How to Unhide Columns in Google Sheets: A Detailed Guide

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As you work on Google Sheets, it is always important to be able to read and analyze your data efficiently. To do this, you often hide some columns to display only the most critical column on your spreadsheet at a particular time.

That gives you a different view of your data and prevents you from having to delete any information in your spreadsheet.

Part 1. How to Hide and Unhide Columns in Google Sheets, Both on PC and Mac

Hiding and unhiding columns involve some basic steps that are easy to learn.

Step 1: Open the Google Sheet that contains the hidden column(s).

Step 2: Click on the column header to select the column(s) you want to hide

Click on the column header to select a column to unhide

Step 3: Right-click any portion of the column

Step 4: Select “Hide Column” to hide

Right-click anywhere on the column and select “Hide column.”

Alternatively, you can use shortcuts in Google Sheets to hide columns. First, you need to select the column before using the shortcut.

  • For PC: Control + Alt + 0

  • For Mac: Command + Option + 0

How to Unhide Columns in Google Sheets on Mac and PC

Sometimes, unhiding columns is necessary to remove columns that you are not working on.

  1. A double-sided arrow on a spreadsheet symbolizes hidden columns.

Double-sided arrow
  1. To unhide columns, just click on either of these arrows.

Click on either of these arrows to unhide columns

Alternatively, you can use shortcuts in Google Sheets to unhide columns. Simply select the columns, then use the following shortcuts:

  • For PC: Control + Shift + 0

  • For Mac: Command + Shift + 0

How to Hide and Unhide Columns in Google Sheets, Both on Android and iPhone.

Hiding a column in Google Sheets on Android is an easy thing to do. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Google Sheets app.

Step 2: Open the Google Sheet that contains the column you want to hide.

Step 3: Select the column you want to hide

Select the column you want to hide

Step 4: Tap and hold anywhere on the column to display a menu.

For iPhone: tap on the column you want to hide to display a menu, then tap “Hide Column.”

Tap and hold to display a menu

Step 5: Tap on the three vertical dots, then tap “Hide Column.”

Tap “Hide column” to hide

How to unhide columns in Google Sheets both on Android and iPhone

Follow these simple steps to unhide the columns you’ve hidden if you need to work on them.

Step 1: Locate the two small arrows pointed in opposite directions on the column

Step 2: Tap on either of these arrows to unhide columns

Tap on either of these arrows to unhide columns

Part 2. Tips for Unhiding Columns in Google Sheets

Knowing how to unhide columns is as essential as knowing how to unfreeze columns in Google Sheets. They are both important features, especially when dealing with data-heavy spreadsheets.

Below are some tips on how to unhide columns in Google Sheets on mobile devices:

Locate the arrow icon displayed in the column’s header bar

A small arrow icon in the column header indicates hidden columns in Google Sheets. This icon is situated on either side of the hidden column, between the labels of the visible columns. For instance, if column C is hidden, the arrow icon between columns B and D will be displayed.

Noting The break in the label of the columns

There is a break in the label of the columns

One way to quickly find out where the hidden column is located is by noting the break in the label of the columns. For example, column C should follow column B, but we have D instead, adjacent to B.

Whenever you observe such a break in a Google Sheet, it indicates the presence of hidden columns.

Use Keyboard shortcuts

It is much easier to unhide columns in Google Sheets with shortcuts than with the conventional approach to hiding and unhiding columns.

That will make your work easier if it demands that you unhide columns


  • To hide a column on Mac, press Command + Option + 0.

  • To unhide, press Command + Shift + 0.

  • To hide a column on a PC, press Control + Alt + 0.

  • To unhide, press Control + Shift + 0.

Use the “Hide columns” and the “Unhide columns” options

Using the “Hide columns” and “Unhide columns” options in the Format menu is beneficial. You should consider using this method if you are working with many columns. It is a faster and more efficient way to hide and unhide columns.

Using the “Hide columns” and “Unhide columns” options

Hiding multiple adjacent columns:

If your work demands that you hide multiple adjacent columns, you can click and drag your mouse over the column headers to select them. You can also click on the first column header, press the Shift key, and then click on the last column. That selects all the columns, giving you the same result.

Once you are done selecting the columns you want to hide, right-click anywhere on the columns and select “Hide columns X-X” from the menu to hide all the columns.

Hiding multiple adjacent columns

Part 3. Best Free Alternative to Google Sheets - WPS Office

WPS Office is an office software suite with a Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheet, and PDF Editor.  

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Some Advantages of WPS Office.

WPS Office software is a versatile tool with many advantages. Some of the benefits are:

Compatibility with Google Workspace, LibreOffice, and Microsoft Office

WPS Office is a free suite compatible with Google Workspaces, LibreOffice, and Microsoft Office.

Its unique features make it the best alternative to Microsoft Office. It supports multiple Microsoft Office file formats, such as DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX.

WPS supports all file formats; therefore, it is compatible with LibreOffice, which uses the Open Document Format (ODF).

The WPS Office supports online documents. It is very compatible with Google Workspaces such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

Offline Editing:

Once you have successfully installed WPS Office, it does not require an active internet connection to access its features.

Unlike Google Files, which only supports online editing, WPS Office allows offline editing.

If you need to edit your Google files offline, simply download the file and edit it offline with WPS Office.

Free Download and Free to Use:

WPS allows users to download and use Word, Excel, and PPT for free. It also provides advanced features such as PDF editing, which is compatible with many devices.

WPS Office also offers a free license and an online personal premium license.

Rich Template Store:

WPS Office contains free and paid Word, Excel, and Presentation templates.

WPS Templates

How to Download WPS Office?

Follow these steps to download WPS Office for free:

Step 1: Select a browser and search for the WPS Office official site, or go to

WPS Office official site

Step 2: Click the Free Download button

Click on the button to download


Step 3: Open the installer package to install WPS Office

Click the button to install WPS Office


Step 4: Downloading begins.

Downloading WPS Office

Step 5: After downloading, open WPS Office from your application folder.

Access all files now


WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
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1. Why are some of my columns hidden in Excel?

Some rows and columns might be hidden if you're working with a spreadsheet containing sensitive or private data.

2. What permission is required to hide and unhide columns?

Sometimes, access is withheld from specific users, so only users with the Owner or Manager permission type can hide columns. If the hide columns feature is greyed out, your cursor shows a not allowed symbol when you hover over the hide columns button, or you cannot hide or unhide columns, then you do not have sufficient permissions to hide or unhide columns.


This detailed, descriptive guide explains how to unhide columns in Google Sheets. It points out the advantages of using WPS Office for opening, creating, editing, and saving office files.

WPS offers free and easy access to all the required features to boost your productivity.

It is the best alternative, offering excellent features and high compatibility.

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