How to Remove A PDF Password in 3 Steps

July 31, 2023 1.8K views

In our daily work, we often encrypt important PDF files to protect them. Adding a password to PDF files can improve the security of documents and prevent them from being tampered and copied. But if now you want to remove the password, how should you do it?

With WPS Office, you can easily remove the password of PDF files in just easy three steps. Depending on the user device and the type of file protection, we will provide instructions divided into desktop and mobile, enable reading protection and enable editing protection files.

How to Remove A PDF Password on Desktop

PDF Files with The Open Password:

Step-1: Enter the password to open the encrypted PDF file.

* This is also the most important step, you need to remember your file password or you will not be able to open it.

Step-2: Click the Protect tab in the upper toolbar and then click the Encrypt button.

Step-3: Uncheck the Set the open password box, and then click confirm. The open password has been removed!

PDF Files with Editing and Extraction Password:

Step-1: Similarly, open the encrypted PDF file, find the Encrypt button of the Protection tab, click it.

Step-2: Enter the password

Step-3: Uncheck the Set password of editing and extracting checkbox, and then click confirm. Then the editing and page extraction password is removed!

Using Tip: 

The operations to remove both passwords are similar, only the order is different.

How to Remove A PDF Password on Mobile

PDF Files with The Open Password:

Step-1: Similar to the desktop, enter the password to open the PDF file.

Step-2: Click the Tools button at the bottom and go to the Edit tab, then click Set Password.

Step-3: Delete the password in the box above and then the Enable Reading Protection has been cancelled.

PDF Files with Editing and Extraction Password:

Step-1: Open the PDF file and click the Edit in the upper left corner.

Step-2: Enter the editing and extraction password.

Step-3: Delete the password in the box below, and then the Enable Editing Protection has been cancelled.


Q: What should I do if I forget my password?

A: Please remember your password clearly! A forgotten password cannot be restored.

Q: Why I choose WPS Office?

A: WPS Office includes writer(word), spreadsheet(excel), presentation(ppt) and PDF, it is an all-in-one office suite, a software that is very easy to use and improves work efficiency. WPS Office can be downloaded for multiple system platforms, supporting Android, Windows, iOS, macOs, Linux systems, etc. In particular, WPS's PDF Editor is a very powerful software that you can use to freely edit and convert PDF files, which is a great way to improve the office experience.

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