      Click on the protect tab and then choose Encrypted option

·      Now, you can set your own password to increase protection

·      Then input the password and confirm the password

·      And click on the confirm option.

Tips for PDF Users Always!

There are certain tips for our pdf users and viewers of this article. It's better to choose an online website or software where you don’t need to pay any amount. There are many online pdf users available in the market but you have to choose the best type of pdf tool through which you can edit your important document anytime. For this, you may choose WPS Pdf tools. This is one of the best pdf editors currently worldwide.


Q. Is password-protecting a pdf safe?

Yes, if you will add a password to your pdf file it will always provide you with safety and security!

Q. How can you edit a pdf for free?

You can edit your pdf file for free if you will install WPS PDF Tools online. You don’t need to pay for this purpose

Choose the Best PDF Tool Always!

Pdf is one of the important file formats and if you need daily pdf files then it’s better to download a pdf editor and start using it whenever you need! This saves you valuable time and costs both! Choose WPS pdf tools, an online editor, it is the best editor currently. It includes many features which help to make your pdf file more secure.

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