How to Redact PDF

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Editing or amending a PDF document to remove and protect sensitive information is known as redaction. Prior to publishing or dissemination, the material is redacted from a PDF document. Before being made public or shared with third parties, papers containing sensitive material or personal information may frequently need to be redacted. For instance, a lot of previously secret government documents have been made available to the public with key details removed. Prior to dissemination, redaction enables the permanent removal of sensitive material from documents. The most typical illustration of redaction in forms is a black rectangle that, in certain cases, completely includes the text.

How to Redact PDF: A Step-by-Step Guidance

This is the fundamental approach to text and image redaction. This guide can't cover all possibilities because Adobe Acrobat's redaction tool is so sophisticated; instead, it will concentrate on the options that the majority of readers will need.

Step1. Choose the Tools tab first.


Step2. In the Tools Center, click the Redact button..


Step3. Choose the text or image that you wish to redact. There will be a red frame around your choice.


Pro Tip: To see a small glimpse of the redaction, move your cursor over the choice.

Step4. Select the Apply button in the Redact toolbar.


Step5. Toggle the button on (blue) or off (gray) for the Sanitize and remove hidden information option in the Apply Redactions dialog box.

The following things are only a few examples of the hidden information:

  • Attached files

  • Links

  • Bookmarks

  • Comments and markups

  • Metadata (e.g., author’s name)

  • Digital signatures

Important Note: Toggle this option off now and utilise the Sanitize Document tool later to select which objects are sanitised, as demonstrated in the bonus section at the end of this lesson.


Step6. Select the OK button.


Step7. Select a location to save your file in the Save As PDF dialog box. Keep in mind that if you are saving an existing file, you might not see this dialogue box.


Step8. (PC Users) Note that _Redacted has been added to your file name in the Windows Save As PDF dialog box.


Step9. (PC Users) Select the Save button in the Windows Save As PDF dialog box.


FAQs on Redact a PDF

How To Redact a PDF on Macbook?

Open the PDF using the default preview app. From the menu bar, click on the Redact tool (a black square with a dotted border, the 3rd one).

How Can I Redact My PDF on Mac?

You can easily redact your private info in a PDF using the default Preview app. Open the doc in preview and click on the third option from the left in the menu bar, the redaction tool with a black square and a dotted border.

Why Use WPS Office to Redact PDF

Redaction is the method used by WPS Office to permanently remove visible text and graphics from a document. The Redact tools are used to remove content. You can substitute colored boxes for the deleted elements in the redaction marks, or you can leave the space empty. Custom text or redaction codes can be specified to appear over the redaction marks generated by WPS Office.

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